How to Find Out If Someone Blocked Your Number

Technology has made it easier for us to communicate with each other, but it has also made it easier for us to stop communicating with certain people. For one reason or another, you may have blocked some numbers—but is there a way to know if someone blocked you?

While there’s no surefire way to tell if your number has been blocked, there are several methods that you can try to check.

If You Have an iPhone

If you’re using an iPhone and you suspect that you’ve been blocked, you can use iMessage to verify this.

Try sending a text of some kind. If you see the “Delivered” status underneath your message, then you weren’t blocked. However, if you see “Message Not Delivered” or simply no notification underneath your message, this may be a sign that you’ve potentially been blocked.

Alternatively, your recipient may have turned on the Do Not Disturb mode. When this is switched on, you won’t be able to see any delivery notification until this has been switched off by the user.

Try Calling Them

If you call a number and you get recorded messages along the lines of the person you’re calling being unavailable, this might be an indication that you’ve been blocked, especially if you’ve tried to call them repeatedly and receive the same message.

There are exceptions, however. If they’re frequently out of the country or if some network infrastructure has been damaged, you may be getting the same message when trying to call them.

It’s best to wait for a few days before trying again.


If you haven’t been blocked, you’ll hear several rings before you get sent to voicemail. If their phone is off or they’re in the middle of a call, you’ll go directly to voicemail. However, if they blocked your number, you’ll hear one ring before you go right to voicemail.

Use Another Phone

You can also try calling them using another phone. Determine whether there’s a difference by first calling them using your own phone. If you’re unable to contact them, use another phone. See how long it takes before you go to voicemail.

Try to determine why you may be blocked

While there’s no definitive way to tell if you’ve been blocked, there may be several reasons as to why you’re unable to contact them. Perhaps they’re out of the country, travelling. Or maybe they’ve changed their numbers for some reason. Perhaps their network is down, or they’re on an airplane or activated Do Not Disturb mode.

If someone blocked you, there might be a pretty good reason behind it. Maybe they found a way to get cash for a laptop and didn’t tell you. Jokes aside though, if you’ve really been blocked, assess your situation and determine why they’d have a reason to block you.

Continuing to attempt contacting someone who has blocked you or has cut off communication with you may result in less desirable consequences.

What to Look Out for: Apple’s 2020 Event Plans

Every year, legions of Apple fans look forward to the company’s numerous events—from spring and summer events in March and June to September and October events geared toward the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and even Mac launches.

Event lineup

Here’s the usual lineup of Apple events:

  • March – features education and creativity, may include iPads
  • June – a Worldwide Developers Conference featuring software and hardware
  • September – focuses on iPhones and Apple Watches
  • October – dedicated to iPad or Mac launches, particularly if they are expected in fall

It was rumored that Apple set March 31 as the date for its March 2020 event, but with news of the COVID-19 outbreak, Apple may be forced to delay some of its event plans. Santa Clara County, which includes Cupertino City, Apple’s headquarters, imposed a ban on gatherings involving 1000 people or more. On the bright side, Apple may still push with its product launching via press release.

2020 Product Launchings

Here’s a list of products rumored to be launched during Apple’s upcoming 2020 events:

iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro is said to have a triple-camera array similar to the latest iPhones and a 3D sensing capability for augmented reality in light of the iPhone’s recent developments. A new keyboard case will feature a trackpad.

Aside from featuring the new A12Z Bionic chip, the new iPad Pro features a LiDAR scanner for advanced augmented reality capabilities not seen in the previous iPad versions.

iPhone SE 2

Apple is bringing back the form of the well-loved iPhone SE, but with a more powerful processor and a more polished look compared to its predecessor. It is speculated that the SE 2 will retain its predecessor’s thick bezel design and a physical Home Button for Touch ID.


AirTags, similar to Tile, is a tracking device designed to help you find lost or misplaced items like keys and wallets. With its integration with the native Find My app, AirTags will be capable of offline tracking.

Redesigned MacBook Pro 13

Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple will be launching refreshed and redesigned MacBooks. Rumored launches include the 14.1-inch MacBook Pro, a successor to the MacBook Pro 13, with thinner bezels and a scissor keyboard. Apple is also set to launch a refreshed MacBook Pro 16, with a price tag similar to the MacBook Pro 15.

You might consider doing a MacBook trade in once the actual products have been launched. This way, you get the latest MacBook model at a lower price.


Apple may be slated to launch StudioPods, the company’s version of over-ear headphones. Leaks point out to StudioPods being high-end Bluetooth headphones targeted for studio use. There’s also talk of launching an updated Powerbeats 4 earbuds.

New MacBook Air

Rumors are circulating about the launch of a new MacBook Air, which will be twice as fast as its predecessors, though details are limited.

What are you looking forward to the most in Apple’s events?