Comparing Apple’s iPhone XR to Google’s Pixel 3: Camera and Other Features Reviewed

If you’re on the lookout for a new phone right now, you’re probably considering two popular models: the Apple iPhone XR and the Google Pixel 3.

And it wouldn’t be surprising if you were in a dilemma about which of the two is better because these phones have a lot in common.

Both come in vibrant colors, have great quality cameras, and contain exciting new features. And the best part? These two are relatively affordable compared to the thousand-dollar models out in the market!

Before heading to stores and retailers that sell cell phones, read on about the major comparison points between these two options. This article can help you ultimately decide which brand to go for.


Authentication technology

Like the previous Pixel versions, Pixel 3 features a fingerprint sensor on the back of the device. Meanwhile, Apple uses the Face ID to authenticate the user.

If you prefer one to the other, consider this distinction. Some users prefer the reliability of the fingerprint sensor compared to the facial recognition software.


Camera features

The two devices have nearly identical hardware used on the rear cameras—both use a single, 12-megapixel camera that can take excellent shots.

While the hardware is pretty much similar, the difference lies in the software. For Google Pixel 3, there are added features that may edge out the iPhone in this category.

For instance, the Pixel 3 has “Night Sight,” an option for when you are taking pictures in sparse lighting. This results in brighter and clearer shots.  

There’s also a Photobooth mode that takes automatic shots when the device senses a smile or a funny look on your face.

Pixel 3 also improved their Portrait mode in order to do what the XR can and more. Both phones can edit the background depth in each shot. However, Pixel 3 does it one step further with options for background color editing and changing a shot’s focal subject.

Looking at the front camera, both iPhone XR and Pixel 3 sport quality cameras. The iPhone XR has a True Depth feature that uses portrait lighting and adds animoji and memoji for extra personality. Meanwhile, the Pixel 3’s selfie mode uses a wide-angle lens that can fit more people or background in the photo.


Operating System

The two devices have the newest smartphone OS, with the Pixel 3 running on Android 9 Pie and the iPhone XR on the latest Apple iOS 12.


Other Specs

In terms of storage, iPhone XR has a maximum capacity of 256 GB, higher than Pixel 3’s 128 GB limit. Apple’s XR also has a bigger display, with its 6.1-inch liquid retina screen topping Google’s 5.5-inch OLED display. However, Pixel 3 s smaller frame also makes it a tad lighter than iPhone XR.



As with their other features, the two phones’ retail prices only has $50-difference. Pixel 3 is only slightly more expensive than the iPhone XR, with a starting price of $799 compared to XR’s $749.