Tips To Prepare Your Used MacBook For Sale

Here is the step by step to prepare your used MacBook before selling it.

Whether you want to sell your MacBook for cash or trade it in to a new device, it’s essential to prepare your device for sale. For example, creating a backup file for your data, signing out from all your accounts on your MacBook like iTunes, iCloud, iMessage, unpair Bluetooth devices, and factory resetting your device. These are the things to do beforehand to sell your MacBook.

This article walks through each step you need to take before selling it to a buyback service or a trade-in platform.

Create a Backup

If you type on the Google search bar “what to do beforehand to sell my MacBook,” you will see that first you need to create a backup for all your files, including pictures, videos, documents, etc. This step is vital to do before you factory reset your MacBook.

You have several options to create a backup. For example, you can use the Time Machine feature on your MacBook to backup your files or use iCloud to store your data online. Also, if you prefer, you can use an external hard drive to transfer heavy files and other documents.

Sign Out iTunes

If you want to sell your MacBook, you need to sign out your iTunes accounts. To do that, open iTunes, and choose Account> Authorizations> Deauthorize This Computer. Then the system will ask you to enter your Apple ID and password and then click Deauthorize.

Sign Out iCloud

There are two ways to sign out of your iCloud Account, depending on the type of version of macOS you are using.

If you are using a macOS Catalina or later, you need to choose Apple menu> System Preferences and click Apple ID. Then, select Overview in the sidebar, and click Sign Out. While, if you have an earlier version of macOS, we recommend choosing Apple Menu> System Preferences> iCloud and then clicking Sign Out.

The system will ask you whether you want to keep a copy of your iCloud information on this MacBook. Of course, your answer is yes, because as you are planning to sell your MacBook, you need to get a copy of your data before erasing it.

All your data is stored on your iCloud, and you can access them whenever you want using your Apple ID and password.

Sign Out iMessage

Also, don’t forget to sign out your iMessage. You need to open the Message app, choose Messages and click on Preferences from the menu bar. Then click iMessage and click Sign Out. That’s it.

Reset NVMA

Another step is to reset the NVMA. To do it, you need first to shut down your MacBook. Then, turn it on and immediately press and hold these keys: Option, Command, P, and R. After 20 seconds, release these four keys. This action will clear user settings from memory and restore some security features.

Unpair Bluetooth Devices

If you have paired some Bluetooth devices to your MacBook like Airpods, mice, etc., you need to unpair them before selling them. This step is optional, but if you plan to “sell my MacBook,” you may want to keep the accessories for the next device. Also, unpair Bluetooth devices prevent and accidental input when the new owner is using the device.

To unpair any Bluetooth device, choose Apple Menu> System Preferences> Bluetooth> click the remove X button next to the device name.

Erase your MacBook and Reinstall macOS

Finally, the last step is to erase your MacBook drive and restore it to its factory default settings. There are many ways to do this, but the easiest is to use Disk Utility. We recommend reading our article about how to erase a MacBook before selling it, for more details.

Final Words

After you have completed all the steps, the next step is to find the right place to sell your used MacBook. If you are looking for a quick sale and fast payouts, we recommend buyback, Gadget Salvation. If you want to upgrade your current device, you can use a trade-in program from the manufacturer. We recommend checking on their website if your device is legible to trade-in.

How To Erase A MacBook Before Selling It

Before selling your used MacBook, make sure to wipe all your data stored on it.

If you want to sell or trade-in your preowned MacBook, you will want to wipe your data from your device. And the easiest way to do that is to factory reset. This article will show you how to erase MacBook before selling it, which factory reset. This step is crucial if it’s an old MacBook because it will wipe all the data and leave it like you first buy it. So, here is what you need to know.

Quick tip

Make sure to create a backup of your files like photos, pdf, videos, etc., before you proceed to factory reset your MacBook. You must save your files because there is no way to get your deleted files back once you factory reset your device. Also, dont forget to sign out your accounts such as iCloud, iMessage, iTunes, etc.

How To Erase MacBook (macOS Monterey)

If you are looking to sell your old MacBook, then it’s a good idea to return it to its factory settings. Here we will show you how to do it with macOS Monterey easier. To benefit from this, you need to have a Mac with an Apple silicon chip like M1, M1 Pro, or M1 Max, or the newer Intel-based Mac 2017 or newer that comes with the Apple T2 security chip. Also, your Mac has to be running the latest version of macOS Monterey.

If it all checks the boxes, do the following:

  1. Click on the Apple icon in the menu bar.
  2. Select System Preferences from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select “Erase All Contents and Settings.”
  4. Enter your password and select “OK.”
  5. Finally, choose the “Erase All Content & Settings” button.

You will see that your MacBook goes black and restart. At this point, let the process be completed till you see the “Hello” on the screen.

How To Factory Reset MacBook (Pre macOS Monterey)

If you are the owner of an older Intel-based Mac or want to reset it without upgrading to Monterey first, the process of factory resetting your device will be more tedious. Overall, you are going to have to factory reset the MacBook and re-install the latest macOS software.

Here is how to do it:

  1. It would be best to restart your computer by holding the power button and selecting Restart when it appears.
  2. While the computer restart, hold down the “Command” and “R” keys.
  3. Once the Apple logo appears, release the “Command” and “R” keys.
  4. When you see a Recovery Model menu, select the Disk Utility.
  5. Make sure the Macintosh HD startup disk is highlighted in your Disk Utility windows and choose Erase.
  6. You will see a pop-up window. Change the Format to macOS Extend Journaled and select Erase again.
  7. Select Quick Disk Utility in the Disk Utility menu.
  8. A window will appear with an option to re-install macOS.
  9. Select Install macOS and wait for it to be completed.
  10. After the new macOS is installed, your device has been successfully factory reset.

Final Words

Whether you want to resell your used MacBook, factory resetting your device would return it as you first bought it. This step is essential because you prepare your device for sale and keep your data away from the following user.


Best Places That Buy Electronics Near Me

Here are several places to sell used electronics for top value.

Image: Times

Whether you have any used gizmos like laptops, iPhones, tablets, gaming consoles, etc., in good condition and fully working, why not sell them for value? Here we have made a list of places that buy electronics near your area.

How To Choose The Best Place That Buys Electronics Near Me?

  • Prices Upfront

Everyone wants to earn the maximum for selling their used electronics. Therefore, we recommend creating accounts in marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace to check the prices for the same device and condition you want to resell. Luckily, Gadget Salvation offers prices upfront for your preowned electronics devices, and they frequently update their online catalog with the latest models and brands.

  • Convenience

If you want to resell your used devices for a reasonable price without hassle, a buyback is the best solution. Buyback services take charge of the valuation, inspection, and postage cost. Also, you dont need to negotiate with them because they set a price according to the device condition. If you want a quick sale, selling your used tech with a buyback platform is the most convenient option.

  • Fast Turnaround Payment

If you want fast payment, then try Gadget Salvation. This company guarantees fast payouts within two working days from the reception of your goods!

Best Places That Buy Electronics Near Me

Many companies accept to purchase used gadgets, but we have saved you the job and selected the best places to sell your preowned electronics. Here is a list of “the best places that buy electronics near me.”

Facebook MarketPlace

You can upload your products for free on Facebook Marketplace, but be ready to save some time to work on the logistics. Here, you need to do listing, searching price, negotiating price, meeting clients, etc. You are the one that deals with the whole selling process, including payment. The buyer makes payment in cash most of the time, so take preventive measures at the meeting point.


It’s an application where you can upload your used electronics and sell them. First, you need to take pictures of the device you want to trade in, write a catching title and description, and set the price. Then, you decide if you wish to get paid in cash or via the application. However, if you choose the latter, OfferUp charges you a fee.

Gadget Salvation

Gadget Salvation is a legit buyback service that purchases pre-owned gadgets like laptops, iPhones, tablets, MacBooks, gaming consoles, smartwatches and more, and pays cash for them. After finding the device brand and model on their online catalog, you can get your quote offer online. The purchase offer is based on your device’s brand, model, configuration, and cosmetic and functional condition. Once you checkout on their website, you receive a prepaid shipping label to send your goods. After the reception, Gadget Salvation inspects your goods matched with the information you have entered, and if it’s all correct, they make your payment via PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, or by Check.


Amazon offers you two options to make money off your used technology.

The first is to create a seller account and sell your old electronics independently, like Facebook Marketplace or eBay. You will have to upload the pictures, write an accurate description of your gadget to sell it to buyers. What’s more, the Amazon platform is safe, and you can make a reasonable price with the right buyer.

The second option is the Amazon trade-in program, where you can sell kindle, tablets, iPhones, laptops, and more. To trade in your gizmos with them, you need to find your device on their website, and you will receive a shipping label to send your package for free. Afterward, if your device is accepted, you get an Amazon gift card at the quoted value.

Final Words

Before choosing a place to sell your used electronics, make sure to compare prices, check the turnaround time for payment, and if it’s convenient for you. After that, you can choose the right place that best fits your needs.

Which is the Best Place to Sell Electronics

Looking to sell electronics and get paid cash? Here you’ll find where to do that.

Many companies would gladly pay for your used electronic devices. But, first, you need to know that there are mainly two categories to sell electronics: online and in-store. Both are good options, but they differ in many things. Let’s see in detail below.

Sell Electronics Online

Selling electronics online is the most convenient option because it is mainly streamlined and allows you to do it from any device with an internet connection. 

However, within the online category, you have two options to sell your used technology: use a buyback platform as an intermediate or make in-person sales via a marketplace website. Both options are online, but they work differently. 

Buyback Platform

Overall, a buyback company facilitates the selling process by taking charge of your goods’ valuation, inspection, and postage cost. This option is the most hassle-free solution for users that are short on time and want a quick sale for their used gizmos. To sell electronics and other gadgets with a buyback service, you need to find your device brand and model on their online catalog. Then, you need to provide information about the condition of your gadgets to get a quote and shipping kit.

Afterward, the buyback company inspects the goods and verifies the information provided matches the device’s current condition. If all is good, they make your payment via PayPal, Check, or gift card. We recommend checking the type of payout offered for selling your used devices. 

For example, trusted buyback Gadget Salvation buys used laptops, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, smartwatches, etc., offering to pay you cash via PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, or bank checks within two business days after the delivery of your goods. We have checked the feedback from past customers on Trustpilot and Reseller Ratings, and they appreciated their seamless service and fast payment.  


Selling your used electronics on your own is a profitable solution, as well. Many people make in-person sales via marketplaces like Facebook and eBay. The advantage of using this type of website is that you can connect with several potential buyers and set the price of the device you want to sell. This option gives you more dollars, but it takes time to deal with the listing product, description, monitoring, arranging meetings, and paying shipping fees. 

What’s more, the payment for your goods is made in cash via your checkout account (bank) or in person. For example, if you sell electronics via eBay, you need to include the shipping price and eBay and PayPal fees on the final price. So, you can make a profit from your used tech. However, if you upload your product on Facebook Marketplace, you won’t pay any fee, but you need to take preventive actions when meeting the buyer’s payment in cash.  

Overall, both options are good. You only need to save time and effort to list your product and monitor your customers to finalize the sale. 

Sell Electronics in-store

You will always have the option to go physically to a retailer or manufacturer, to have an in-store estimation. Big retailers like Best Buy or Apple have a trade-in program in-store, in which you can take your used electronics and get store credit in exchange for them. Most of the trade-in programs offer you store credit via a gift card that you can use for future purchases on the retailer. 

Best Buy Trade-in Program

To sell electronics or any other gadgets with the Best Buy trade-in program, first, you need to check on their online database if your device is legible to trade-in. Then, find the Best Buy that will accept your device and go to the store. A Best Buy employee will examine in place your electronic devices and give you an estimation. If that offer sounds goods to you, they will do a credit store right the way. 

Final Words

When it comes to selling your electronics, you have options. Whether selling your used devices online or in-store, you will have a place where you can sell them. But if you are a busy professional, then the best place to sell your preowned gadgets is with a buyback service because they take charge of the whole selling process. Plus, fast payment is guaranteed!

4 Reasons To Sell Your Old Laptop Online

Here are our reasons for selling your old laptop is beneficial to you and the environment.

In this article, you’ll find some good reasons why your preowned laptop is still a profitable electronic device. Also, we share some legit places where you can sell any used gadget for the most value.


Giving a second chance to your old laptop by selling it is an environmentally-friendly practice. When you resell your used electronic gadgets, like laptops, you are helping to dismiss the e-waste. Also, if your device is not fully working, internal parts like aluminum or iron can be recycled and reused to build a new device. This way, the energy, and resources used to make gadgets are reduced. Luckily, there are plenty of recycling facilities near your hometown. Thus we recommend checking Recycling Nation to find one.

2.It’s Easy

The internet made our lives easier, and if you type on google: where to sell old laptops online, you’ll find many options. Indeed, selling your used devices online is the best option because you only need to find your laptop model, answer a few questions about its condition to get an instant quote. All the process is mostly streamlined, but the only time you need to leave your house is to drop off your parcel at the carrier service.

3.Holds value

Preowned devices hold value. Of course, the resale value depends on the brand, model, specs, signs of use, and fully working condition. But If you have taken good care of your laptop, you can expect to get value for it. For example, if you own an Apple laptop, you have a high chance to get a good resale value compared to some midrange or budget Windows laptops models. And this is purely due to the current demand in the market.

4.Make Extra Money


If you sell your old laptop online, it will give you extra money to recoup the investment or to help you to pay for a part of the new device. However, before you part ways with your old laptop, make sure to backup your data before restoring it to factory settings.

Trade-in value used laptops

The resale value depends on the brand, model, configurations, cosmetic and functional condition. We listed a few pricing examples of what you can expect from selling your old laptop.


Best deals:

  • Used Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 15-inch AMD Ryzen 7 512GB in flawless working condition, can get you $489*.
  • A preowned Alienware 15 R4 Intel Core i5 8th Gen CPU NVIDIA GTX 1060 in flawless condition and fully working can be resold for $336*.
  • Used Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch 2019 Touch Bar 2.3Ghz Core i9 512GB SSD in flawless condition and fully functional yields up to $969*.
  • HP Envy 13 Series Intel Core i5 11th Gen CPU in flawless condition gets you $263*.

Where Can You Sell Old Laptops Online?

There are several options to sell your devices, but the most convenient is online. Why? It’s easy, fast, and secure. If you are a busy professional or student, selling your old laptop with a trusted buyback service would be the best option. Buyback companies take charge of the valuation, inspection, and postage cost. Forget worrying about listing, searching prices, etc.

For example, Gadget Salvation is a legit buyback service that purchases used electronics like laptops, smartphones, iPhones, tablets, gaming consoles, smartwatches, etc., and pays cash for them. To sell your old laptop online through their website, you need to find your laptop model along with the specs. Then, provide information about the cosmetic and functional condition of your laptop to get an instant quote. Then, if you like what you see, continue the checkout process to receive a prepaid shipping label.

After the reception of your goods, the company inspects your goods, and if all checkouts, they set your payout within two working days via PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, or even by check.

Final Words

So, now that you know that your old laptop can bring you to dollars are you ready to trade it online? It’s easy, convenient, and, most importantly, fast.


Best Places To Get Cash For Electronics

Here are several places to sell your old electronics.

We have listed some good places where you can get cash for your electronics, from Best Buy to OfferUp. In addition, we explain what type of electronics each company accepts and the kind of payout they offer for your old gadgets.

Best Buy

  • How do you get paid: Best Buy store credit via gift card.
  • What you can Sell: You can sell iPhones, iPads, AirPods, Video Games, Streaming Media, Smartwatches, Apple Notebooks, Samsung Mobile, Gaming Hardware, PC laptops.

Best Buy is one of the most popular retailers that have a trade-in program for preowned electronic devices. The process to get cash for your electronics is easy. First, enter their website and see if your device is eligible for trade-in. If yes, make sure to provide the suitable model, configuration and describe your old device’s cosmetic and functional condition. Then, the system will give you a quote offer. If you like the purchasing offer, accept it, and you get a shipping kit to send your goods. Duly note that Best Buy only offers to trade in used devices in exchange for a Best Buy gift card. You can use that credit for future purchases on Best Buy range products.


  • How do you get paid: in cash via PayPal or your checking account.
  • What you can Sell: laptops, mobile phones, antiquities, books, jewelry, etc.

Let’s say you want to get cash for electronics, then you as a seller need to list the item, add photos, write a good description of the device, shipping cost, and choose the right price based on an article with the same condition yours. Afterward, buyers can bid it or “Buy it Now.” When you have done a deal, buyers make payment via different payment options like PayPal, and the seller ships the product.

Note that eBay charges you a fee of the final price of your sale, and PayPal charges you a fee for using its service as a payment method. So, make sure to calculate the entire cost in your final price.

Gadget Salvation

  • How do you get paid: Payment in cash via PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, or Check.
  • What you can Sell: PC laptops, MacBooks,iPhones, smartwatches, tablets, gaming consoles, Mac, all-in-one PCs, and more.

Another excellent solution for those who want a quick sale without any hassle is to sell your used electronic devices with Gadget Salvation. Gadget Salvation is an online reseller that purchases pre-owned electronics gadgets like laptops,iPhones, tablets, gaming consoles and more, and pays cash for them. The company deals with valuation, inspection, and shipping costs, and almost the whole process is made online. The only time you leave your home is to drop off your parcel at the closest UPS carrier service.

This option is more convenient if you are a busy professional and student because you get your payout after two working days from the delivery via instant payment options or by check if you prefer to.


  • How do you get paid: Payment by cash in person or through the app.
  • What you can Sell: You can sell home decor, electronic devices, furniture, and more. It’s not allowed to sell cultural items, animals, gift cards, food items, counterfeit items, etc.

If you want to sell your electronic items and get cash for them, you can use the application OfferUp. You need to download the app for free and list your product, including taking pictures like a pro, creating a smart title and description of the item, searching for the price, and communicating with potential buyers. If you want to have your product featured on the app, you need to pay for it. Once you negotiate the price with the buyer, either you choose cash payment in person- which is free of charge-, or payment through the app-charges you a fee for using that service-. If you prefer payment in cash in person, try to meet in a public place like next to the entrance of a store or public parking areas.

Final Words

These are some places where you can get cash for your electronics. Of course, each of these places has its advantages and disadvantages, but you get value for your old electronic devices in all the cases.


What To Do With Old MacBook

We share a few ideas on what to do with your old MacBook instead of throwing it away.

Install Linux on your Old MacBook

Here is an excellent idea on what to do with your old MacBook, install Linux operating system. Linux is an open-source operating system that offers many programs and alternatives to office suites like OpenOffice and LibreOffice. Also, there are other programs like Photoshop-like editor GIMP, well-known web browsers. Linux even supports games like Minecraft.

Linux OS runs on even the oldest notebooks and computers, so you need to worry about compatibility. You’ll find many customization options on Linux rather than macOS, but you will be able to do things you do on a macOS.

Overall, installing Linux on your old MacBook will help boots faster and benefits from getting infected with malware when running this operating system.

Make an Emergency Wi-Fi Hotspot

If you have areas in your home with a weak internet connection, making your old MacBook into a Wi-Fi hotspot is an intelligent solution. To do so, you need to connect your old MacBook to an Ethernet cable and keep it wherever you need the new signal to reach.

Also, you will need to adjust your internet sharing settings:

  • Go to Apple Menu> System Preferences> select the Sharing Tab> Internet Sharing> Ethernet from the Share your connection. Then, select Wi-Fi from the To computer using: list or Wi-Fi. In case you choose Wi-Fi, you need to name your network. From the security pop-up menu, select Personal WPA2. Give your new network a password, click OK, and check the Internet Sharing box in System Preferences> Sharing.

Turn it into a Chromebook

Chromebook runs Chromium, the Linux-based operating system developed by Google. Turning your old MacBook into a Chromebook device is an excellent option because the system requirements are minimal. Chromium will run only Google Chrome and its extensions. If you install Chromium on your old MacBook, you can watch YouTube videos, search the web, and access cloud services. All the data is stored in the cloud, so nothing to worry about if the device gets damaged.

Make a Network-attached System out of your old MacBook

If you have an old MacBook Pro or MacBook, this option will work perfectly. If your device has a good amount of hard drive there, you can turn it into a network-attached storage device (NAS). The idea is simple, and you can connect this drive to your home network so media such as files, photos, etc., can be shared on to any other device on the network like tablets, iPhones, etc.

You can access all your files on the network-attached system as long as you have an internet connection. The advantage of this is that you don’t pay for storage services like iCloud to access your files, and you are recycling your old MacBook hard drive for good use.

Resell it for cash

If you want extra cash without any hassles, the best solution is to resell it to a buyback platform. A buyback service takes care of valuation, inspection and pays the shipping of your goods. Also, if you use the online estimator, you can know what to expect before sending your goods. First, you have to look for your MacBook model and the specs on their catalog and answer a few questions about your device’s cosmetic and functional condition. Then, the system will give you a quote offer that you are free to accept or not.

After the reception of your goods, the buyback company needs to verify the information you provided matches the current condition of your device. Then, if all is good, they do your payouts. We like Gadget Salvation because it is a trusted buyback service that guarantees payment within two working days from the reception of the goods, via PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, or even by Check.

Final Words

We hope we have answered the question: what to do with your old MacBook? You can install Linux OS, turn the device into a Chromebook, use it as a NAS device or Wi-Fi hotspot and even resell it for cash.



How To Sell Electronics Online

We listed a few options on how to sell your electronics online.

Perhaps it’s time to upgrade your current electronic device, and when you type on the Google search bar: how to sell electronics online, you’ll find out many options. The challenge is to find the right to sell your used gadgets most conveniently. For that reason, we have listed a few options and places to sell your old technology streamline.

Online Trade-in Programs

Retailers and manufacturers have designed a trade-in program to exchange your old electronics for store credit via a gift card. This option is suitable for users who want to upgrade the device to the same brand and want to sell the device within around two weeks. For example, Apple has an online trade-in program for eligible devices in pristine condition. The downside is that you might get lower quote offers compared to other marketplaces. Also, the store credit on your gift card is not eligible for redeeming on cold cash.

To sell your used technology through the Apple online trade-in program, you need to check if your device is legible for sale. Then, if yes, answer a few questions about your device’s cosmetic and functional condition to get a quote offer. If the quote looks good to you, continue the checkout, and Apple will send you a shipping kit. After ten days, you will receive an electronic gift card.

Sell Your Electronics By Yourself

This option might take you time and effort, but it can give you extra dollars. When you sell your used electronics on your own, you cut the need for using third-party service, which in some cases charge a fee from the final sale. However, there are some sites like Facebook Marketplace where you can upload your article for free. Here, you are responsible for listing, describing products, searching prices, arranging meetings with potential buyers, etc. Also, we recommend taking extra precautions for meeting place and payment, as there are many scams on this platform.

Trusted Buyback Services

A buyback platform takes the hassle-off from listing, pricing, shipping, etc., playing the intermediate role. Usually, a buyback service takes charge of the valuation, inspection, and postage costs.

You only need to enter the correct brand and model, along with the specs, of the device you are willing to sell and answer a few questions about its cosmetic and functional condition to get a quote. Then, if you like the offer, check out to get your free shipping kit to send your goods.

After that, all buyback companies inspect the goods that match the information you entered before the checkout. If all is good, they will do your payouts within the time frame promised. For example, Gadget Salvation guarantees fast payment within two working days from the delivery via PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, or even by Check.

What is The Resale Value of Used Electronic Devices?

The value of any preowned electronic gadget depends on the brand, model, configuration, current demand, cosmetic and functional condition. Here are a few pricing examples of what you can get in cash for different gadgets in good condition and fully working.

Final Words

We hope we have answered the question: how to sell electronics online. There are plenty of options, but remember to consider time and the type of payouts for your used technology. For example, a buyback service would be better for those users looking to sell their used gadgets fast, while selling them on your own, would be suitable if you have enough time to deal with the whole selling process on your own.

What To Do Before You Sell Your iPhone

In this post, you will find all the information you need to do before you sell your iPhone.

There are many things to consider beforehand to sell your used iPhone for cash via a buyback platform or a trade-in service. Some crucial steps are unpaid your devices, creating a backup for your files, signing out all your accounts, factory reset the iPhone, etc. It’s essential when it comes to protecting your private information stored on your iPhone.

In this article, we will ask the question What to do before you sell your iPhone? For more details, please continue reading.

  1. Unpair Apple Watches and Airpods

If you have paired other electronic devices like Apple Watch and AirPods, it would be better to unpair them from the iPhone you are willing to sell.

To unpair your Apple Watch:

  • Place the iPhone and the Apple watch beside each other and open the Apple Watch application on your iPhone.
  • Click My Watch and choose your watch name.
  • Then click the small information icon next to the watch and click Unpair Apple Watch.
  • Tap to confirm the step and enter your Apple ID password if the system asks you to do so.

Here is how to unpair your AirPods:

  • Put your iPhone and AirPods next to each other and click Settings.
  • Tap Bluetooth and tap the small information icon, which is next to the AirPods.
  • Finally, click on Forget This Device.
  1. Backup your iPhone

All the steps are necessary but creating a backup of your data is crucial. Why? Because your device has your personal information like passwords, bank applications, your Apple Store ID, photos, files, etc., which needs to remain private only to you. Also, you will need your information to restore it to the new phone. You have several options to backup your data using iCloud and iTunes, and we’ll show you how to do it.

Using iCloud

iCloud does automatically backs up the essential data on your iPhone daily. But, if you want to, you can take a backup one last time before going ahead with the resetting process.

To backup your data using iCloud, you need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. Launch the Settings app> Navigate to your name > iCloud> iCloud Backup> tap on Back Up Now.

Using iTunes

Use your personal computer that is used to sync your iPhone with, and connect your device. Then, open iTunes and select your iPhone under Devices in the left-hand navigation pane. Finally, do a right-click the device and select Back Up.

  1. Sign Out Your Accounts

Make sure to sign out your iCloud, iTunes, Apple Store, and iMessage before selling your iPhone.

  1. Turn Off My iPhone

Please verify that your Find My iPhone app is turned off. To do so, navigate to Settings > your name> iCloud> Find My iPhone> Tap the Find My iPhone toggle to turn it off.

  1. Factory Reset your iPhone

You can proceed to factory reset your iPhone only if you have backup all your files. Because performing a factory reset will wipe all the data stored on your iPhone forever. Before beginning, this process makes sure to have your iPhone in full charge or connected to a power source.

  • Launch Settings app and tap on General.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and tap on Reset.
  • Tap on Erase All Content and Settings.
  • In case you have a passcode, it will prompt you to enter the passcode.
  • After entering your passcode, it will confirm if you want to delete data and settings from your device one last time. Tap on Erase iPhone button.
  1. Remove your Apple ID

It’s an excellent idea to unregister your iPhone from Apple’s official website. This way is no longer linked to your Apple ID. To remove it go to and log in. Next, click on your iPhone under Devices and click on the Remove from Account button in the popup.

Final Words

These are the steps to do before you part ways with your used iPhone. After completing the steps mentioned above, the next thing is to find a place to trade your used iPhone in for cash, like Gadget Salvation.

How to Factory Reset a Microsoft Surface for Sale?

Here is the step-by-step guide to resetting your Microsoft Surface device.

Whether your Microsoft Surface laptop is having some issues or considering selling it, you need to reset your device to its factory settings. In this article, we show you the step-by-step to factory resetting your Microsoft Surface laptop.

Quick Remainder

Before you proceed to factory reset your Microsoft Surface laptop, you need to create a backup of all your files, including documents, photos, videos, passwords, etc., because once you reset the device, all the files will be gone forever. So, to back up your Microsoft Surface laptop, we suggest using a cloud service, like OneDrive, or an external hard drive.

The Benefits Of Performing A Factory Reset Settings

You may notice bogged down or run into errors after using your Microsoft Surface or any other device. Well, factory resetting your device will help your machine back to square one by deleting everything from software, malware, apps, etc. However, this step needs to be made step-by-step because if you miss one step, your device could end up not working. Therefore, you won’t be able to sell it for value.

How to Factory Reset your Microsoft Surface?

Using Windows 10:

  1. Click on Start Button and select the Cog icon to open the Settings App.
  2. Select Update & Security
  3. Then select the Recovery Option, which is on the left side.
  4. Tap the Get Started button displayed under Reset This PC.
  5. Select Erase Everything Option because you will sell this device, and you need to remove all the files and folders associated with the device along with applications installed.
  6. You’ll need to reinstall all drivers and software purchased outside Microsoft Store.
  7. Select Cloud Download or Local Reinstall.
  8. View the summary and tap Next.
  9. Finally, tap on the Reset button to finish.

Note that if you select the Cloud Download, Windows Recovery pulls everything it needs from the Microsoft servers and installs the latest version. However, if you choose the Local Reinstall, Windows Recovery will take what it needs from the local installation. Also, if this option only installs the version you have on the device and not the latest version as the Cloud Download option.

Using Windows Sign-In Screen

Factory reset using Windows Sign-in screen is a second option to rest your device without to actually sign-in. To access the Sign-in screen within Windows 10, press the Windows Logo+ L keys simultaneously.

  1. Click or tap the Power icon located in the bottom right corner on the sign-in screen.
  2. Press and hold the Shift Key and then select Restart on the pop-up menu.
  3. Select Restart Anyway if Windows 10 nags about other users.
  4. The Microsoft Surface device reboots to the blue Choose an Option screen and select troubleshoot.
  5. Select Reset This PC.
  6. From this section, the instructions are the same. Select Keep My Files or Remove everything, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Reinstall your Previous Operating System

If you want to reinstall the previous version of Windows on your Surface:

  • Select Start> Settings> Update & Security>Recovery.
  • Under Go back to the previous version of Windows 10, select Get Started.

Final Words

To factory reset your Surface laptop is an essential step if you want to sell your device. Not only do you prevent the following user from having access to your data, but your device will be like new. So please, make sure to take time to perform a factory reset; otherwise, you risk losing your data- if you haven’t created a backup- or waste your device if you miss following the steps correctly. If you want to sell your used laptop or other gadgets, we recommend Gadget Salvation for a seamless and quick sale.

How Does It Work To Sell Used Gizmos At Gadget Salvation?

Sell your preowned gadgets most conveniently and get paid in cash.

If you are a busy professional and want to sell your used gizmos quickly, we present you with Gadget Salvation. Unlike other services, they offer fair price quotes for your used electronic devices and almost all online processes. What’s more, receive your payouts in cash via PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, or even by check, if you prefer. Let’s discover more about this legit middleman.

Gadget Salvation: A Trusted Reseller

The American buyback company, Gadget Salvation, was founded in 2008 to dismiss the electronic waste on the planet, extending the lifespan of preowned gadgets in good condition and fully working by reselling them.

What’s more, Gadget Salvation offers a hassle-free selling experience online, with prices upfront. So forget about listing, searching price, dealing with shipping fees, etc. Instead, they take charge of the valuation, inspection, and postage cost!

Also, Gadget Salvation is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, with a grade A+ for its commitment to transparent and diligent service. Since their foundation, the company has already helped thousands of people sell their unwanted tech seamlessly through their website.

What Type Of Used Electronic Devices Can You Sell?

Gadget Salvation accepts to purchase preowned electronic gadgets such as laptops, MacBooks, PCs, smartphones, iPhones, tablets, gaming consoles, smartwatches, and more. In addition, they have an updated catalog with most of your favorite brands like Apple, Dell, Microsoft, HP, and more. Plus, Gadget Salvation offers all its client’s prices upfront compared to marketplaces like eBay.

What is the Resale Value of your Old Gadgets?

The resale value of any used gadget depends on the brand, model, configuration, cosmetic and functional condition. However, we have listed a few pricing examples to give you an idea of how much you can expect to sell them.

Best deals at Gadget Salvation:

How Does It Work To Sell Through Gadget Salvation?

If you want to sell your unwanted tech with Gadget Salvation, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Enter their website, type your device brand and model into a search bar, and hit the Enter key. Then, select your device configuration and answer a few questions about your device’s cosmetic and functional condition.
  2. The system will give you an estimate for your used device and if you like what you see, continue the checkout process to receive your free shipping label.
  3. Print the label, get a box, and package your goods. After the delivery and inspection of your goods, the company does your payouts within the next two working days.

Overall, most buyback services verify the information you entered matches the actual condition of your device. It is a normal process, and if you forgot any vital information, you would receive a revised quote via email that you are free to accept or not. In case you decline the new quote, they will send back your goods to you for free.

Final Words

We know that there are plenty of options out there to sell your old technology, but if you value time and want a quick sale, why not try Gadget Salvation. For over a decade, the company has helped thousands of clients sell their used gadgets online. Plus, they have good comments on review sites like Reseller Ratings, Trustpilot and Google Reviews.

*Priced on 11/07/2021. Subject to change.

Where To Sell Used Phones

We share a few places where to sell your used phones.

You decide to part ways with your phone, but you don’t know where you can sell it for value? Then, you have come to the right place. This article walks you through options and places to sell your used phone or any other electronic gadgets.

What Options Do You Have?

There are several ways to sell your old technology, but we can narrow them into two categories: online and offline. You can make personal sales online via a marketplace; or use a buyback platform and trade-in programs -from big retailers- to sell your old technology. About Offline, you have direct sales and in-store services. We are going to explore each of these along with its advantages and disadvantages.

Where To Sell Used Phones Online

In-Person sales via Marketplace

If you are looking to sell your old phone or any other electronics and have more potential customers, in-person sales via an online marketplace is the solution. This option allows you to upload the product along with the correct description and condition. Also, you are the one that set the shipping price. The advantage of using in-person sales via Marketplaces like eBay is that you can list your product and price as “buy it now,” and buyers can purchase the product “Now.” The drawback is that eBay charges you a fee from your goods’ total price for using its service.

Facebook Marketplace is another option for those looking to sell locally without fees. Similarly, like eBay, you need to do listing, describing, pricing, etc., but you don’t need to charge a fee for shipping because you sell it locally.

Buyback Platform

Selling your preowned phone through a buyback platform saves you time and effort because this service facilitates the selling process. Usually, a legit buyback company includes on its service the valuation, inspection, and postage cost. So, you don’t have to worry about anything else than print your label to send your goods. For example, Gadget Salvation is an online reseller service that helps users sell their preowned gadgets and get paid cash. You only need to print the shipping label that is sent once you checkout on their website.

Online Trade-in

Well-known manufacturers like Apple and retailers like Best Buy have a trade-in service online to sell your old gadgets in exchange for an e-gift card. The advantage of using this option is that it is an easy way to sell any old gizmos. However, the inconvenience is that you can only purchase products with the brand.

Where To Sell Used Phones Offline

Direct Sales

Direct sale is the easiest and convenient solution to sell your used phone. The main benefit is that you can earn the most money possible because you dont use any intermediaries. The main drawback is that you have to be lucky to find someone interested in buying your used phone without any record of your previous sales and knowing you. This option is suitable for selling it directly to a close friend or family relative, as you are trusting entirely on the information provided by your seller.

In-Store Services

You’ll find manufacturers and retailers that offer in-store service quotes, which means that a technician will inspect and grade your goods in place. The advantage of this option is that you know right away the pricing quote and get paid instantly in cash or with store credit-depending the retailer or manufacturer-.

For example, Best Buy is a big retailer that accepts in-store trade-in services for several electronics like eReaders, laptops, smartphones, etc. It pays you with a Best Buy gift card for future purchases on any product from them. Another example is Apple, which has its trade-in program for specific products in pristine condition. Like Best Buy, you receive an Apple Gift Card for purchases online or in-store within Apple products.

Bottom Line

So, next time you wonder where to sell used phones: You know that you can sell them on your own via Marketplace like eBay or sell it directly to a friend. Also, you can sell your used tech to a buyback platform for a seamless selling experience or use the trade-in program from retailers for a store credit. After all, you get value for your used electronic devices.


5 Tips To Sell Your iPhone For Top Dollar

Here are some helpful tips for selling your old iPhone for value.

Image: Apple

Used iPhones are devices that hold good resale value in the marketplace. But before you sell it, there are some things you should consider.

  1. Backup your iPhone

Before you sell your iPhone for top dollar, you need to create a backup of your data, including applications, passwords, contacts, photos, and more. Having a backup of your files allows you to transfer the backup to your new device, along with the apps you have downloaded, etc. So to back up your iPhone, we suggest you use iTunes on your Mac or PC laptop.

Steps to backup with iTunes:

  • Launch iTunes and connect the iPhone you want to sell to your notebook using a lightning cable.
  • Then wait for the device icon to appear on the top-left corner, click it, and select your iPhone.
  • Click Back Up Now on the Summary tab.

In addition, you can use the iCloud service to backup your data, as well. However, it will take you more time because you upload all your files to the cloud, depending on your internet connection.

Another alternative is to create a backup using an external hard drive with enough storage space. You will need a cable USB type to connect it and select the files you want to keep on this hard drive.

  1. Disable Find My App

Make sure to disable Find My iPhone not to cause any issues to the next owner. When the Find My iPhone is enabled, the Activation Lock is too, which ties your device to your Apple ID, and anyone would be able to activate the iPhone-apart from you.

To disable the Find My iPhone App:

  • Go to Settings and tap your name at the top of the list.
  • Then, scroll down to your iPhone and tap on “This iPhone.”
  • Tap Find My iPhone and then tap to toggle this feature off.
  • If the system requires your password, type it.
  1. Reset your iPhone to Factory Settings

If you want to sell your iPhone for top dollar, you must reset it to factory settings. Therefore, all the data stored on your device is erased forever. So, make sure to have all your files back up.

To factory reset your iPhone:

  • Go to Settings > General.
  • Scroll down and tap “Reset.”
  • Tap Erase All the Content and Settings, and tap Erase Now.
  • Once your iPhone restarts, you should be able to see the white screen with a “Welcome” message, which invites you to set the iPhone up as a new device.
  1. How Much is a preowned iPhone Worth?

Naturally, you want to know how much you could get for selling your iPhone. But you need to know that factors like brand, model, configuration, cosmetic and functional condition of your used iPhone play an essential role in determining its resale value on the marketplace.

Here are a few pricing examples:

  1. Find out a Place to Sell iPhone for Top Dollar

There are plenty of places to trade in your iPhone for top value, but it depends on how much time you have to sell your iPhone.

On the one hand, you can sell your iPhone by yourself using websites like eBay. This website requires you to create an account, do the listing, search price, describe products, pay shipping costs, etc. If you have enough time, and you dont need the money fast, this might be a good option. Not only are you monitoring your sale, but you might earn a few dollars more. However, dont forget to set the price well and include the shipping cost and the eBay fee from the final price of your sale.

On the other hand, you can use buyback and trade-in services that take charge of valuation, inspection, and postage costs. For example, Gadget Salvation is an online trusted reseller who helps tech users sell their stuff for cash via PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle. The company accepts used laptops, iPhones, MacBooks, tablets, and more. They offer hassle-free service, and you don’t need to worry about listing, searching for prices, etc., as eBay requires you to do. If you are a busy professional and looking for instant payment, we suggest using a buck-back service.

Regarding the trade-in option, you need to know that in most cases, big retailers and manufactures will offer you a gift card with a store credit to use for future purchases with them. However, duly note that it is not possible to store exchange the store credit for cold cash.

Final Words

iPhones are devices that have a great resale value in the marketplace. Of course, its resale value depends on factors like model, specs, and cosmetic condition. But if you apply our tips, you will increase the chances of having more value when selling it.


What is The Best Way To Sell Your Used MacBook Pro?

We will take you through the different options you have to sell your used MacBook Pro.

Image: Apple

Apple recently released a new MacBook Pro 14 empowered with the M1 chip that increases speed and performance, and not surprisingly, it has an elevated price at $1,999. However, if you consider upgrading to a new notebook, you can sell your used MacBook Pro for cash.

This article walks through the best ways to sell MacBook Pro online, from selling it on your own via a third-party site to trade-in offers. Also, we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of each of these options.

If you want to prepare your Mac before selling it, we suggest reading how to get cash for your used Mac article.

What Are The Different Options To Sell Preowned MacBook Pro Online?

If you dont know where to start, you dont need to worry. We are going to explain each option along with the pros and cons that are associated with them. This way, you can make your decision where to sell it quickly.

In-Person Sales

  • The Advantage: This option connects you with several potential buyers.
  • The Disadvantage: It takes you more time and effort to deal with the whole selling process, including listing, negotiating, shipping, etc.

The most significant advantage of in-person sales via third-party sites like Craiglist, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or OfferUp allows your item to have more exposure and, therefore, more potential buyers. However, all these sites require you to be responsible for creating an account, listing, searching prices, negotiating, and monitoring your clients.

However, each of these sites has its terms and conditions. For example, uploading your used MacBook Pro for sale on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace is free. However, other sites like eBay will charge a fee for the total amount of the price, and you have to pay for the shipping. Also, OfferUp charges a fee to have your item featured on their application. And if you decide to get paid via the app, there is a fee to pay.

We suggest you read the terms and conditions of each service carefully and see which one works best for you. In addition, you need to consider your safety, as some sites are great to connect you with more clients and scammers, primarily through Craigslist and Facebook MarketPlace.

Buyback Service

  • The Advantage: A buyback service takes charge of the valuation, inspection, shipping fees without extra cost.
  • The Disadvantage: They are limited to accepting only functional used electronic gadgets.

An online buyback service is the best way to sell MacBook Pro for cash because it is a hassle-free solution. You can check the estimated value for your used MacBook Pro online after answering some questions about your device’s cosmetic and functional condition. This way, you know what exactly you’ll be paid for your preowned device.

What’s more, buyback services offer you a free shipping kit to send your goods safely. For example, Gadget Salvation offers to purchase used electronic gadgets like laptops, MacBooks, iPhones, tablets, and more. They provide high quotes for your old devices compared to other marketplaces. Plus, fast payment is guaranteed within two working days from the reception of your goods via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or Check.

However, the drawback of many buyback platforms is that they dont accept devices that are not functional or broken because there is no value. So the only option here is to recycle it for free, but you won’t get cash for that.

Trade-in Program

  • The Advantage: It’s a great option to upgrade the device from the same brand or retailer.
  • The Disadvantage: Usually, trade-in programs offer you a store credit via gift card for future purchases.

The most known manufacturers like Apple, and retailers like Amazon, have an online trade-in program for your old electronics. The process is very similar to a buyback platform; however, the payment is different. They offer you an electronic gift card in exchange for your used tech. For example, Amazon allows you to trade in several electronic devices like eReaders, Tablets, gaming consoles, laptops, and more. While Apple only accepts to sell in devices in pristine condition.

Final Words

Several places would gladly take your old gadget and pay for it, either cold cash or a gift card. However, we suggest you narrow your choices by time and effort. So this way, you will know if you are willing to sell your used MacBook Pro by yourself or use a buyback or trade-in service.

What To Do Before Laptop Trade in For Cash

These steps are easy to follow and require little effort.

Before you sell your old laptop, there are a few things to do beforehand, including backing up your data, deauthorizing software, factory reset it, and cleaning it. This article shares the steps to prepare your laptop for sale and where to sell it.

Create A Backup Of Your Data

If you want to trade in your laptop, it would be better to backup all your files like photos, contacts, notes, messages, etc., in a safe place. For that, you can use any cloud storage service, like DropBox or OneDrive, to upload your files and access them whenever you want with an internet connection.

To backup and upload your files using OneDrive:

  1. Open File Explorer and locate the folder with the files you want to backup.
  2. Select the files and folders and click the Move to button from the Home
  3. Click the Choose location option
  4. Select the OneDrive folder
  5. Click the Move button.
  6. After completing the steps, OneDrive will upload your files to the cloud.

Another option is to use an external hard drive with enough storage space to transfer your files. Regardless of what method you choose, make sure you run the backup before anything else, so all your files are up to date.

Deauthorize Software

Ensure to deauthorize any digital software and files on your computer, including programs like Adobe Creative Suite and files downloaded from iTunes. Also, you can take advantage and enable any two-factor authentication on your device and sign out all your accounts like your Outlook email.

Wipe the Hard Drive

Once you have backed up your private information, the next step is to wipe the hard drive by resetting it to factory defaults. This action will delete any data-trace stored on the computer and enable the next owner to set it up as a new device.

Steps to factory reset your laptop using Windows 10:

  1. Open Settings and click on Update & Security.
  2. Click on Recovery.
  3. Under the Reset this PC section, click the Get Started
  4. Click the Remove Everything
  5. Click the Change Settings
  6. Finally, click the Reset button.

If you have a MacBook, we suggest reading how to factory reset an Apple laptop article for more details.


To successfully trade in your laptop for cash on the marketplace, you need to clean your device to make it look presentable to the following user. Use a soft cloth to remove any dirt on your laptop. Also, don’t forget to clean the display from fingerprints.

Selling Your Used Laptop

There are plenty of options for laptop trade in for cash online. But we narrowed down the search into two categories, online buyback platforms and in-person sales. Each of these services has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see more in detail below.

Online Buyback Services

A buyback service purchases used electronic gadgets and, in exchange, pays in cash or with store credit. Usually, valuation, inspection, and shipping costs are included in the service without extra cost.

Fast Payment: Gadget Salvation

Gadget Salvation is an online reseller that purchases pre-owned gadgets and pays cash for them. You can sell your used laptop, MacBook, iPhone, tablet, gaming console, and more. To get an instant quote, you’ll need to look for your laptop model along with the specs. Then, answer some questions about the cosmetic and functional condition. If you like the quote, continue to checkout and print the prepaid shipping label. After two working days, the company does your payouts in cash via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or Check.

In-Person Sales

You can laptop trade in yourself using third-party sites that help you connect with buyers. The advantage of selling on your own is that you are the one who sets the price for your item. Also, you are in charge of the listing, pricing, shipping, etc. The drawback is that you need to save time to finalize the sale, as it depends on most of your effort to upload the product.

DIY: OfferUp

OfferUp is an excellent alternative to make in-person sales online. You need to download the free app, take pictures of your laptop and upload them to the platform. If you want to get your item featured, you have to pay for it. You can get paid in cash directly from the buyer or use payment through the app, a secure option with an extra cost.

Bottom Line

If you want to maximize the value of your old laptop, make sure to save your data before you wipe the hard drive. Not only will your device be ready for the next owner, but you will also prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands. Lastly, don’t forget to remove any dirt on your laptop.

5 Reasons To Sell Your Used HP Omen Laptop

If you think your old HP Omen laptop is not worth it, we prove you the contrary.

HP is one of the most reputable computing companies globally that offer reliable laptops with high-end components for all kinds of users. So, if you have a used HP Omen laptop in good condition, but you longer need it, it would be best to resell it. The Omen series is the gaming lineup of HP that packs the best graphics and processors for gaming. So, even though you have a used Omen gaming laptop, it still holds value in the marketplace.

This article will justify our reasons for selling your used HP Omen laptop and suggest a place to sell it most conveniently.

Reasons To Sell a Preowned HP Omen Laptop

  1. HP Omen Is The Best Gaming Laptop Lineup

Hewlett-Packard, most known as HP, has a vast arrow of Pc’s products for all types of users and prices. For example, the HP Omen series is a lineup dedicated to gamers with a great selection of laptops that offer portability and powerhouse-like a desktop for those looking for an immersive and excellent gaming experience.

  1. Several Sizes

The HP Omen gaming laptop comes in two sizes, meaning that you have options to choose from for better immersive gaming and a quality viewing experience. For instance, the Omen 15 features a 15.6-inch screen, while the Omen 17 features a 17.3-inch screen.

  1. Great Components

HP Omen gaming laptops are known for featuring top graphic cards and processors. For example, you have options up to Nvidia GeForce RTX for graphics. There is also the option with most feature Intel processor, including the latest-gen models of their i5, i7, and i9 cores. And the latest AMD Ryzen 5 or AMD Ryzen 7 processor for impressive multitasking. Indeed, is a powerful and reliable device with fast processing.

  1. Design

Overall the design of the OMEN series is discreet and doesn’t have any electric colors and big logos. The unique brushed metal chassis gives a sleek and sophisticated yet simple look for a gaming laptop. You can use this laptop either for work and games.

  1. Portability

As we mentioned earlier, the HP Omen series comes in two sizes, 15-inches, and 17-inches. The first weighs less while the second weighs around eight pounds. In both cases, you can take your gaming laptop with you. However, the standard mid-range size is the 15-inch laptop model for comfortable portability.

Used HP Omen Laptop Trade-in Value

The resale value of any preowned electronic device depends on the brand, model, configuration, cosmetic and functional state. Overall, HP devices hold good reselling value and, particularly the OMEN gaming lineup. However, bear in mind that you won’t be getting the whole amount you originally paid for your device in the past due to depreciation.

Here are a few pricing examples of HP OMEN laptops in flawless condition and fully working:

  • A preowned HP Omen 17 Series gaming laptop with an Intel Core i7 9th Gen processor and Nvidia RTX 2080 graphic card can be resold for up to $610*.
  • Used HP Omen X 2S 15 gaming laptop with Intel Core i9 9th Gen and Nvidia RTX 2070 gets you a $736* cash offer.
  • HP Omen 15 Series Intel Core i7 8th Gen Nvidia RTX 2070 can get you a $569 cash offer*.

Where To Sell HP Omen Laptops?

We have tested out an online buyback service, Gadget Salvation, and overall the selling experience was seamless and quick. It’s a trusted reseller website that helps users to sell their preowned electronic gadgets like laptops, MacBooks, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and more, for cash. The company takes charge of the valuation, inspection, and shipping cost, making the sale hassle-free and, most importantly, secure. All parcels are insured if you use the shipping label they provided once checkout on their website.

To sell HP Omen laptops through their website:

  • Type your laptop model along with the specs. Then, answer a few questions about your laptop’s cosmetic and functional condition, and you’ll get an instant estimation.
  • Agree to the offer and checkout to receive your prepaid label via email.
  • Print the label, package your goods and drop them off at the nearest carrier service. After inspection of your goods, they do your payouts within two working days via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or Check.

Bottom Line

Now that you know your old HP Omen laptop holds value in the marketplace, you can sell it with confidence, knowing that you can recoup part of your investment. If you are short of time and busy with work, we suggest selling your used laptop online with a buyback platform so you can quickly sell it from home.


What To Do Before Trade in Your Old Tablet

Tablet Samsung Galaxy

So, you decide to trade in your old laptop for top dollar. But before you jump into place to sell your tablet, you need to prepare it. In this article, you’ll find the things you need beforehand to trade in your old tablet and a suggestion to sell it most conveniently.

Know Your Gear

It’s crucial to know the exact model of your tablet, along with the specs, if you want to sell it because it will help you get an average price on the marketplace.

Independently where you choose to trade in your old tablet, you need to provide detailed information. To do so, go to the Settings app> About or General to find the model of your tablet.

Backup Your Data

To keep your files saved before parting ways with your tablet, create a backup. You can create a backup using a cloud service like iCloud- for iPad users- or GoogleDrive. Also, you can use an external hard drive to transfer your files. In all cases, you need to have your tablet software updated before you do your last backup to prevent any incompatibility issues.

Factory Reset the Tablet

Your tablet holds all kinds of personal information about you, and before you trade in your old tablet, you should make sure to delete all of that data correctly. The process of wiping your data is straightforward, and doing so can prevent your information from being recovered by someone else. But before you factory reset your tablet, make sure to back up your data and sign out all your linked accounts first.

Before resetting your iPad, make sure to disable Find My, now you are ready to perform a factory reset.

  1. Open Settings and tap General
  2. Tap Reset
  3. Tal Erase All Content and Settings.
  4. Enter your password when prompted and then tap Erase.

Steps to factory reset your Android Tablet:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap System and expand the advanced drop-down.
  3. Tap Reset options
  4. Tap Erase all data.

Grade Your Tablet Condition

Assess your tablet condition by looking for signs of wear, dents, scratches, scuffs, etc. Also, inspect the functionality condition of your tablet by looking for dead pixels, poor battery life, missing keys, etc. Finally, make sure to note all the cosmetic blemishes and known issues, as you will need it for later when you want to get an estimation. Failing to provide any malfunction on your tablet will impact your quote offer and possible returns.

Remove your SIM Card

Finally, dont forget to remove your SIM Card, as it contains all your contacts and any external storage like a microSD card. You will need them for the new device.

Gather All Original Accessories

If you kept your original packaging, power cord, power adapter, case, and other accessories like changing SIM Pin, make sure to include them all with your used tablet.

Best Place To Trade in Your Old Tablet

If you are a digital nomad, we suggest you use a legit online buyback service to trade in your old tablet. The process is quick and straightforward. First, you need to find your device brand and model on the online catalog. Then, answer a few questions about your device’s cosmetic and functional condition to get an estimation. Usually, a buyback service deals with valuation, inspection, and postage costs. So, once you agree to the quote offered, the company will send you a prepaid shipping label. Then after the delivery, the buyback service inspects your goods to match with the information you provided. If all is good, then make your payment.

For example, Gadget Salvation offers a seamless selling experience and guarantees fast payment within two working days from the delivery. Plus, they have upfront prices compared to other online marketplaces. What’s more, customers shared their feedback on Reseller Ratings, appreciating their quick and legit service.

What is The Value Of Trade-in Your Old Tablet?

The resale value of a preowned tablet depends on the brand, model, configuration, and condition. To give you an idea, here are a few price examples for tablets in flawless condition and fully working:

Final Words

Before selling your used tablet, make sure to follow the tips mentioned above to help you to maximize its value. After that, you can pick an online buyback service, for example, to sell your electronic devices most conveniently.


How To Get Cash For Your Used Mac

Here is everything you need to do to get the most cash for your Mac.

MacBook Pro 2020 (M1 Chip)

If you are considering getting a new Mac device, selling your old device can give you some extra cash to offset the price of the new one. However, before you part ways with your device, you need to prepare for sale, including backup, sign out all your accounts, reset it, etc.

In this article, you will find helpful tips to maximize the value of your old Mac. Also, we listed some secure places where you can get cash for your Mac.

Back-Up Your Mac

If you intend to sell your used Mac, you’ll want to create a backup of all your files. Also, it’s beneficial if you are moving to a new device, as the Apple import utility tool helps transfer these files from one device to another without issues.

The easiest way to back up your Mac is by taking advantage of iCloud. To do so:

  1. Go to the Apple menu and then System Preferences.
  2. From there, click on Apple ID and sign in.
  3. Select iCloud Drive and select your photos, apps, documents, etc., from the menu you want to save.

Another way is to use an external hard drive for your backup. Create a Time Machine backup and plug the hard drive. You’ll be asked if you want this drive to back up with Time Machine. We recommend you to select Encrypt Backup Disk and then Use as Backup Disk.

Sign Out All Your Accounts

Another essential step is to sign out of iTunes, iCloud, iMessage accounts. To sign out iTunes, go to the menu bar at the top of the iTunes menu, click Account> Authorizations> Deauthorize this Computer. If the system asks to enter your Apple ID and password once again, do it and finally click on Deauthorize.

To sign out of your iCloud account, do the following. If you are using a macOS Mojave or earlier versions of macOS, go to the Apple menu> System Preferences> iCloud> Sign out.

Next, sign out your iMessage by opening the Message app, then choose Messages> Preferences from the menu. Next, click iMessage and then Sign out.

Reset to Factory Defaults

Once your data is backed up and you have signed out all your accounts, your final step is to erase the hard drive and reinstall macOS by resetting the device to factory defaults.

We suggest reading the guide on how to factory reset an Apple laptop. Make sure to follow the steps correctly because if you fail one step, your device might break down, and the only solution would be to recycle it for free.

Assess your Mac condition

If you want to get cash for your Mac, you need to correctly assess its cosmetic and working state. Independently the place you choose to sell it to, you’ll need to provide detailed information about your Mac condition. Take time to inspect your Mac beforehand and look for wear marks, dents, and scratches. Also, evaluate the functional condition by verifying the battery life, display quality, etc., and note any known issues.


Believe it or not, cleaning your device will give an added value if you get the most cash for your Mac. First, remove any dust and dirt from your device using a soft cloth. Also, don’t forget to clean any fingerprints left on display.

Best Place To Cash For Your Mac

There are several options and places to sell your old electronic gadgets, from selling them yourself to buyback services. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

If you decided to make in-person sales via a third-party site, you might earn more dollars, but you’ll need more time to list your product, search for price and pay shipping fees. On the contrary, a buyback service takes charge of valuation, inspection, and postage costs, making it a hassle-free solution.

Best To Sell It On Your Own: OfferUp

To sell your old technology through OfferUp, you need to download the application on your phone. After that, it’s free to create an account and to list your product. However, if you want your item to get more attention to potential buyers, you can pay to have it “featured.” Here, you need to do everything yourself, like listing, searching price, and dealing with fees. Although the app allows you to get paid in cash directly with the buyers, there is a fee to pay if you want to get your payment through the app.

Legit Buyback Service: Gadget Salvation

Gadget Salvation is the solution if you are looking for a hassle-free way to sell your preowned Mac and other devices. Not only do they take charge of valuation, inspection, and shipping fees, but they offer upfront prices for your used electronic gadgets. To get cash for your Mac, check their online catalog and provide information about the cosmetic and functional condition. The system will give you a quote offer, and if you like it, checkout to get a prepaid shipping label. After two working days, the company does your payouts via PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, or by check.

Bottom Line

If you want to get the most value for selling your used Mac, you need to provide accurate information about its cosmetic and functional condition. Also, prepare it for sale, including backup your data, sign-out all your accounts, and wiping your data by resetting your device. Finally, don’t forget to clean it and find the best place that pays good value for your used tech.

Where To Sell Old Phones


If you have taken good care of your phones, you can sell them and get good cash in return.

When it comes the time to sell your old phone or any other gadget, the question that comes to your mind is: where to sell old phones? Of course, there are tons of ways and places to sell your unwanted technology, including phones, laptops, tablets, and more. However, we have listed a few options and sites to sell your old device. But before you sell your device, you need to do some things beforehand.

What To Do Before Selling Your Used Phone?

Grade Your Device Condition

Check your phone’s cosmetic and functional condition before you sell it. Grading your device condition determines its value on the marketplace. For cosmetic state, look for dents, scratches, or scuffs. On the other hand, for the functional state, check the battery life, look for dead pixels on the screen, etc. Make sure to take notes of all the known issues-if any-, you’ll need them for later.

Research About Your Payout Options

If you type on Google Search bar “where to sell old phones,” you’ll find plenty of places to sell them. However, each of these places has its terms for the payouts. We suggest you narrow your search by payment either with cash-via PayPal-, or store credit- via gift card-. This way, you avoid surprises and know what to expect from selling your preowned phone.

Factory Reset Your Preowned Phone

It’s essential to factory reset your old phone, especially if you want to sell it. Not only will your files and apps be deleted forever, but you will also enable access to the following user to your private data. According to your phone brand and model, reset your phone to factory settings by following the manufacturer’s instructions on their website.

Indeed, dont erase your phone without first creating a backup of your phone’s files, including photos, applications, contacts, passwords, etc. You can back up your files using iCloud-if you are an Apple user-, or Android File Transfer-if you have an Android phone. Also, the GoogleDrive is an excellent option to save your files and access them whenever you want, only with an internet connection. However, you can use an external storage device- if you prefer- and then migrate your files to the new device.

Where to Sell Old Phones For Value?

Indeed, there are several places where to sell old phones and other gadgets. However, we have listed online services. Some are direct buyers, while others are third parties services.

Sell It Yourself

This option may give you more dollars for selling your unwanted tech. However, prepare some time for that. In-person sales via third-party sites like eBay require you to list, describe the product, search price, pay shipping fees, etc. It might take you a while to finalize the sale, as you need to wait for a buyer.


  • The Good: Connects you with several potential buyers.
  • The Bad: You are exposed to scammers. Thus it would be best if you took preventive actions for the payment.

eBay is a DIY platform where owners create and publish their product listings and pay applicable fees of around 10% of the total sale.

Trade-in Program

If you want to upgrade your phone, you can check if your carrier has a trade-in service. If not, you can use the trade-in program from big retailers like Best Buy. The trade-in program works for legible devices, and you get paid in the form of store credit via a gift card. You can use it to purchase any product with the retailer, either online or in-store.

Best Buy

  • The Good: The retail Best Buy accepts to trade in several electronic devices like laptops, Tv’s, gaming consoles, and more.
  • The Bad: The value on the Best Buy gift card cannot be exchanged for cold cash.

It works like a buyback service in terms of getting a quote and how to send your goods. The difference between the trade-in program is that you get paid with a gift card instead of cash with a buyback service. In addition, Best Buy accepts several types of used electronics like eReaders, Tv’s DSLR, video games, etc.

Online Buyback platform

A buyback platform facilitates the selling process, making it hassle-free and fast. Usually, a buyback service includes valuation and inspection of your goods and pays the shipping costs. To get an estimate, you need to provide information about your device’s cosmetic and functional condition.

What’s more, all buyback services inspect your goods to match with the information you entered, to get paid the quote offered. If you missed something, they will revise the offer and let you know via email. If you dont agree with the new estimation, they send back your goods for free.

Gadget Salvation

  • The Good: The company does your payouts within two working days from the delivery.
  • The Bad: Service is only available in the United States.

Gadget Salvation is a buyback service that offers a seamless checkout process and upfront prices. You can sell your preowned phone or any other electronic gadgets like smartphones, iPhones, laptops, gaming consoles, smartwatches, and more. You can also receive payment in cash, via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or by check. Moreover, the company takes charge of the valuation, inspection, and postage costs!

To sell your used phone through their website, you need to type the brand and model of your device on the search bar. On their catalog, you will find many cell phones brands like Apple, Samsung, LG, etc. To get an instant quote, enter a few details about your phone’s cosmetic and functional condition. Then, agree to the offer and checkout to receive a prepaid shipping label. After two working days from the delivery, the company does your payouts.

Final Words

We hope our article helps you to find the right place to sell your old phone. To maximize its value, make sure to back up your phone and reset it to factory settings. Also, take notes about your phone’s cosmetic and functional condition because it will help determine its value. As we mentioned, you have several options where to sell old phones. Either sell it yourself, sell it to a buyback service or even trade it in. Make sure what type of payout you want to receive.


How to Sell My MacBook Air Online


It’s known that Apple devices are valuable machines even after years. So if you have taken good care of your Apple laptop, you can sell it for cash. For example, selling your used MacBook Air is a great way to offset the cost before buying a new one. However, before you part ways with your used device, there are some things you need to do: backup, sign out of all your accounts, disable FileVault, de-authorize Bluetooth devices, restore it to factory defaults, and reinstall the macOS.

The following article outlines the six things to do to prepare your Apple laptop for sale.

Before selling your MacBook Air for cash, do the following:

1. Create a backup

Use the preinstalled feature Time Machine to back up your MacBook Air entire system and individual files. Also, you can use iCloud to do a backup or use an external hard drive, if you prefer it, too. Make sure to backup your photos, documents, passwords, applications, and more. 

2. Sign out of iTunes, iCloud, and App Store

Make sure to sign out of all your accounts, mainly your Apple ID, which is the one that gives access to iCloud, App Store, and iTunes. You must dissociate your Apple ID from your MacBook Air, particularly if you want to sell it. 

To sign out of your Apple ID:

  • Launch iTunes on your Mac and choose Store. 
  • Then, go to the View Account section and enter your current password. 
  • Go to Manage Devices and click the Delete button next to the device you want to associate with the profile. 
  • Finally, press the Done button and select Store- Sign Out This Computer.

3. Disable FileVault

If you have encrypted your files, you need to disable the FileVault to decrypt your disk contents. So to do it: click on the Apple logo> select System Preferences> on the Security & Privacy option. Then, select the FileVault tab> click on Turn Off FileVault. Once you have followed these steps, you have successfully disabled the FileVault. 

4. Remove Paired Bluetooth Devices

If you have any paired Bluetooth devices like headphones and smartwatches, you want to clear them up. To remove them, you have to go to the Bluetooth icon on the menu bar and select the Open Bluetooth Preferences, then do right-click on the device you want to delete and choose “Remove.”

5. Wipe Off Your Mac

This step is crucial because you will delete and wipe up all the information stored on your device. So, the following user won’t have access to your data. We have mentioned the steps to follow in our article How to factory reset an Apple laptop. Please make sure to follow the steps correctly; otherwise, you will end up with a breakdown laptop, and you won’t be able to sell it for cash. 

6. Reinstall macOS on your MacBook Air

Before reinstalling macOS, you need to restore it to factory settings. This action will completely delete any programs, software, documents stored on your Apple laptop. You can restore the system from the Recovery Mode to install a fresh version of macOS on your Macbook Air.

Used MacBook Air trade-in Value

The resale value of any preowned gadgets depends on the brand, model, cosmetic and functional condition, configurations, and current demand. However, Apple products, especially MacBooks, have a great value on the second-hand marketplace due to higher demand.

Here are few pricing examples:

So, now you are wondering: Where to sell my MacBook Air for cash? Gadget Salvation is a trusted buyback solution that helps users sell their preowned gadgets online. In their online catalog, you’ll find several brands and models of laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, tablets, MacBooks, and more. The company is committed to bringing a seamless and quick selling experience. Also, they provide instant payment options via PayPal, Zelle, and Venmo. But you prefer, they can mail you a check, too. Moreover, they deal with valuation, inspection, and postage costs, ensuring a hassle-free service. 

So, answer to the question: where to sell my MacBook Air for cash? Look no further. They are your ready-to-go solution. 

To sell your used MacBook Air for cash with us:

  1. Enter the website, Gadget Salvation, and type your laptop brand and model on the search bar, like you do when using Google. Also, dont forget to enter your device configuration. 
  2. Then, answer few questions about the cosmetic and functional condition of your old MacBook Air to get a real-time estimate. If you like the offer, do the checkout, and you’ll receive a prepaid shipping label.
  3.  Get a sturdy box and package your MacBook Air with plenty of protective bubbles, and drop it off at the carrier service. They do your payouts within two working days from the delivery and inspection of your goods. 

Bottom Line

When you are about to sell your old Macbook to a friend or to a buyback service, there are some things to consider beforehand. Primarily, backup your personal information like documents, photos, passwords, etc. Once you have backed up your files, sign out of your accounts like iTunes and Apple ID. Also, de-authorize any Bluetooth device on your Macbook and proceed to reset the hard drive to factory settings, and finalize with reinstalling the macOS.   

5 Tips To Laptop Trade-in For Top Dollar Online

Follow these steps for a good return value for seling your laptop.

Seeking to sell your used laptop? Certainly, preowned gadgets might hold good reselling value, depending on its cosmetic condition, brand, model and configurations. We share some easy tips before selling your used laptop with an online buy-back service. As well, to some good places that offer to pay fair prices for your used devices online.

Quick Tips To Laptop Trade In:

1. Know Your Hardware

If you are going to use a third-party service or buy-back service to sell your laptop, you have to provide details about your device. You need to know exactly what you are selling so, better get the most information about your device like model, serial number, manufacturing year, RAM and specs, in order to get an estimation. Usually, the model number information with specs, is fixed on a sticker on your laptop.

If you have a Windows 10 laptop, you can find your laptop model number using System Information. It doesn’t matter whether it’s from HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer or another brand, you can find the model number information using System Information. These are the steps to follow: Open start> search “System Information” and click the result to open the app > Click on System Summary> and confirm the model of your laptop under “System Model”, along with the specs.

Similarly, if you have a Mac laptop, you can as well identify your laptop model by choosing “About this Mac” from the Apple Menu. As well, you can find the model information printed on the underside of your Mac and on its original packaging, next to a barcode label.

We recommend checking how to find a laptop model number article, for more details.

2. Analyze Your Laptop Condition

Another important step is to grade or analyze your laptop condition. You need to be able to know if your used laptop could be a good candidate trade-in for top dollar. Check for internal and external conditions of your laptop. For that, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your laptop fully working?
  • Does it have some missing parts?
  • Does it have some scratches?
  • Does it have some small dents or scuffs?
  • Does your laptop have heavy wear like cracks or dents?

In cases, in which the device shows serious damage, such as a laptop that wont turn on, it may be not viable for value, but it can be recycled for free. Most trusted resellers and retailers have automated questions that will guide you through the whole selling process. They have categories such as Brand New, Flawless, Good, Fair and Poor, for the cosmetic condition, and for the functionally, the categories are defective and fully working.

In order to get the most of the value for laptop trade in, provide the most accurate information of your device condition, helping you with the questions mentioned above.

3. Backup Your Data

If you are seeking to sell a laptop or any other gadget, make sure to back your stored data first. This is to prevent the next user from having access to your sensitive information, and you might need your data on the next device. In order to save all your files, you need to create a backup file for your system, and another backup for all your files. You can use either an external hard drive or the Cloud. Most cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox, work on a subscription model, so the cost will depend on how much storage size you need to save all your files.

4. Wipe The Hard Drive

Once all your files are saved on the external hard drive or on the cloud, the next thing to do is to wipe the drive by restoring to factory settings. When you restore your laptop to factory settings, you ensure all the stored information is completely erased.  In order to successfully restore to factory settings on Windows 10, follow these steps. Go to “Start Menu”> click on “Settings” > then find “Recovery Menu” on “Update & Security” > select Reset this PC > and choose Get Started.

To erase the hard drive on a MacBook, you just need to restart the laptop and press “Command + R”. This action will open the Recovery Mode, then select “Disk Utility” and click continue. Then, select the disks you want to wipe and click on “Erase”. Lastly, Press Command +Q to shut it down.

5. Properly Clean Your Laptop

Definitely, cleaning your used laptop will increase its value and make a good impression on the buyer. Use a soft cloth without any liquids that contain alcohol to remove dirt and dust. Also, don’t forget to clean the monitor by wiping away fingerprints on the laptop you are willing to sell.

Where Can I Sell My Used Laptop Online?

On the internet you’ll find lots of services willing to purchase your preowned gadgets. Buy-back services are designed to facilitate the selling process without taking the hassle of listing, searching price or dealing with shipping fees. You can easily get an offer, check out and print a prepaid shipping label in a few clicks away. The resale industry of selling-purchasing pre-owned tech is big and is growing at a fast pace.

Perhaps, some people are not aware that second-hand gadgets are valuable devices and that you can make profit by reselling them online. You can sell your used gadgets using a buy-back website from the comfort of your home. This is particularly important, especially on the outgoing pandemic. However, consider that you can be paid either with cash or with store credit in the form of a gift card. Let’s see more in detail, below.

Instant Cash Offer: Gadget Salvation

Our favorite is Gadget Salvation. It’s an online platform that purchases preowned gadgets such as laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles and more, for cash. Their service is contactless, so you don’t need to go to any physical store in order to get an estimate. This is particularly important, during the ongoing pandemic, to avoid the crowds. Also, valuation, inspection, shipping and returns are covered by the company. So, you don’t need to worry about anything. Furthermore, the company turnaround for the payment is super-fast, within 48 hours from the reception of your goods. You have several options to choose to receive your payment via Check, PayPal, Venmo or Zelle (Chase Quick Pay).

For its commit to bring excellent service, the company has been accredited with grade A+ by the Better Business Bureau

Selling Used Laptops Online: Step By Step

To laptop trade in with Gadget Salvation is the most convenient and quickest way to get extra dollars. Here is how to sell your laptop in three easy steps.

  1. Enter our website and use their online database to find your brand, model and specs. You’ll need to type the brand and model and press Enter.
  2. Then, enter information about the cosmetic and functional condition of your used laptop to get an estimate. If you agree to the offer, click on “Add to Cart” and then “Get Paid”.
  3.  Complete the checkout form in order to receive your UPS shipping label and send your goods.

After inspection of your goods, they set your payment via the method of your choosing. And if it happens your device has no value, they will recycle your device for you.

Laptop Trade in Value

The reselling value of a used laptop depends on several factors such as model, specs, cosmetic condition, functionally and depreciation. Here are some price examples of how much you can expect to receive for selling your old laptop:

As you can see, value varieties depending on the brand, model and specs. So, if you happen to have some unwanted tech, consider selling now, before it loses its value.

In Conclusion

Before to laptop trade in, follow the tips shared above, to recover the most of the value for your used device. What’s more, when you resell your used gadgets you are extending its lifespan and reducing the e-waste. Certainly, online buy-back websites make it even easier to sell your laptop or any other gadget, without having to leave your home.


HP Envy Laptops: Versatile And Powerful

HP Envy Wood Series

HP Envy series is one of the most versatile forms of PCs made by HP. These laptops are known for their processors as well as their graphics. Its latest models had come along with the latest Windows. These laptops come with absolute technology that includes CoolSense technology for example. The CoolSense detects the running of demanding applications and programs. Also, the fan automatically adjusts its speed.

Furthermore, some of these latest laptops include leap motion technology. It can detect natural movements, and can provide the user with a fully 3D experience too. Duly note that this laptop is also great for entertainment purposes.

The HP Envy series also includes hybrid models. These are the combos of notebook and tablet. Therefore, they can be converted into tablets with touchscreen capabilities and again turned back to the regular notebook laptops.

HP Envy Laptop Series:

HP Envy X2

HP Envy X2 These include two generations of 2-in-1 laptops. The 1st generation of these laptops came in 2012, which are compact laptop hybrids. It includes a 1366×768 resolution and 11.6-inch screen and, with keyboard dock armed with two USB (2.0) ports, a full-sized HDMI connector, SD card(slots). This device runs on a 1.8 (GHz) Intel Atom Z2760 processor. It comes with window 8, which can be upgraded to Windows (10) Home. 

The 2nd generation came in (2017) and had a window of 10. It has (1920 × 1280) display and is 12.3 inches, and also consists of a moveable keyboard. Have 20 hrs of battery backup. There are two processors and also OS options, 7th – generation Intel Core i-series processors with Windows 10 Home and the ARM-based on Snapdragon) 835 to Qualcomm Windows (10 S) and can be easily upgraded to the windows 10 Pro; the connectivity on both is limited to a microSD card reader and a USB-C 3.1 port.

HP Envy 13

It came in 2009 and also a mobile phone 1.86 GHz CULV, and it has 3 GB of DDR3 and the entrance-level and ATI Radeon with 4330 graphics. The Envy 13 (13.1-inch) HP LED Ultra Infinity display and a resolution of 1366×768. It is there as an upgrade as the much-praised HP Radiance Displayed with a 1600×900 resolution. It was launched with a price value of $1,799 and later fell to $1,299. The 2017 model has 16GB of DDR4 RAM, 8th gen Intel Core i7 chip, aluminum chassis, a 512GB SSD, and GeForce MX250 graphics card.

The 2020 model has 10th gen Intel Core CPU, 13.3-inches of FHD display, Dimensions are 1.3kg Weight, 512GB SSD (8GB RAM).

HP Envy 14

It was launched in 2010, with and 14.5″ HP Infinity LED and a 1600×900 resolution. It also provides more battery life. Envy 14 also has a Wireless-N Intel Card, a back-lit keyboard. The Envy 14 as well as has a specific Beats edition with a black design and (red) and (back-lit) keyboard, which ranges at the cost of $ 1,099. The price of this model is $999.

HP Envy 15

It contains mobile Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, can hold a max of sixteen GB of RAM in 4 (DIMM) slots. This uses the 40 nm, which is of ATI with graphics memory. This comes with a display of 15.6 inches (HP) and 1366×768 and (1920 × 1080) resolution. It has a webcam that contains dark vision. It is designed with 2.5 a single serial ATA drive with solid drives configuration is also available two 1.8″ SATA drives. This model’s price is $1,999 and has price loss dropped to $1,299.

HP Envy 17 (2020)

It was launched in 2010 and also had a Blu-ray choice, equipped back-lit keyboard. It has 1920 × 1080 resolution, which is optional, has an option for double hard-disk or SSD, Mini DisplayPort. Traits of Envy 17 and a 3D with (1920 × 1080) display also have 3D glasses with them. The Envy 17 launched in the 2020s (10gen/11gen Intel Core (CPU). This is a good option for people to use.

How Much is HP Envy Laptop Worth?

Your used HP Envy series laptop holds value depending on the condition, year model and specs. You can trade in HP laptop for cash at Gadget Salvation and partially cover the cost for a new device, whatever it may be. We suggest to read our piece for tips on how to sell your laptop for the most value.  Below, you’ll find some examples of what you can get for HP Envy series laptop for reselling.

Bottom Line

The HP Envy series offers versatility, turning the laptop whether into a tablet or a notebook, without compromising performance. There are several models and configuration to choose from this lineup along with different prices. However, if you want to get extra cash to pay part of the funds for a new device, trade in HP laptop with Gadget Salvation. It’s the most convenient and secure way to sell your used gadgets online. Plus, payment is guarantee after two business days from the reception of your goods.  Visit the website and see how much you can get for HP laptop trade in.



HP Spectre x360: Specs & Features

HP Spectre x360 is a great product that has gained popularity for its cool-looking design.

Image HP


The latest upgrade of this version is the 11th-Gen Intel Core i7 processor which increase performance dramatically. The laptop now delivers a great user experience, and has been built on the Intel Evo platform. Moreover, it provides features like an instant resume option, fast boot time, improved data transfer rate, and increased on-battery time. We have spotlight our favorites specs & features of HP Spectre x360.

HP Spectre x360: Design

HP Spectre x360 has gone through many designing changes. Moreover, with the lightweight and thin design, this convertible laptop takes the portability of the laptop to the next level. In addition to the HP Spectre x360 comes with a single-piece aluminium frame. This enhances the design even more. The premium-looking silver colour is carried throughout the laptop. Whether it is the power button, the keyboard, or the fingerprint scanner, all the parts carry the silver colour through them.

HP Spectre x360: Display

The display of the HP Spectre x360 13″ is an IPS LCD touchscreen, and a Full HD display of 13.3- inches. Moreover, the display of the laptop is vivid, bright, and responsive at the same time. You can also covert your laptop into a touch screen pannel because of the stylish 360- degree hinge. However, the set-up of the built-in speaker is not that great.

Still, the overall quality of the display and design of the laptop is great and is better than previous generations.

HP Spectre x360: Performance

Performance levels of HP Spectre have increased dramatically with the recent upgrades. The HP Spectre x360 is now powered with a powerful Intel Iris Xe GPU and an 11th-Gen Intel i7 processor. Therefore, now the laptop can handle great stress without any hesitations. For instance, the laptop can now handle heavy tasks like video encoding and photo editing. In addition to this, the laptop can also be used for gaming. However, the experience of gaming will not be that powerful. Thus, we suggest to read the most powerful gaming laptops for 2021 piece.

Due to these multiple features, the HP Spectre x360 is one of the best 2-in-1 laptop that is great for day-to-day usage. This is also the reason why this laptop can be a great option for data analysts, content creators, and heavy users.

Other than performance, the user will also be impressed by the way in which HP Spectre x360 manages day-to-day tasks. It has very little boot timing and allows you to sign in very quickly. Moreover, it swiftly takes you through the security features like fingerprint scanner and faces recognition. This is all thanks to 512GB of lightning-fast SSD and 16GB of humungous RAM. So the operations like opening many tabs at once, moving the files from one place to another, and working on heavy projects.

Even though the power of the laptop has been increased, the HP Spectre x360 has not compromised its battery life. The laptop is capable of working for almost twelve hours on a single charge with turned-off keyboard backlighting and 50% screen brightness.

So users can easily expect at least three to four hours of battery time if heavy work is done on the laptop. In addition to this, no matter if the laptop is connected to a power supply or not, it works the same in both cases.

However, the HP Spectre x360 is still not a perfect laptop. It also has some issues like its heating issues. The HP Spectre x360 heats even while handling simple tasks. Moreover, the fans are also not able to help that much in lowering the temperature.

How Much is HP Spectre Worth?

To sell HP laptop in the most convinient and quickest way, Gadget Salvation is the best solution. You can sell your device for cash in just a few simple steps. Here are some examples of what you can expect to receive in cash via PayPal, Chase QuickPay, Bank Transfer or by Check.

HP Spectre x360: Verdict

.The 11th-Gen Intel core i7 gasp achievement in the amazing-looking (HP Spectre x360)convertible laptop made it almost a perfect thin-and-light notebook. Almost perfect because of some issues that affect its utility.

This laptop lacks a GPU, but there is no other laptop with this light that also comes under a discrete GPU. The Asus ZenBook Flip S UX371 and Dell XPS 15 are the two other options you might like to check out.  Also, if you are more into gaming, we suggest you to read our top 3 convertible gaming laptops piece.

Last but not least, don’t forget that you can easily do laptop trade in for cash with Gadget Salvation!

Microsoft Surface Book 3 15”: A One-Of-A-Kind Laptop

The Surface Book 3 15” is one of the most innovative laptops on the market.

Not many laptops out there can claim to have created entirely new product categories that didn’t exist before, but Microsoft Surface Book 3 15” is a notable exception. First introduced in 2015, the Surface Book took an unconventional approach to hybrid laptops. It had a fully detachable screen and processors in both halves of the laptop. Hence, the tablet could function as a standalone device and then be converted into a laptop with a snap. The original Surface Book was succeeded by the Surface Book 2 in 2017, and in 2020 Microsoft released the third generation of their innovative convertible notebook computer. The company offers both 13.5-inch and 15-inch models of the Surface Book 3; in this article, we will focus on the 15-inch model. Also, take a look at our recent review of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

Microsoft Surface Book 3 15”: Pricing and Configurations

The Surface Book 3 15” is not the cheapest laptop on the market, but it offers a unique blend of useful features, flexibility, computing power, and portability. So, it’s well worth the price. Microsoft currently offers 3 configuration options of the Surface Book 3 15”. The base model starts at $2,300 and comes with a quad-core 10th Gen Intel Core i7-1065G7 processor, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics with Max-Q Design with 6GB GDDR6 graphics memory.

For $2,800, you will get the same i7 processor, plus increased 32GB RAM and 512GB storage. The most expensive model costs $3,000. It comes equipped with Intel core i7 processor, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, and NVIDIA GeForce graphics. Microsoft often runs promotions on its products, including Surface Book 3 15”, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the deals and comparing prices before purchase.

All Microsoft Surface Book 3 15” models feature PixelSense display with 3240 x 2160 resolution, 3:2 aspect ratio, and 1600:1 contrast ratio. Windows 10 operating system is installed, and new Surface Book owners will receive Microsoft 365 Family one month trial. Microsoft 365 Family subscription can be used by up to 6 people. It includes all the premium Office apps, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others. Shoppers also can purchase an optional Surface Pen to take full advantage of the touch-enabled display for easy drawing, writing, and sketching.


The design of the Microsoft Surface Book 3 15” is not that much different from the original 2015 version, but it’s not a bad thing. The design is simple and unassuming, which doesn’t distract from the device’s powerful characteristics. The laptop has a solid build, with a spartan gray magnesium outer case and shiny Windows logo that defines the series. There is a notch on the front edge to lift the lid. Otherwise, the deck, keyboard and tablet are all smooth, minimalistic surfaces. The Surface Book 3 15” certainly looks and feels classy and premium.

The third generation of the Surface Book is still the only device on the market that packs additional battery life and discrete graphics in a detachable keyboard. So, if you’re looking for a computer that serves as both tablet and laptop, the Surface Book 3 is the only choice. Unless you prefer 2-in-1 hybrids with type cover-style keyboards. Once you detach the tablet, you can reattach it by lining up the connectors with those on the deck. It’s worth noting that removing the tablet requires two hands – one holds down the deck while the other pulls upward.

According to Microsoft, connecting the tablet and the deck is a “dynamic fulcrum hinge.” The hinge is quite futuristic and innovative; however, it leaves a gap between the lid and the keyboard when the laptop is closed. This way, the keyboard may be exposed to damage and litter when stuffed in a bag. The hinge also slightly extends the deck of the laptop. The Microsoft Surface Book 3 15” measures 13.5″ x 9.87″ x 0.568-0.90″ and weighs around 4.2lb with the keyboard. So, it’s a bit larger than traditional clamshell laptops, but not that much.

The Surface Book’s port selection is a bit controversial. There is no Thunderbolt 3 port on this device as Microsoft has previously described Thunderbolt 3 as a security flaw. So, some users might find it disappointing. The laptop is not all without ports, of course. On the left side you will find two USB 3.1 ports and an SD card slot. On the right side there’s a single USB-C port next to a Surface Connect port. There is a second Surface Connect port on the bottom of the tablet and a headphone jack on the top-right corner.


Microsoft Surface Book 3 15” certainly doesn’t compromise on display quality. With a 3:2 aspect ratio, the 15-inch, 3240 x 2160 display is a great size for being productive. You can easily navigate web browsing or write reports. It also delivers a sharp image and a great deal of detail, so you can enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies. As long you stick to the sRGB color mode, the display is quite color accurate.

Microsoft Surface Book 3 15”: Tablet Mode

As mentioned earlier, the tablet section of device can be removed by pressing a key and lifting the screen up. It feels quite massive as a standalone tablet, however for most people it’s a matter of personal preference. It’s worth mentioning that the keyboard of the Surface Book 3 doesn’t connect to the tablet wirelessly. So, if you’re planning to use the device mostly in tablet mode, away from its keyboard, you might consider buying a separate Bluetooth keyboard. Also, if you’re using the optional Surface Pen stylus in tablet mode, you will lose keyboard support.


Since the Surface Book 3 is a convertible hybrid, the speakers are located on the lid instead of on the deck. Luckily, the audio quality is not sacrificed. The dual speakers, one on each side of the screen, deliver balanced, encompassing sound and support Dolby Atmos.

Battery Life

With one battery in the tablet and one in the keyboard base, the Microsoft Surface Book 3 has an impressive battery life. It lasts a long time on one charge. According to Microsoft, you will get up to 17.5 hours of typical device usage.


The Microsoft Surface Book 3 15” comes equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti with Max-Q GPU, which offers enough power and performance. For those who want even more, Microsoft offers a super powerful Quadro option with a Quadro RTX 3000 GPU. This not a gaming laptop by any means, but it can still play demanding games at high frame rates.

How Much is Microsoft Surface Book Worth?

If you happen to own previous generation of the Surface Book and consider selling it, Gadget Salvation would gladly take it off your hands for cash. That way, if you want to upgrade to the latest model, you can easily offset the costs. Here are some examples of what you can receive based on your device’s condition and specs. You can find more information on Gadget Salvation website.


The Microsoft Surface Book 3 15” is certainly one of the most innovative laptops on the market. If you’re looking for flexibility and versatility of both a tablet and a laptop, with enough power and GPU for gaming and creative work, then this device is for you. It has a vivid, brilliant display, powerful graphics, comfortable keyboard, and premium unique design. The battery life is also great and you will enjoy good quality audio. However, all these premium specs come with a hefty price tag. If you have the budget and really want to have a detachable display, the Surface Book 3 15” is the most solid choice.

Lenovo Trade In: How To Do It Right

Tips and tricks for the best Lenovo trade in experience.

Laptop trade in is a good way to get some cash towards your next purchase.

If you currently own a Lenovo laptop and considering getting a new computer, a trade in could help offset your costs. Why let your old device collect dust when you can get some cash for it instead? By doing Lenovo trade in, you can ensure that your laptop is given a good home. Below, we outline some tips that will help you prepare your computer for sale and find the best trade in option, so you can sell with confidence. Have an old Apple MacBook or know someone who does? Read our guide on Apple MacBook Trade In: How and Where to Sell Your Old Laptop.

Lenovo Trade In: What To Do First

Before you sell your pre-owned computer, you need to take some important precautionary measures to make sure your sensitive personal information is not lost or stolen. The ultimate goal is to make the transition to your new device as smooth as possible. Here are some steps you need to take before selling your laptop.

  • Backup. You should backup your data on a regular basis even if you’re not selling your computer. If you’ve never done it or it’s been a while since your last backup, create one right away. You can store your backup on an external device with sufficient storage. Another option would be the cloud storage. Most cloud services work on a subscription model, so your costs will be spread over time. The choice will depend on your preferences and needs.
  • De-authorize your software. Before going through the Lenovo trade in, deactivate the programs and applications you have installed on your laptop and transfer licenses to your new device. To make this process easier, go through all your software and make a list of ones you want to transfer to the new device.
  • Delete all personal information. No matter who you’re selling your Lenovo laptop to, removing your personal information is an important step. Windows 10 has a useful feature that makes this quite easy. You can reset your computer as if it’s just had Windows installed. The other option is to format your hard drive and re-install Windows, as no computer can run without an operating system.
  • Clean your laptop. Tidying up your pre-owned machine can certainly increase its value and make a good impression on the buyer. Use a soft clean cloth to remove the dust and polish the laptop. Don’t forget to clean the monitor by wiping away fingerprints to for a neat look.

Lenovo Trade In: Where to Sell

There are several options when it comes to selling your used device. First, you can take advantage of Lenovo’s official trade in program. The company buys back used electronics, including products from competitors. You need to enter some information about your device to receive a quote, ship your gadget using a free shipping label, and receive your payment in the form of store credit to be used on Lenovo’s official website. This option is convenient, but you probably won’t get the best offer for your Lenovo trade in. Also, what if you’re not interested in purchasing a Lenovo product?

In that case, a third-party platform is your best choice. For example, Gadget Salvation offers a safe, easy, and quick trade in process. You can Lenovo trade in or any other gadgets with them with no-hassles. At the end, you will receive a cash payment for your used device that you can spend however and wherever you want. 

How Much Can I Get for Lenovo Laptop?

If you decide to do Lenovo trade in with Gadget Salvation, here are some examples of what you can expect to receive, based on your device’s condition and model.


Lenovo trade in process won’t be time-consuming or tough if you follow the steps above to properly prepare your device and find a reputable buyer. Gadget Salvation certainly offers one of the most convenient ways to cash in your pre-owned computer. 


Where to sell used laptops for a good price?

Looking to turn your pre-owned laptop into cash? We shared some ideal places to sell it.

Looking for the best places to sell your used laptop and get some extra dollars? Whatever your reason, selling used gadgets is much easier today than in the past. The internet has facilitated incredibly our lives. Thus, we share some options where to sell used laptops and other gadgets easily, each of them have its own terms and conditions. Our list is divided into sell it by yourself and into instant quote services, so, let’s have a look at them.

Places to sell used laptop for value

You decide to give your used laptop for resale, now, you need to know that you have several options where to sell a used laptop in order to get some dollars extra. The truth is that, whatever option you choose to sell it, you won’t receive the same price for what you initially paid for. This is normal, because there are several factors you need to consider and we have listed them, below.

  • Fair Diagnostic your device: is it fully working? Does it have missing parts?
  • Cosmetic Condition: Does it show some signs of wear? Or Does it have scratches or dents?
  • Year model of the device: depreciation plays a role for all gadgets.
  • Brand: well-known brands can elevate its value.
  • Specs: storage size, RAM, the bigger capacity, more chances to get more value.
  • Accessories: if you sell a laptop and you include the charger and cord, for example, you are adding more value.

Sell it yourself

This option requires you to work on listing, taking pictures, searching price, arranging meetings and more. Perhaps, this option can give you the most profit, because you are doing everything on your own, however, time and patience are required. Plus, duly note, that you need, anyways, to use a third party service, to put your device to sale, except if you are selling directly to a closer friend. Anyways, some of these platforms charge you a fee for using its service.


eBay is one of the safest third party platforms, for sellers and buyers, when you want to sell your device on your own. The advantage of using this site is that you’ll find lots of customers, protection against scams- including bad service-, and the auction option. The downside is that you’ll need to pay for shipping fees and pay a percentage of the total amount of the sale to eBay-around 10 percent-.

Before you sell your used laptop, you need to create an eBay account, using a valid email address, and setting up your profile. Then, you need to select the payment method you want to accept, for example PayPal. Afterwards, you need to list the device you want to sell and enter the item description, price, pictures and include the shipping- which is at your expense-. You can get a higher price for your used laptop as a seller using the auction option. Don’t forget you need to deal with all the selling processes mentioned above.


This is an online site that accepts announcements and classifies in different city areas. To post an announcement, you can either have or not an account, if you use a craigslist account, you need to sign up with a verified email address. Having an account enables you to revise your post or modify them. Without an account, you get an email with a link to modify or delete your ad.

In order to add your post to classifieds, select your city on the right side of the website. Then, go to post to classifieds, on the left side and either select “For sale by dealer” or “for sale by owner” areas – if you just have few items to sell, go for “by owner” – if you are recurring seller with a huge list inventory, go for “by dealer”. Afterwards, click on “for sale” and choose your category, in this case, computers and enter all the information about the laptop you want to sell including price, specs, brands, cosmetic condition, pictures and include your email for users to contact you.

The good thing about Craigslist is that you can connect with several buyers and you have total control over your sale, but the downside is that you can deal with scammers. As this platform allows you to interact with several people, you need to take precautions in the payment method and your identity, for example.

Facebook Marketplace

Over here, you can sell used devices around your neighborhood using your Facebook account and selecting the Marketplace option. This option, as well, connects you with potential buyers but you need to arrange the payment method that best works for you. To sell on Facebook Marketplace, select “items” from “sell menu” at the top of the screen. Now, you’re ready to create a listing for your used device. Add the pictures, description, price and select a category and condition of the device. Click on “Publish”, you can decide to hide it from your friends or not.

Instant-site quote

Today it is much easier to sell a pre-owned laptop online and get an instant quote within only a few minutes. There are several retailers and trusted resellers that facilitate the selling process by using its website. Each of them has its own benefits and drawbacks. There are services that pay you cash or with gift card credit in exchange for your used laptop. We have listed some places where to sell used laptops for value, however, it’s up to you to decide which one is the most convenient for your needs.

Gadget Salvation

A top place where to sell used laptops and other gadgets, such as smartphones, gaming consoles and more, is Gadget Salvation. Its service is the most convenient and quickest way to sell pre-owned devices and get paid in cash via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle or Bank Transfer. The company guarantees a fast payment of your goods within 48 hours from the reception of your goods. Perhaps, you are wondering if it’s safe to send you goods to them? Gadget Salvation is legit and risk-free service to sell your goods. All your packages are secured with USPS and are traceable anytime. You get your tracking information when you accept the quote offer from them. Plus, they work with the safest payment methods such as PayPal, Venmo or even Bank Transfer.

Its website is easy to use and they have only three steps to sell your pre-owned gadgets online. To sell your used laptop and get an instant cash offer, visit their site and use its online catalogue to find the right brand and model of the laptop you want to sell. Then, the system gives you a n estimation, that you are free to accept or not. If you accept the purchasing offer from them, they send you by email a free USPS shipping label. Print it, get a box and ship your goods. Once they have received your goods, they will inspect it to see if the device condition matches with the information you described. If all is good, they send your payment as a promise during two working days.

Amazon Trade-in

Amazon has its own buyback program with automated questions to help you to sell your used electronics and pays you with an Amazon gift card. The company accepts kindles, cell phones, laptops and more. They have only an online trade-in service, visit their site to see if your device is eligible to resale. Answer some questions about its condition and accept the offer they propose. Amazon sends you a free shipping kit to send your goods. The turnover time is around two weeks in order to get an electronic Amazon gift card that you can use whenever you want and for all the things that Amazon proposes on its site.

Best Buy

Best Buy also has an online trade-in service. The company accepts to purchase old electronics like digital cameras, laptops and others, in exchange for a Best Buy gift card. The process is similar to Amazon trade-in service, you need to find your device on its site, answer questions about its condition and accept the quote offer. Best Buy sends you a prepaid shipping label and if all is good, they give a credit in your gift card for future purchases.

Apple Trade-in

The well-known manufacturer, Apple, has a trade-in program for certain types of gadgets. Overall, Apple accepts all types of gadgets but only devices in pristine condition are eligible for value in the form of an Apple gift card. If you are sure that you’ll want to purchase any Apple product, then this option is for you.

In addition, Apple has online trade-in service and in-store trade-in, both are very similar, with the difference that you get instant credit in-store. The process to sell your used laptop with them is similar to Gadget Salvation, Amazon or Best Buy, in terms of answering questions about the device condition in order to get a quote. Apple takes around three weeks in order for you to receive your refund via an electronic gift card, after the inspection of your device.


How to Sell My Laptop For The Most Money Possible?

We share some tips to sell your laptop to get the most value.

Pre-owned devices such as laptops, smartphones and other gadgets hold value, depending on several factors such as brand,model, year, condition and depreciation. Whether you want a newer laptop model or some extra cash, you can still get some value for your used laptop. Below, we share some tips to prepare your device for sale and some suggestions of great places for resale for cash.

What To Do Before Selling Your Laptop?

Before you sell your used laptop, you need to get the basic  information about your device like brand, model, model number, storage size, RAM and manufacturing year. Whatever the case, if you don’t know how to find your laptop model number because you remove the label, you can use the system operation to find it out. This information is primary to have in order to get an estimation for your device.

Prep’ Your Laptop

Apart from knowing which hardware you have, you recommend you to check out the list below.


  • Backup: your personal information like photos, documents, message and others using an external hard drive or the cloud, like DropBox. 
  • Sign-out all your accounts: your email accounts,apps and Windows services to prevent the next user from access to your sensible information. Try to log-off from google chrome and extensions. 
  • Wipe up: your laptop once you have saved all your personal data into hard drive or in the cloud. 
  • Restore to factory settings: will ensure your device is completely wiped and it will return to its original settings as you first buy it.
  • Clean: is an important step that most people leave behind. Everyone wants to receive a pre-owned device that is away from dirt. Not only will it give more value to your laptop estimation, but a good presentation is always a good idea. 
  • Include Accessories: such as charger, cord, original box- if you have it-. This gives you more chances to get a higher quote.

How Much Is My Pre-owned Laptop Worth?

Now that you have done the previous steps, it’s the moment to check its value on the market. However, the value of your used laptop depends on the brand, model, year and condition. If you used a trusted reseller or buyback program, they have automated questions to give you an approximate value for your used device. 

Here are some of those questions:

  • Does your laptop is fully functional? 
  • Your used laptop in flawless condition? Or is it in good condition?
  • Does your device show some signs of wear?
  • Does your laptop have some missing parts or defective parts?

Depending on the information ,you get a quote. For example, newer models in good condition and fully working will have better value than a model laptop that has severe signs of wear and that have missing parts. Overall, you can get around USD 500, but again, it depends on the factors mentioned above. 

What Options Are There To Sell My Laptop?

There are several options to sell your laptop, whether online or in-store, with resellers, manufacturers or by yourself. Anyway, each service has its own conditions and payment methods. You will find services that offer to pay for your used gadgets in cash, others give you a gift card, like most of the Trade-in programs from big retailers like Apple. While, sites like eBay, charge you a fee for using its service. The choice is only yours to see what type of payment are you willing to accept or not.  

Top Places To Sell My Laptop For Cash

Once you know how you would like to be paid, you need to find a good place yet safe to sell your goods.

Gadget Salvation

It’s an online solution to sell your pre-owned gadgets such as laptops, smartphones, game consoles and other, and get paid in cash.  The service is the most convenient and hassle-free. It  includes valuation, inspection and even shipping fees at zero cost, and they pay higher quotes on the market for your pre-owned gadgets.

To sell your laptop for the most cash possible with Gadget Salvation, use its online estimator to get an instant cash offer. Once, enter some information about your device condition, you need to print the USPS shipping label they send you by e-mail along with a tracking number to follow your goods anytime. Once your goods are received, they will inspect it to verify the information matches with the device. If all is correct, they pay your funds within 48 hours from the reception of your items.

We find some great deals on its website:

Other Options

Apple Trade-in

Apple has an online and in-store trade-in service for used gadgets that are in “brand new” condition. The brand accepts trade-in legible gadgets and gives you in exchange a credit via Apple gift card. You can use it to purchase Apple products online or in-store whenever you want. The turnover time is about two or three weeks to receive your gift card by email.


Amazon has an online trade-in service for several electronics including laptops, eReaders, TV, smartphones and more. To sell your device with them, you need to find your model along with its specs on their catalogue. Accept the quote offer and the company will send a package kit to send your goods for free. The turnover time is two weeks to get your balance in your electronic gift card.


The Best Places To Sell Laptop Online In 2021

Your used gadgets hold value, turn them into extra cash without worries.


You are a few clicks away from selling your used laptop online and turn them into cash. On the internet you’ll find several services to sell laptops online, and each of them have different conditions and payment methods. What’s great about an online buyback program is that you don’t have to deal with negotiating with buyers or listing your devices, like other sites- like eBay- requires. Furthermore, these services accept different gadgets such as laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles and more, and you receive your payment in cash via PayPal or a gift card, for example. However, the quote price to sell a laptop online can be a little bit lower rather than selling it yourself. The difference is not that much but consider that these services facilitate your selling process without thinking about paying shipping fees or arranging meetings with potential buyers and others.

Top Places To Sell Laptop Online 

Some of the services listed below offer the possibility to trade in in-store and online.

Best Buy

  • Payments Methods: Best Buy gift card
  • Turnaround Time: around seven or ten days if using online trade-in service.

Another place to sell your used laptop online is Best Buy trade-in service. Although they offer in-store trade-in, its online service is the quickest. Best Buy accepts to buy old gadgets such as digital cameras, smartphones, game consoles and others, in exchange for a Best Buy gift card. If you are likely to make a next purchase on any of the products that Best Buys has to offer, then, its trade-in program is the right for you. To get a quote with them, you need to select the laptop brand, model and condition on its website. In case, you don’t have an idea how to find your laptop model number, most of the time it’s written on a label, at the bottom of the laptop. Afterwards, answer the questionnaire about the condition of the used laptop to get a quote. If you agree to the offer, they’ll make a credit on your Best Buy gift card. However, you’ll have to wait around two weeks in order to receive the balance on your gift card.

Gadget Salvation

  • Payment Methods: Cash made through PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, Check or Bank Transfer.
  • Turnaround Time: two working days from the reception of your goods.

To sell laptops online with Gadget Salvation is the most convenient, if you are looking to receive top cash from selling your pre-owned gadgets.The number of gadgets that the company accepts are wide, which include laptops, gaming consoles, smartphones, smartwatches and other tech items. Also, we have seen that they have higher quotes on the market to purchase used gadgets.

To sell your preowned laptop, you need to use its online catalogue to find the right model along with the specs. Then, you’ll be asked to answer a few questions of the laptop condition to get an instant quote. Gadget Salvation will give you an estimate for your gadget and, if you accept it, send you a free USPS shipping label to safely send your goods. Once shipped your goods, Gadget Salvation team will inspect it to make sure the device matches your original description. If all is good, they proceed to pay your funds via PayPal, Venmo or Bank account- whatever works better for you.

Amazon Trade-in Program

  • Payments Methods: Amazon electronic Gift Card
  • Turnaround Time: two business days from the reception of your items.

Amazon has only a trade-in service online for legible electronics like E-readers, TV, laptops and more, and pays with an electronic gift card. You can trade electronics in several conditions, even non-functional. However, you’ll get the most in value if your used laptop is in good condition and working fine. To sell laptops online you need to search on their device if your device is eligible to trade-in. If yes, find the exact model, year, size storage, and answer details about your laptop condition. Once you enter this information, Amazon offers a quote for your old device. If you are ok with it, accept it and print the label they sent you by email. It can take up to 10 business days to process your goods, depending where you live. Once your goods are received, you get an email notification within two days, to know if your goods were accepted or not. You can check the balance of your gift card on your Amazon Trade in account.

Final Thoughts

Which payment method do you prefer? Both payment methods work very good but it’s up to you to decide which one is better for you. Some users prefer credit on a gift card to purchase other products or to pay part of the product they want with that. While others, prefer cash to not be limited in what and how they want it to spend it.  You can sell your pre-owned devices in legit and trusted resellers.


Which Are The Best Places To HP Laptop Trade in For Top Value?

 Selling your used HP laptop can give you extra dollars and is an eco-friendly solution.

Looking to give a second chance to your used HP laptop? It’s an environmentally friendly and budget greatest idea to resell your pre-owned HP laptop. There are more and more people that are conscious that their old gadgets hold value, especially if the device is in good condition and fully functional. You’ll find several options online, but the challenge is to find a legit place that offers to pay you a decent price for your used devices. Below, we share some tips to HP laptop trade-in and  some suggestions for good places to sell your HP laptop.

What To Do Before HP Laptop Trade-in?

Whether you are looking  for extra cash or to pay part of the funds for a new laptop, you need to get your HP laptop ready for resale. You’ll get a good value if you have properly taken care of your device. Check out if you did it reading our article 6 tricks to ensure the lifespan of your laptop. Below, we share some insights to prepare your HP laptop.


  • Model Number: You’ll need the model number information to help you to determine the exact hardware you have. This will make it easy to find the right replacement or even to resell it for cash online.  See our guide on how to find a laptop model number.
  • Back up: save all your personal information, like pictures, documents, videos using an external hard drive or dropbox.
  • Sign out your accounts: to prevent the next user to have access to your sensible information. Make sure to log off from your email accounts, apps and any other service from your  Windows.
  • Tidy up: your laptop from dirt with a soft lint.

Where To HP Laptop Trade-in For Top Value?

Trustworthy Reseller

 Gadget Salvation

The easiest and quickest way to sell your used gadgets such as laptops, smartphones, MacBook and more, is Gadget Salvation.Gadget Salvation is a legit middleman service that purchases pre-owned gadgets online and pays cash for them. This is a great option if you are looking to get some extra cash for whatever you need.

To HP laptop trade-in at Gadget Salvation, you’ll need to use its online estimator to get an instant quote. Then, you’ll need to answer a few questions about your device condition in order to calculate its value. Once you accept the purchasing offer, you’ll get a USPS prepaid shipping label to send your goods. You can trust your goods with them, you receive a tracking number by email and you can check anytime where your goods are. Plus, they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with A+ grade for its excellence service. The company was founded in 2008, and has helped over 120,000 customers to sell HP laptops and paid more than $10 million. Overall, the site pays higher quotes for used devices and fast payment is guaranteed within two working days from the reception of your goods. They have several options of payments such as Zelle, PayPal, Venmo or Check.

Best For Gift Cards As A Way Of Payment

Best Buy

Best buy is a well-known retailer which has an online and in-store trade-in service. The company accepts trade-in laptops, cellphones, gaming consoles, PC’s and more in exchange for a Best Buy gift card. This option is good, if you are considering getting products from Best Buy. To trade in with them, you need to be 18 years old and verify that your device is available in store to trade in. Due to the pandemic, we suggest using online service. You’ll need to find your model along with its specs of the device you want to sell on its website. Then, answer questions about the HP laptop condition to get a quote. They,also, send you a prepaid shipping label. The whole process takes 10- 12 days to get your electronic gift card by email that you can use to purchase online or in-store.

Other Online Options

Selling your devices by yourself, perhaps, can give you the most profit but it requires work and time to invest. If you feel that you can deal with all the selling process by yourself, which includes,  listing, searching price, taking pictures, arranging one-to-one meetings and paying shipping fees, then, this option is the more suitable for you. You can use online platforms to help you to connect with potential buyers.


Craigslist is an online site for ads that connects you with people that are interested in your ad. You can sell whatever you want on this website, including your HP laptop. The site has several categories and subcategories. For instance, to place your announcement “ sell HP Laptop”, you need to have a verified email account, then select “for sales” and add a subcategory “computers” . Afterwards, you have to list and add an accurate description of your item to 


It’s another solution to find buyers and more importantly, it’s safer for both, seller and buyer. The platform requires you to create an account to list your device on this platform. However, the downside of eBay is that they charge your 10 percent of fee from the total amount of your sale. Duly note, that PayPal is the standard for payment processing on eBay, therefore there is a charge of 2.9% of processing fee from the company, in addition to the set rate of $.30 for each eBay selling transaction.

Final Thoughts

Did you know that your used HP laptop holds its value? If you have taken good care of your device and its cosmetic condition is good, you can get paid decent cash for it. We have shared some places to do it and each of them have its own advantages and disadvantages. However, it’s up to you to decide which one works best for you.


How to Sell Your Laptop for the Most Value

Tips and tricks for selling your old laptop for some extra cash.
You can easily sell your used laptop online to find it a new home
If you have an old laptop laying around or you’re thinking of upgrading to the newest model, you’re probably wondering how to sell your laptop for the most value. Before parting ways with your device, follow our check list below to avoid any pitfalls in the future. Additionally, we recommend some of the best and most efficient places to sell your laptop. Have an old camera? Read our post on how to sell used cameras.

Prepare Your Device 

Before you sell your laptop, you need to properly prepare your device for the new owner. Failure to do so may result in you losing your personal data or strangers may gain unauthorized access to your information. So, here’s what you need to do.
  • Back up your personal data. When it comes to this step, there a few options available. You can back up your files and any important data to an external hard drive with sufficient storage. If you have a Windows laptop, a Windows backup can be easily set up. Further, you can save your data using an online cloud drive, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. A combination of any of the above options would work great as well.
  • Take care of existing software. You probably have multiple software applications installed on your laptop. It’s important to ensure you are able to keep them and install them on your new computer. Collect all the product keys, so you can transfer the software to the new device. Some applications may not be installed on multiple devices, so you’d need to uninstall the software from the laptop you’re about to sell. Then, you can install them on the new device.
  • Wipe the drive. After you’ve finished the above steps, don’t forget to erase everything from your device before you sell your laptop. Simply deleting your files, documents, photos, etc. is not enough as they can be easily recovered. So, you’ll need to wipe your entire device and reset your laptop to its default factory state.
  • Clean up your laptop. When you’re ready to sell your laptop, make sure it looks presentable inside and out. Clean any dirt or dust off the surface and make sure there are no particles under the keyboard.

Where to Sell Your Laptop?

Once your old laptop is ready to go, you need to find a place to sell it. There are many sites that offer to buy back your used devices, so making a decision might be overwhelming. Here are our top recommendations.

Trusted Reseller: Gadget Salvation

Gadget Salvation is an e-commerce platform offers an easy, quick, and convenient way to sell your laptop. All you need to do is answer a few questions about your device to receive an estimate, ship your gadget using prepaid UPS label, and get your payment within 2 business days of receiving your device. It’s as easy as one-two-three. The company is trusted by many customers and boasts an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We find some best deals to sell your used laptop with them:


You can sell your laptop with the help form the world’s largest internet retailer, though the process might be slightly more time-consuming. You need to set up an Amazon seller account. If the item you’re selling has been sold on Amazon before, you can search for the same model and list your device with ease. If the product is not on Amazon, you’d have to create your own product file. Also, you’ll need to share a small part of your profit with Amazon.


In this day and age, you can easily sell your used laptop online to find it a new home. To get the most value for the device you’re selling, don’t forget to keep it in good condition, properly prepare it by creating a backup and removing any personal data, and find the right place to sell. We highly recommend Gadget Salvation for laptop trade in. It’s fast, easy, convenient, and you will certainly get the best price.

Are you wondering “How and Where Can I Sell My MacBook Pro?

Your go-to handbook if you decided to sell your pre-owned MacBook Pro.

Learn the steps you need to take before selling your old MacBook Pro.

So, you and your MacBook Pro have been working side by side for quite some time now and you’re considering getting an upgrade. You’re probably asking yourself: “How and where can I sell my MacBook Pro easily and for the highest price?” This article will guide you through the steps you need to take before selling your device, as well as recommend the best place to sell. Also, read our Apple MacBook Pro 2020 13 inch review if you’re thinking of purchasing the latest model.

How To Sell My MacBook Pro: Preparing Your Laptop

Before you sell or trade in your MacBook Pro, follow these steps to properly prepare your computer for the new owner and protect your data.

Create a Backup

If you don’t want to lose anything important stored on your MacBook Pro, make sure to create a full backup before you proceed with anything else. The easiest way to back up your files, documents, music, photos, etc. is by using the options provided by Apple. Such options include Time Machine and iCloud. If you need a complete system backup, then we would recommend using Time Machine. It’s also a good idea to create two separate backups, if time allows, to avoid potential loss of your data in the future.

Sign Out

After you finish the backup, the next step is to sign out of all accounts. These include iTunes/Apple Music, iMessage, and iCloud. Apple places device limitations associated with your Apple ID and iTunes. Maximum five computers and up to ten devices including iPads and iPhones are allowed.


With the last remark in mind, you should deauthorize your MacBook Pro with the iTunes Store. This step is very easy: go to the Music app (if you’re using macOS Catalina or later) or iTunes, choose Account > Authorizations > Deauthorize This Computer and follow the instructions. 

How To Sell My MacBook Pro: Erase the Drive and Reinstall macOS

Once you signed out of all accounts and ensured a reliable backup, it’s time to reformat your MacBook’s drive.  Simply deleting your files won’t work as they can be easily recovered. The erase and reinstall process starts with macOS Recovery, where you need to select Disk Utility.

Once you erase your MacBook Pro, you may want to reinstall a fresh copy of the operating system. When the installation process is complete, your MacBook will reboot into the setup assistant. This is where you will stop.

Where to Sell My MacBook Pro: Gadget Salvation

Once your MacBook is ready, you’ll want to do some research to find the best place to sell the used laptop. Make sure you can receive a timely estimate for the sale, as well as the best value. One of such trusted platforms is Gadget Salvation. They offer safe and efficient MacBook Pro trade in and you can be sure you’ll be getting the most money for your pre-owned device. 

The company analyzes hundreds of items from various vendors on a daily basis to ensure the best price for your gadget. If you want to sell your MacBook Pro with Gadget Salvation, the process couldn’t be simpler. First, fill out some information about your computer to receive an estimate (it’s valid for 30 days). Then, if you decide to proceed, click “Submit.” You will get a prepaid shipping label and can drop off your computer at any UPS store after packing it up. The company will send you payment within two business days of receiving your MacBook Pro.

Gadget Salvation is trusted by many users who’ve previously sold their used devices. Great reviews and feedback on Facebook speak for themselves. So, if you’re still thinking “Where should I sell my MacBook Pro?”, Gadget Salvation is the best choice.


Selling your old MacBook Pro isn’t so difficult and can turn out to be a profitable venture if you properly prepare your device and find the right place to sell. Hopefully our simple checklist and recommendations will answer the question “How and Where Can I Sell My MacBook Pro?” a lot easier.

What to Do Before Selling a MacBook

A simple guide that will help you properly prepare your MacBook for trade in or sale.

There are several steps you need to take before selling a MacBook.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to clear out the clutter and you’re thinking of selling your old MacBook, there are some steps you need to take before doing that. The better you prepare your gadget, the more attractive it will be to prospective buyers. Read our simple guide below to find out what to do before selling a MacBook. In case your Apple MacBook is broken, discover our tips on how to sell broken MacBook.

What to Do Before Selling a MacBook: Back Up Your Data

Before you do anything else, you need to ensure your data’s security to avoid losing any important files. This step will also prevent potential identity threats. There are many backup options to choose from, including Apple’s Time Machine backup, iCloud backup, or a third-party backup tool such as Carbon Copy Cloner.

We recommend creating two separate backups in two separate locations. For instance, a local backup using an external storage device and a backup on iCloud storage servers. That way you can be sure none of your files and important information are lost if something unexpected happens to your external drive or software.

If you already have your new laptop, transfer all the files and documents directly to it before erasing any data from your old MacBook.

What to Do Before Selling a MacBook: Sign Out

There’s a good chance you’ve integrated multiple apps and services with your laptop. Before you reformat the drive and prepare your MacBook for sale, it’s a good idea to perform the following steps.

Turn off ‘Find My Mac’ 

For privacy reasons, it’s a good idea to turn off this feature before selling your old MacBook. Go to ‘System Preferences’ > iCloud > uncheck ‘Find My Mac’ and enter your password to confirm.

Sign Out of iCloud

Once you disabled ‘Find My Mac’, you can proceed with signing out of iCloud. Go to ‘System Preferences’ > iCloud > ‘Sign Out’. After you sign out, all your iCloud data stays there and on any other device you’ve signed into with your Apple ID. To verify that you successfully signed out, check iCloud’s Settings page and make sure your MacBook is no longer on the list of devices. If it is, click to remove it.

Log Out of Other Accounts  

If you happen to use any subscription services that limit how many devices can be signed in, make sure you sign out of them on your MacBook. Also, don’t forget to log out of any online services you’re currently using, such as Gmail, online banking, Dropbox, etc. 

Sign Out of iMessage

This is an important step if you want to avoid unauthorized access to your text messages. Also, no one will be able to send messages on your behalf. Go to the Messages app > ‘Preferences’ > ‘Accounts.’ Select your iMessage account and sign out. 

Deauthorize Your MacBook

If you’re using macOS Catalina or Big Sur, open the Music app, click on the ‘Account’ menu, and select ‘Deauthorize This Computer.’ If you’re using an older version of macOS, this step can be done through iTunes. 

What to Do Before Selling a MacBook: Erase the Hard Drive

Once you’ve completed the above steps, you can wipe your MacBook clean. Restart your computer and while the system is booting, press and hold Command + R.  The loading screen will pop up and the MacBook will be in recovery mode. Open ‘Disk Utility’ app, select your primary disk, and click ‘Erase’. 

What to Do Before Selling a MacBook: Reinstall macOS

The final step after reformatting the drive is reinstalling the operating system. Exit ‘Disk Utility’ and choose ‘Reinstall macOS.’ A clean copy of the latest operating system compatible with your MacBook will be installed – a nice gesture for the next owner. He or she can later upgrade macOS with their own Apple ID.


Once your personal data has been safely removed from your old MacBook and the computer was restored to its factory settings, it’s now ready to be sold. We hope our simple guide on what to do before selling a MacBook has proven to be beneficial. If you don’t know where to sell your pre-owned MacBook, Gadget Salvation is a great place for MacBook trade in.

MacBook Air Trade In: Do’s and Don’ts

Learn how to get your old MacBook Air ready for sale and discover the best ways to sell your pre-owned computer.

If you are a MacBook Air user and you’ve had your device for a while, you might be thinking of selling it before purchasing a newer model. MacBook Air trade in is an easy process and there are several places where you can sell your old laptop for most value. Below we outline the main do’s and don’ts of selling your MacBook Air and the best places for the trade in. Also, read our latest Apple MacBook Air 2020 review if you are considering purchasing the latest model.

MacBook Air Trade In: Do Create a Backup

Backing up your computer is essential if you want to sell it. The quickest and easiest way to back up your files, documents, photos, music, etc. is through a built-in Time Machine feature. All you need is an external storage device connected to your MacBook Air. 

As an alternative, you can use iCloud to keep a backup of your data. You might need to purchase additional storage as Apple only offers first 5GB for free, but iCloud is quite handy if you have other Apple devices such as an iPhone or an iPad.

MacBook Air Trade In: Don’t Forget to Sign Out

To prevent anyone from gaining access to your personal information, it’s a good idea to sign out of all your accounts before selling your laptop. Don’t forget to sign out of iCloud, iMessage, and iTunes, as well as any apps and online services you’re currently logged into. It is also highly recommended to unpair any Bluetooth devices you might have, including a mouse, headphones, Apple Watch, etc. 

MacBook Air Trade In: Do Erase and Reinstall macOS

Once you created a backup and signed out of all your services, it’s time to erase your Mac’s drive and restore it back to its factory default settings. The easiest way to do this is through Disk Utility:

  • Shut down your MacBook Air
  • Turn it back on and press ‘Command’ and ‘R’ keys at the same time
  • Select ‘Disk Utility’ in the utilities window
  • Choose Macintosh HD and click ‘Erase’
  • After the process is complete, you can reinstall the original version of macOS that your MacBook Air came with

MacBook Air Trade In: Do Find the Right Place to Sell

When it comes to MacBook trade ins, there are several places to do it. The right choice depends on your device’s condition, whether you plan to buy a new laptop right away, and so on. You can choose a trusted third-party company, communal platform like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, or an official Apple trade in program. Here are our top recommendations:

Gadget Salvation

Gadget Salvation is a trusted third-party platform where you can MacBook Air trade in quickly and safely. The trade in process entails some questions about your device, based on which you will receive an estimate. Then, all you have to do is pack your MacBook Air and ship it using a prepaid UPS label. You will receive your payment within two business days via cash, PayPal, Venmo, or bank account transfer. 

As you can see, the process is fast and reliable and you will receive the best price for your gadget. 

Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace

While these options offer speed and convenience (all you need to do is write a short description and add a few photos), they are not very safe and reliable. Facebook Marketplace is connected to your Facebook account, so there is less anonymity, but both options entail meeting complete strangers in person, which does sound a bit risky. Make sure to meet your buyer in a public space and be honest about the condition of your laptop to avoid any misunderstanding. 

Apple Official Trade In Program

If you’re planning to buy your next computer directly through Apple, official Apple trade in is a viable option. Once Apple evaluates the state of your MacBook Air through some questions, you will receive a trade in estimate in the form of an Apple gift card or instant credit at an Apple Store of your choice. Drawback: the value you will receive won’t be the best on the market. 


If you’re not sure what to do with your old laptop, MacBook Air trade in is a good option to receive some cash or store credit. Once your computer is ready for sale, spend some time deciding which trade in option is right for you.

iPhone Trade In Guide

Discover how to prepare your old iPhone for trade in and where to sell it.

If you decide to upgrade to a newer Apple iPhone model, you’re probably wondering what is the best place for your old iPhone trade in and how to properly prep your device before sale. There are several essential steps you need to take to ensure your old smartphone is ready for its next chapter, as well as few possible options for a smooth and easy trade in experience. We share our guidelines and suggestions below. If you’re thinking of getting the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max, you can read our review.

iPhone Trade In: Preparing Your Device

1)  The first thing you need to do before parting ways with your old iPhone is to properly back it up. You can backup to your computer or create an iCloud backup. After you get a new iPhone, you can easily restore all your data on it.

To back up with iCloud:

  • Make sure you’re connected to a Wi-fi network
  • Go to Settings > tap your name at the top > click iCloud
  • Tap iCloud Backup and click Back Up Now. The process might take several minutes.

2) After you finish the backup, make sure to sign out of iCloud, iTunes, and the App Store to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information in the future after iPhone trade in.

3) Turn off Find My iPhone

4) Deregister iMessage to avoid the possibility of your old iPhone receiving messages addressed to you

5) Unpair Apple Watch if you have one

6) Erase your iPhone’s data and settings. Apple recommends for the iPhone to be fully charged or connected to power before starting the process. This step may take a while, depending on the iPhone’s model and the amount of data on it.

7) Lastly, if you have other Apple devices, remove your old iPhone from the list of trusted devices. Now you can proceed with iPhone trade in.

iPhone Trade In: Where to Sell 

There are a few ways you can trade in your used iPhone, including Apple’s own trade in program, trade in organized by the major cell phone service providers, and official third-party companies like Gadget Salvation.

Legit Middleman Service :

If you’re looking for a reliable, quick, and efficient trade in experience, as well as the most value for your old iPhone, then Gadget Salvation is the right choice for you. The company offers a seamless iPhone trade in process and prides itself on being awarded the A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  Gadget Salvation will let you sell your device in just a few easy steps. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your device to receive an estimate, ship it via UPS using the prepaid label, and receive your payment within two business days (via check, PayPal, Venmo, or bank transfer).

Apple Trade in Program

Apple trade in program may not offer the best price for your used iPhone and the device has to be in great condition, but if you’re planning to buy your next iPhone through Apple, the company will quickly apply credit towards your purchase. It’s worth mentioning that Apple will offer the highest price if you do the iPhone trade in when purchasing another device. The value of the standalone trade in will be less for the same device. You can trade in your old iPhone with Apple in two ways: directly in a retail store or by sending your device to Apple using a full trade in kit.

Service Provider

If your service provider offers a buy-back option, that could be a good way to get your old iPhone off your hands. This option is particularly appealing if you’re upgrading to a newer model. Unlike Apple, cell phone carriers are usually more lenient when it comes to the device’s condition and the deals are constantly changing and worth keeping an eye on.


Out with the old, in with the new. Trading in your old iPhone for cash/credit is a good and environmentally friendly way to partially cover the cost of your new smartphone. All you need to do is prepare your iPhone for sale following the easy steps we outlined and find the trade in method that’s best for you.

Apple unveils its new iPhone 12 Mini

 iPhone 12 is the smallest, thinnest and lightest 5G phone

There’s no secret that iphones are the best selling product from Apple company, and that the most purchased device are smartphones. Everyone wants to have an smartphone due to the practicality, efficiency and portability. This last October 16th, Apple has presented the new iPhone 12 with its four versions: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max in a digital event from the firm. Each version has differences in price and size. Follow this article, because we are going to mention what’s in the iPhone 12 Mini version (specs,size,design), and some tips of advice for those who want to upgrade their phone, and get some monetary value for selling used iPhones.

iPhone 12 Mini Design & Display

The design is aluminium built and it looks like the iPhone 12 but smaller. It has flat edges, a square rear camera block and a screen with a notch in the middle of the device which is taken from the design of iPhone 11. The iPhone Mini has a IP68 protection which makes it dust and waterproof.

According to Apple, the only difference between iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini is the price and size. This version is a smaller and lighter iPhone with a dimension of 64.2 x 131.5 x 7.4mn and it weighs 133g. It has a larger screen display 5.4-inch Super Retina XDR, a 2340 x 1080 resolution and high 1200 nits max brightness.The display is built on Ceramic Shield technology which is a super-strong glass that ensures a 4x better drop resistance. 

iPhone 12 Mini Specs

It uses an A14 Bionic chipset that ensures super fast processing speeds and downloads. The iPhone 12 Mini supports 5G connectivity, runs iOS 14 newest software that has on-screen widgets,improved Siri, and it comes with a 5nm CPU.

iPhone 12 Mini Battery Life & Camera

Battery life of the iPhone 12 Mini needs yet to be tested. Apple states that the battery life of the new iPhone 12 Mini will last for up to 15 hours of video playback. But, as the iPhone 12 mini is smaller than iPhone 12, it has a smaller battery. The company says that the iPhone 12 mini version gets two hours less battery life rather than 17 hours battery life on iPhone 12. It has a Lighting Port to charge the phone and a wireless charging which uses 15W if you use the MagSafe charger or using regular QI charge is 7.5W.

About the camera is 12 MP f/1.6 and 12 MP f/2.4 ultra-wide. It has a video recording at 4K 60fps. The front camera is 12 megapixel alongside with Face ID sensors. In addition, there is an improved Night Mode which is available for the rear and front cameras. According to Apple, the Night Mode picks up 27 percent more light rather than the Night Mode from the iPhone 11 generation.The camera  comes with Deep Fusion technology that analyzes each pixel of the photo to optimize the whole picture. 

iPhone 12 Mini Price & Release Date

The price starts at $729 for 64GB of storage, $779 for 128GB and $879 for 256GB. About dates, the iPhone mini pre-orders will be open from November 6 and you will be able to purchase the phone from the 13th of November.

Want to upgrade your iPhone? Trade it in for cash!

iPhone 12 Mini price starts from $729, which is not bad for a latest generation of iPhone, but it’s still expensive. If you don’t want to pay the full price for the new device, we recommend you to sell used iphone or any other electronic devices. My favorite is Gadget Salvation, is a legit middleman site that pays you cash for your preloved electronic devices for example laptops, ipads,gaming consoles and more. The process is very easy, just select from their catalogue the device you want to sell and answer a few questions about the condition of your gadget. Then, accept the quote and fill the checkout form to receive a prepaid shipping label to send your goods with UPS. Once the parcel arrives at HQ, the technical team verifies your goods and the information provided by you. If all is ok, you get paid within 48hours via PayPal, Venmo, Check or Bank Account. Visit their website, you wont regret it. 

Now that you know all the specs, design, new features and price about the new iPhone, would you upgrade your phone to the iPhone 12 Mini? Hope this article helps you in your choice.


Top 3 Convertible Gaming Laptops

We have selected some of our favorites two in one gaming laptops.

Overall, convertible laptops are built as light, thin, portable and power efficient machines, But, when it comes to gaming laptops, is not that exactly what we have in mind, for instance, a gaming laptop ASUS Alienware G750J is quite heavy. However, convertible gaming laptops try to achieve fitting gaming hardware in a light format. Duly note that, convertible gaming laptop is also known as a 2-in-1 gaming laptop or tablet laptop and laptop tablet.

What To Expect?

Before getting a convertible gaming laptop, there are some things you need to keep in mind. First, the cost, expect that these laptops on the list will be expensive. In general, convertible gaming laptops are more expensive than a no-convertible one. Second, the graphic card, is amid range mainstream NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti, that supports all the latest titles at high graphics with FHD resolution. Third, the processor, you can find high performance processors, for instance an Intel Power Efficient Processor Core I7-8550U.

Which Are The Best Convertible Gaming Laptops?

Although there are other models that are quite interesting for 2-in-1 gaming laptops 2020, in this article, we are going to show you our three favorite convertible gaming laptops.

Lenovo Flex 5

The Lenovo Flex 5 is known for its high quality image and performance. It has a 15.5-inch screen and it displays a bright and vibrant color balance on it. Ideal for movies or games because it offers a great experience in quality image with 4K resolution.

Furthermore, the Lenovo Flex 5 has a powerful hard drive. This device drives an Intel Core dual-core Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM. This device can comfortably handle a great amount of workload without slowing down the system. However, the downside is the battery life which is below the average.

HP Spectre X360 15-inch 2019

Another favorite convertible gaming laptop for us is the HP Spectre X360 15inch (2019).This  is one of the best 2-in-1 laptops and it has a head-turning design and a powerful performance. This device is driven by an 8th generation Intel Core i7 CPU, NVidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti graphics, 8GB- 16GB of RAM and a storage of 256GB SSD – 2TB SSD.

About the external look, it has gorgeous design with a sophisticated matte “Poseidon Blue” chassis fringed with a gold color trimming around its edges. In addition, it has a screen 15.6-inch UHD (3160 X 2140) LCD touchscreen that comes with 4K, IPS display features. Therefore, the high quality image is amazing for videos and games on the screen, and the 60Hz refresh rate to ensure a smooth and accurate tracking.

Furthermore, the laptop comes with HP TrueVision FHD, IR webcam and dual array digital microphone, that you can use when you have a conference for example. The IR webcam is used for facial recognition via Windows Hello in order to unlock the device, making it easy to login and most secure.

ASUS ZenBook Flip 14

Another device is the ASUS ZenBook Flip 14 slim. This device has integrated graphics processors that are more power-efficient and run cooler. This device is driven by an entry level Nvidia GeForce MX150 into the Flip 14’s thin body. Although it is not a full-fledged gaming device, it works well on titles in a smooth and fast way in a two in one laptop. Plus, it has a great battery life, a lot of USB ports and a backlit keyboard.

Today we see more brands manufacturing convertible gaming laptops. Do you think two in one laptops will change the way gamers play titles? Last, but not least, if you want to trade in laptops online for cash, go and check Gadget Salvation site. You will find great prices for your used gadgets.

Best Meme Creator Apps for Android

Let’s have a look at the top 5 meme generators for Android.

Most everyone knows what memes are and how hilarious they can be. Over the internet, you will find tons of  meme creator apps, but be aware to select the good ones. However, in this article we are going to  show you our favorite meme creator apps for Android.

Best Meme Creator Apps at glance

  • GATM Meme Generator
  • Mematic
  • Memedroid
  • ZomboDroid
  • iFunny, Tumblr, Giphy, etc

What’s a Meme Creator?

Perhaps, this is kind of obvious to most of us,but let us introduce what is a meme creator to the ones that don’t know about it. 

A Meme generator is a free web-based tool that allows users to create a custom image and text. Usually, most famous memes are established and users can add text captions to these memes. The structure of a meme has a popular image and two sections of text in which one is at the top and the other at the bottom. Memes can express several things such as humor,education, politics, daily life in a hilarious way. 

Which are the best Meme Creator apps?

GATM Meme Generator

GATM meme generator is a free meme creator app to use. It has a vast and updated gallery of images for users to discover or create memes. This app is available to download for IOS and Android platforms in very easy steps.

The GATM meme generator app is a secure app because it wont store or upload your content without having your permission.  Plus, the app has features such as create your own image, find memes on the list, live preview and more. The free version comes with the watermark and  ads but if you get the premium version that costs $1.95 you can remove the ads and the watermark from the meme image. 


Mematic is a meme creator app that offers-as most of other apps- a library of meme templates which is frequently updated. You can have access to classic memes and to the most recent ones in the gallery. Also, you can create your own memes by bringing your own photos if you want to.

The Mematic app is easy to use and is free of charge with no in-app purchases. The downside is that there are ads that cannot be removed. However, on the gallery you will find content that is hilarious and some images that have mild violence or sexually suggestive themes, reason why child shouldnt use this app with parent supervision. 


This app is one of the older meme creator apps. Here will find most of the usual stuff such as a gallery of old and recent memes.Also, you have the option to upload GIFs and photos with custom captions. The difference from the rest of meme creator apps is that Memedroid has basic features which makes it easy to use. The only downside is that it has ads and it crashes from time to time. 


ZomboDroid is a meme creator app which is one of our favorites. It has over 1,000 meme templates, the option to make your own memes, a decent search, frequent updates and categories. Plus, ZomboDroid has a video and GIF meme app and soundboard as well.It has a paid option free of ads.

iFunny, Tumblr, Giphy

Tumblr is a blog, iFunny is a comedy app which is perfect to waste time while surfin other memes, and Giphy is GIFs repository.  These three options have a feature to create memes. For instance, Tumblr and iFunny use images memes and Giphy uses the GIF format. 

It was very easy to learn how to use a meme generator. What’s your favorite meme? Last but not least, did you check the new emoji for ios and android? They have nice new emojis which makes it easy to express yourself when texting. 



How Long Does A Laptop Last?

Find out tips below to extend the lifespan of your laptop.

We cannot assure you the exact lifespan of a laptop but you can make it last longer depending on how good you take care of your device. But it is not only about taking care, it is also about its components and great materials that play an important role in the game.

Here, we are going to tell you according to our point of view, how long a laptop lasts, which features to look at on long lasting laptops and some pieces of advice to take care of your laptop.  

How Long Does A Laptop Last On Average?

On average, the lifespan of a laptop depends on several factors. One of them is that it depends on how great care you have over your device, but if you don’t treat your laptop well it might lose its worth. Usually a laptop makes it up to around five years depending on its materials, and for what you are using the laptop. To mention some examples, to play games and do graphic design or to simply browse on websites?  

However, you might also take into account the components of your laptop to ensure a longer lifespan.  For instance, if you have a great graphic card, processor, wide RAM and storage, you would have more chances that your laptop lasts longer.

Features On Long Lasting Laptops

In order to know how long a laptop lasts, you need to make sure the following components are sized to ensure its lifespan. 

Hard Drive: It’s better to get a hard drive with a big storage like 1TB for instance. 1TB gives you more freedom to store your videos, photos for a long period of time. 

SSD: Solid State Drives are expensive but they keep the performance fast and smooth. SSD are faster than classic hard drives. Also, SSD are responsible for having a pleasant experience while running tasks. We recommend getting at least 500GB for a great experience. 

 Processor CPU: The 9th or 10th generation Intel Core i5 or i7 is super-fast. These processors will enable you to do your business tasks as well to play amazing titles on it. 

RAM: We recommend getting 8GB RAM for Windows and MacOs systems and entry-level gaming. Also, you can get a 16GB RAM, which is ideal for professional work and demanding games. There is also a 32GB RAM for the more enthusiast and purpose-built workstations. 

Tips On How To Maintain Your Laptop

Here is a list of things to consider in order to make your laptop last long. However, we recommend to check in depth these 6 tricks to ensure the lifespan of your laptop.

  • Avoid putting your laptop in direct sunlight.
  • Don’t smoke around your laptop.
  • Unplug your laptop once it is fully charged.
  • Keep your laptop clean, away from dirt and dust. 
  • Use a cooling pad to prevent overheating your laptop.
  • Avoid eating and drinking next to your laptop.
  • Use an antivirus software
  • Upgrade your laptop where you can e.g: more RAM.
  • Check the adapter cable periodically.

Clean It

We recommend cleaning the screen, the keyboard and the body of the laptop every day but if cannot at least do a deep cleaning every 6 months. We recommend cleaning the body laptop with a soft cleaner like a mild dish detergent, a soft lint-free cloth, and a can compressing air. Just remember, before you clean your laptop, you need to unplug and turn off your device. 

First, clean the lid and bottom panel with a lint-free cloth and a mix solution. This solution is a mix of a couple of drops of dish detergent like Dawn, and a couple of cups of warm water. Then, dip the cloth on the solution and wipe down the surfaces and rinse out with a clean cloth and water. Afterwards, use the can compression air to clean the keyboard. 

Keep It Cool 

The CPU and GPU are likely to heat up if you use it for long hours which can result in a failure on the system. Here it comes to the cooling pads to help. Having an extra fan on your laptop helps to reduce the heating and generates a balanced airflow. This allows your system to keep it cool to continue to work long sensations without burning out your device.

Battery Maintenance

 In order to take maintenance of your battery life follow the tips listed below:

  • Maintain the battery regularly
  • Perform Power Management
  • Reduce running tasks
  • Adjust your laptop display
  • Optimize peripherals

 Try to avoid the following:

  • Leaving it on charger all night
  • Don’t use your laptop while it is charging.
  • Don’t let your battery drain out completely.

 Upgrade It 

You can do small upgrades to increase the storage or internal memory of your laptop for instance. For this, you need to make sure your laptop allows you to do upgrades. Also, make sure to follow a maintenance guide for your particular system to see if that supports your plan. Upgrading is a great choice if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. However, if your device doesn’t support it, you need to consider getting a new laptop. 



How To Create And Use Memoji On Your Apple iOS 13

You can create your custom Memoji and share it with friends.

Apple Memoji is an animated version of emoji characters. You can enjoy creating funny Memoji with your Apple device and share it with your friends by Message or FaceTime. Here we are going to show you how to create one and how to use it. 

What Is A Memoji?

A Memoji comes from the derivation of the word “Me”. It’s a feature that enables users to create customized 3D avatars very much like you.  If you have an iOS 13, you can enjoy using this feature and have fun creating your own Memoji.  In addition, if you have an older iphone without an advanced camera, you can still enjoy using the Memoji feature. In this case, the Memoji Stickers will automatically generate in packs that everyone can use. On this pack, you will find 24 varieties that will allow you to select the emotion you want to express- including the customization options which are plenty.

How To Create Your Own Memoji?

First of all, to create a Memoji, you need to have Apple’s Message app, iOS 12 software or later, and iOS devices such: iPhone X, iPhone XS, Iphone XS Max, iPhone XR,iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max). Secondly, If you want to get a Memoji that matches your personality and looks like you check the following steps.

  1. Go to an existing conversation in Message.
  2.  Tab the Animoji button, then swipe right and tap “New Memoji” button.
  3.  Here, you can customize the features of your Memoji. For instance, skin tone,hairstyle, eyes.freckles and beauty spot details. Select what you like. 
  4. Tap “Done”

As we mentioned, if you are using an iOS 13, your Memoji is like a sticker saved on your iPhone or iPad keyword. However, you will need a iPhone X or later, iPad 11-inch (1st generation and later), iPad Pro 12.9 to use an animated Memoji. 

How To Use  Memoji 

You can record a video with your personalized Memoji using messages or Facetime. Plus, you can add photo effects on your Memoji, and mark up  and send it on Messages. 


  1. Open Messages App on your Apple device.
  2. Tap the camera icon.
  3. Then, tap the star icon to the left.
  4. Tap the Monkey icon from the selection of available effects.
  5. From there, you can record a video with your custom Memoji from about 30 seconds.
  6. You can set up your shoot and tap the capture button.
  7. Afterwards, you can add if you want effects. 


  1. Open FaceTime and make a call.
  2. Tap the effects button when the call starts.
  3. Select the Memoji you want to use.
  4. Continue your FaceTime call with your customized Memoji or you can tap “X” to continue the call without a Memoji.

Memoji For iOS 14

Apple has revealed for the world emoji day that the iOS 14 version will offer new Memoji designs such as different types of headwear, hair style choices, new age options and adding face coverings. To mention some examples, about hair styles; you can opt to use a man bun or top knot and waves;  and for the headwear styles, users can have a durag, tichel and nurse cap as options.  In addition, Apple has included a new list of emojis with gender neutral options for iOS 14 . The release of the iOS 14 is set for the second half of 2020. 



How To Sell Broken Macbook?

Are you looking to upgrade the model? Here’s what you need to do to get the most value of your used macbook.

Perhaps it’s the time for an upgrade of your laptop, but you don’t want to leave your current laptop in the closet just because -and even more if it’s in good condition. Therefore, a great option to get monetary value for your used MacBook is selling on trustworthy middleman sites. Here you will find some tips on how to sell broken MacBook’s, how to prepare your laptop and where to sell it online.

Know Your MacBook

Before selling your MacBook to help subsidize the new one, you need to know exactly which MacBook model you have. As you might know, Apple has a vast range of products and models. For instance, in the case of Apple laptops you have other versions like:

  • MacBook
  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook Pro

 In order to identify which model you have: Go to the Apple icon in the top left corner of your laptop and select “About this Mac”, a window will pop up with detailed information about your device. Also, knowing your serial number, will help you to give the most accurate information about your device before you sell it to the next user.  We recommend you to follow these tips to find macbooks serial number 

 Grade the Device Condition

Whether you are selling your broken MacBook online in a trustworthy site or at EBay or Craigslist, you might have to do a fair “grading” of the current condition of your MacBook. Why do you have to do this? Reasons are several but most important is that no-one wants to pay and get something that is not as stated by the seller.

The grading consists in giving a note to the cosmetic condition (external) and the functionality of the device (internal). Most reseller websites have questions you need to select about the condition of your device. For the cosmetic condition you can grade it as “Brand new”, “Flawless”, “Good”, “Fair”, “Poor”; and for functionally you can grade it as defective or fully functional. 

However, you can ask yourself these questions to help find out the condition of your MacBook: 

  • Is the MacBook turning on properly?
  • Is the battery still working properly?
  • Are there issues on the screen?
  • Are there any dead pixels on the screen?
  • Does it have some cracks or dents anywhere?

Furthermore, it is important to know that you will get as much monetary value for your used device if it’s in mint condition. Moreover, there are reseller sites that accept to pay you cash for gadgets that are broken somehow but still working.   

Where To Sell A Broken MacBook?

Once you have identified the model, the serial number, and have made a fair grading of the actual condition of your Macbook, you can start to search where to sell it.  You have a lot of options such as sell it in person to a friend or sell it online. When it comes to selling broken MacBooks online you also have a variety of options and each one has its own benefits. Just to mention some examples, you have Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Ebay and other reseller websites.

Sites like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, put you in touch with potential buyers. But, you will have to take in charge the entire process of selling which is taking pictures and listing. The downside is that Craiglist don’t offer you any warranty over to whom you are meeting to sell your device. However, if you have decided this option be aware that MacBooks are high price laptops, and you might need to make sure your potential buyer is legit. Also, be careful on the way of payment you accept to avoid scams. We recommend you meet in a public place for both safety. Nevertheless, the current health crisis it makes more difficult to do in-person transactions.

About Facebook Marketplace works similarly like Craiglisht but the difference is that your account is linked to your Facebook account. Thus, this makes less “anonymity” and it’s user friendly.

Other options are to sell broken macbooks  online on middleman sites, but it’s important to decide if you want to get paid in cash, gift cards or credit. There are some retailers that give you used MacBook gift cards as a way of payment.  

Legit Middleman Site

We recommend you legit reseller site’s to trade in your used gadgets. Because they have a professional service to do the test on your MacBook and pays you cash for your device. 

For instance, my favorite is Gadget Salvation because the website is easy and friendly to use. It’s a middleman site that pays you cash for your used phones, laptops and more. The website gives you instant quotes with prices upfront. Plus, you are getting paid within two working days on your bank account. Follow the how it works steps, send your device and get paid within 48 hours into your bank account, Paypal or Venmo. By using this service, you forget the huzzle to listing,dealing with the shipping fees or arranging meet-ups with customers. 

Try to sell your broken MacBook and get paid for it or any other gadget you don’t use anymore. We hope these tips help you to easy the process, and give you ideas on how to maximize it’s monetary value. Last but not least, if your device is out of service, you can always recycle it for free in recycling facilities and contribute to reducing the impact on the environment.. 



PS5 Accessories Seem To Be Launch On Early November

Leaks from prompinet Reddit user seems to make sense

A list of accessories for third-party manufactures shared from a reliable reddit user are:

  • Controller grips
  • Docks
  • Charging Cables
  • Magnetic play
  • USB-C Glow cable 

What Do We Know?

We already know that the PS5 has revealed how the design will look and its accessories on the Digital Event called “ The Future of Gaming” the past 11th of June. But, surprisingly the PS5 will have third-party accessories and it will be available at major retailers. The gaming accessories that will be offered contains: charging cables, controller grips and docks. However, the news doesn’t come from Sony sources yet but from a rumor from Barron- Blade, a prominent Reddit user. Tom’s Guide has been in touch with Barron-Blade, who seems to work for a certain hated video game retail chain, and has said that the store has got listings for a number of third-party PS5 accessories with a date of release on November 3rd. 

The manufacturer name was not revealed by the prominent Reddit user, but he has shared a list of accessories such as USB-C glow cable, controller grip kit, a magnetic play and more. Till the moment, Sony hasn’t mentioned yet the exact date of release of the PS5 on the market either its price. But, all points to be in early November as previous consoles release dates from Sony. This could mean that it is possible that the accessories will come out before the gaming console- as it happened with the PS4- or that it could come out earlier than expected. 

In spite of the rumors being true or not, it seems that the speculations from the Reedit user are reliable. When a new gaming console is about to go out, it has third-party accessories, and usually the accessories are available near the launch date of every new gaming console. 

What Sony says?

Anyways, we think that we will have to wait until Sony unveils the official date release of the PlayStation 5 for this year. The only official information from Sony  about the PS5 coming out is that the launch date will be on Holiday 2020.

In the meanwhile, you can check all the PS5 exclusive games shown at the Digital event by Sony. For instance some of the games  shown are Spiderman-Man: Miles Morales,Gran Turismo 7, Godfall, Resident Evil, Project Athia and more. 

Lastly, if you think it’s the time for an upgrade of gaming console, you can trade in it online. We recommend you to have a look at these tips on how to xbox trade in and get paid for it in trustworthy websites. 

How to clean your SLR Camera

You will need only a few items and products in order to clean it properly.

SRL Cameras need to be cleaned frequently but if you have left your camera apart for a while, it might be the right time to clear off dust. Cameras can accumulate dust and grime that can affect the gear, reason why we are going to show you some tips to keep it away from dirt.

The Body Camera

To begin, find a clean space to start cleaning the body of the camera. You can use a denatured alcohol and a toothbrush that you don’t use to take off stains.  Be aware that the denatured alcohol can remove the glue that holds the leather surfaces.  Also, you will need to clean the lens and the sensor area of your SLR camera. Each part is a delicate surface, you need to take your time to clean these two areas. To clean these surfaces will need:

  1.  Rubber bulb blower
  2. Lint-free wipes
  3. Lens cleaner 

Clean The Lens

Remember that SLR/DSLR lenses are made of glass and the clarity of your photo depends on each lens and free of dirt particles. This is the reason why a camera kit is important to have. This includes a soft cloth cleaning like a microfiber cloth and a blower.  At this stage, you want to remove the detritus without making scratches over the lens. To clean your lens dust, use a blower without a brush, if it’s too complicated to remove it, try to use the non-abrasive, lint-free wipe with lens cleaner. Apply the cleaner on the cloth to clean the front glass of the lens. 

If you maintain a proper cleaning of the lenses of your SLR/DSLR camera, you will ensure a better picture quality and a greater lifespan for your photography equipment. Once you clean your camera you can store it in a safe place for a future use. Moreover, put your camera into a camera bag to store it and protect it from dust and dirt. Likewise, you can include a blower, lens cleaner and cloth in your camera bag. 

 The Sensor

You don’t need to get inside the camera to clean the sensor that often. However, if you notice blemishes on your images, there might be some particles to remove inside your camera.  A tip, to notice if there are strange particles inside your camera is to turn off and remove the lens.

At the moment you turn off the camera, the sensor is charged and might attract some dirt particles.  Be sure to set the camera mode to sensor cleaning mode. Then, use a small bellows, blow air into the digital sensor’s defensive filtering element. Please, try to not touch the filter with the tip of the bellows as this will damage the element.  Finally, after you have used the bellows to take away dirt, you can use your clean brush and gently sweep the surface. 

We hope these tips help you to keep your camera clean from dust or dirt. However, if you think it is time for an upgrade of camera, you can sell used cameras online and get paid for it.  Check the article how to sell used cameras to follow the steps. 


Why Is My iPhone Running Slow? 8 Tips To Solve It


iPhones are great phones with good quality and technology making its customer life easy. The Smartphones are the second most used gadget after laptops, and after using them for a while it slows down. Reason why we are going to list a few troubleshooting steps to help fix your iPhone running slow. Perhaps, your iPhone is slow because you need to fix some internal updates or clear cache. Let’s see the steps to follow below.

Restart Your iPhone

Maybe it is kind of obvious, but a simple tip of advice is turn off and then turn on your iphone when it slows down. This helps to fix any issues that your phone is facing. To do so, press and hold the power ,and home button at the same time for a few seconds. When you see the Apple logo, you have already restarted your device and you can release the buttons. In the case you have an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus, you will need to hold the power and volume down buttons. 

Check The Updates

Another issue why iPhone running slow are updates on the operating system. This is because Apple constantly does upgrades on the IOS system to fix important security patches which leads in slowing your iPhone. Moreover, they sometimes include performance tweaks making your phone run slightly faster or to get better battery management.

If you need to update for the latest version of IOS, follow these steps:

  1.  Go to Settings app
  2. Tap in “General” and then tap “Software Update”
  3.  Check that “Automatic Updates” is set to “On”
  4. If you see any update waiting to be installed, you can install it.

Clear Cache

Another reason why your iPhone slows is because of Cache. The cache is a very common practice of saving data temporarily so the site dont need to download each time .  Many apps and websites use cache such as images and videos in order to load faster the next time you enter their websites.  However, over the time, this cache accumulates and this takes a huge space that might result in slowing down your iPhone. If you want to delete the data for all your apps, you need to do it one by one to clear their cache. Go to Settings>  Safari > clear history and data.

Delete Unused Apps

Having a lot of apps can really slow down your iPhone. First, the apps you don’t use have cache saved on them and let you without storage.This is the reason why, deleting unused apps will help to liberate space on your device and to improve its performance. Just make a list of the apps you use frequently and get rid of the other ones. To delete them, simply select the app and hold it for a few seconds. Then, select the X option at the right corner of the app. 

Disable Automatic Process

This option, the Background App Refresh allows apps on your iPhone to continue running in the background and  process data while you are using other apps. For instance, Facebook is an app that uses this resource and runs a lot of background processes. Therefore, these apps in the background can be the source of slowing down your iPhone. However, we recommend doing it if you think you have a serious performance issue on your iPhone. You can disable the apps you want by doing this: Go to settings> General> Background App Refresh> Toggle off the apps you don’t want to continue running.

Reduce Graphic Settings

iPhones have a lot of nice animations which can lead to slowing  the CPU of your phone.These animations cause your iphone running slow , especially if you have an older version. You can easily disable the graphic animations to improve the speed on your phone. Go to settings > General> Accessibility> Tap on Reduce Transparency> Turn it on > tab back > Select Reduce Motion and then toggle it on.  If you do this, you will have your phone working faster and your battery will last even more. 

Check The Battery

As all gadgets have their own life cycle and it is quite normal that after some years of use your battery runs slow. Follow these steps to check the condition of your battery.  Go to Settings App > battery> then tap “Battery Health”. On the screen you will see the maximum remaining capacity of your battery, its peaks and a general overview of the battery health. If you read “significantly degraded” battery performances you might replace the battery, 

Reset To Factory Settings

If you have already tried all the tips mentioned before and your iphone is still running slow, you can reset it. This option always works but you have to backup all your data before doing so. To backup your information you can use iTunes or iCloud.

  1. Settings app and go to General
  2. Scroll down and select Reset
  3. Choose Erase All Content and Settings. 

We hope all these tips help you to solve your slowness on your iPhone. Last but not least, if you are having the same issue but with ipads? Check the article 5 tips to speed up your ipad for more tips.


Sony PlayStation 5 Specs, Key Games And Features

Check the specifications, key games and more of the PS5.

The PS5 design and accessories were revealed at the Digital Event called “The Future of Gaming” held on June 11th by Sony. Likewise, the company showed which games are compatible with the new-gen of PlayStation 5 such as Gran Turismo 7, Godfall and more. Check the article this is the new playstation 5 for further information about the hardware, the new-gen versions of consoles and more. 

In the followed article we are going to disclose the PlayStation 5 specifications.

 PS5 Specs

  • Optical Drive: 4K Blu-ray drive
  • Ram: 16GV GDDR6
  • Storage: Custom 825GB SSD
  • Expandable storage NVMe SSD slot
  • CPU: 8x Zen 2 Cores at 3.5GHz
  • GPU: 10.28 TFLOPs, 36 CUs at 2.23GHz, RDNA 2 architecture
  • 3D audio

The PlayStation is built on custom AMD CPUs and GPUs. The GPU will use ray tracing and primitive shaders, that will have an impact on the power consumption and heat management. Not similar to the PS4 version which has the power consumption varies a lot more from game to game, the PS5 will prevent overheating by standardising its power consumption for each game. 

Likewise,the GPU of the PS5 has a eight-core Zen 2-architecture CPU running up to 3.5GHz, and RDNA 2 2.23GHz GPU with 36 CUs and 16GB GDDR6. About the 3D Audio uses Head Related Transfer Function or HRTF which enable to map out an individual’s hearing based on sound’s frequency, volume and direction. Plus, it has a dynamic AI audio which responds to the demands of the user to check the emotional state of the player and adjust the music. 


The SSDs are key to PlayStation 5. Not only the SSDs (Solid State Drives) are important for its storage but to use it as virtual memory. The SDD of PS5 has a load rate of 5.5GB/second which is 10 times faster than the PS4 .This  results in seamless gameplay from texture loading to exploration and it has a maximum storage of 825GB. 

The console has NVMe slots that give you the option to add more storage and it has external USB drives. This NVMe needs to meet certain speed requirements and Sony will make a list of compatible Solid State Drive (SSD) with the PS5. Also, this will retain a 4K Blu-ray drive for Discs games and for playing movies.  Therefore, it is highly possible to expect compatible PS4 games on PS5.

PS5 Key Features 

  • 4K games at 60 fps, up to 8K resolution, up to 120 fps, ray tracing, fast-loading SSD
  • PS5 PSVR headset will have two front and one rear camera, with an additional camera on a Move-style controller that will be operated by wireless. 
  • PS5 home screen is more dynamic that will display the missions that are available or let players choose their activity  in real time. 
  • The Tempest Engine is used to create a more realistic audio along with HRTF. Both will make the sound to listen differently.

Which are the Key games?

PlayStation has announced nine games along with the new PS5 console at the digital event on 11th June. Below,  we will present a brief summary of the key games which are: Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon II: Zero West, Gran Turismo 7, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. In case, you missed the streaming and you can watch the full showcase here

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales from Insomniac Games and Marvel:

The Spider-Man: Miles Morales games is an expansion of the original game through an all-new story. In this new story, the players are going to experience the rise of Miles Morales while he is mastering his new powers to become his own Spider-Man. The experience is being enhanced by PS5 with the new hardware console and the ultra-fast SDD. The SDD will enable players to near instantaneously fast-travel across Marvel;s NYC or feel tensions of punches,web shots and more. This is a standalone game confirmed by Insomniac’s James Stevenson. 

Horizon Forbidden West from Guerrilla:

Aloy’s story continues, as the protagonist, returns in this open world action RPG known as Horizon: Forbidden West, which is built on the excellent combat and exploration of the original game. Aloy’s will face awe-inspiring machines and mysterious threats. The game is going to be exclusively for PS5.

Gran Turismo 7 from Polyphony Digital

At GT7 you will see race cars-from different eras- and production cars, riding on both road courses and race tracks. Like the unveiled Mazda RX-Vision and Gulf-liveried Porsche 917 cars. Other cars shown are Lamborghini Diablo, Porsche Carrera GT and Subaru WRX STI JGTC. The GT7 game, promess to have a more realistic driving experience thanks to haptic feedback. Also, with the 3D audio of PS5, players can sense the position of other cars and drivers that surround them. In addition, the lighting effects look very realistic, especially the interior of the cars which are very detailed.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart from Insomniac Games:

The game is developed by Insomniac Games, Rift Aparts sees the Ratchet & Clank on the run from a robotic army. It is an intergalactic adventure experience game designed around the high speed of SSD for PS5. Gamers will travel through different environments that Rifts, Ratchet and Clank enters- from a jungle area and emerging from cyberpunk city.  The Creative Director of Insomniac says that “ “We’re doing things we’ve never been able to do before, like use dimensional rifts to be able to leap from planet to planet nearly instantly or put ray trace reflections on Clank,” he states.

Other games are:  

Demon’s Souls from Japan Studio and Bluepoint Games, Sackboy A Big Adventure from Sumo Digital, Returnal from Housemarque, Destruction All Stars from Lucid Games, Astro’s Playroom from Japan Studios.

Looking to trade in your used console for an upgrade? Read our article for essential tips on how to trade in xbox one and how to get paid for it.




How to Find Out If Someone Blocked Your Number

Technology has made it easier for us to communicate with each other, but it has also made it easier for us to stop communicating with certain people. For one reason or another, you may have blocked some numbers—but is there a way to know if someone blocked you?

While there’s no surefire way to tell if your number has been blocked, there are several methods that you can try to check.

If You Have an iPhone

If you’re using an iPhone and you suspect that you’ve been blocked, you can use iMessage to verify this.

Try sending a text of some kind. If you see the “Delivered” status underneath your message, then you weren’t blocked. However, if you see “Message Not Delivered” or simply no notification underneath your message, this may be a sign that you’ve potentially been blocked.

Alternatively, your recipient may have turned on the Do Not Disturb mode. When this is switched on, you won’t be able to see any delivery notification until this has been switched off by the user.

Try Calling Them

If you call a number and you get recorded messages along the lines of the person you’re calling being unavailable, this might be an indication that you’ve been blocked, especially if you’ve tried to call them repeatedly and receive the same message.

There are exceptions, however. If they’re frequently out of the country or if some network infrastructure has been damaged, you may be getting the same message when trying to call them.

It’s best to wait for a few days before trying again.


If you haven’t been blocked, you’ll hear several rings before you get sent to voicemail. If their phone is off or they’re in the middle of a call, you’ll go directly to voicemail. However, if they blocked your number, you’ll hear one ring before you go right to voicemail.

Use Another Phone

You can also try calling them using another phone. Determine whether there’s a difference by first calling them using your own phone. If you’re unable to contact them, use another phone. See how long it takes before you go to voicemail.

Try to determine why you may be blocked

While there’s no definitive way to tell if you’ve been blocked, there may be several reasons as to why you’re unable to contact them. Perhaps they’re out of the country, travelling. Or maybe they’ve changed their numbers for some reason. Perhaps their network is down, or they’re on an airplane or activated Do Not Disturb mode.

If someone blocked you, there might be a pretty good reason behind it. Maybe they found a way to get cash for a laptop and didn’t tell you. Jokes aside though, if you’ve really been blocked, assess your situation and determine why they’d have a reason to block you.

Continuing to attempt contacting someone who has blocked you or has cut off communication with you may result in less desirable consequences.

What to Look Out for: Apple’s 2020 Event Plans

Every year, legions of Apple fans look forward to the company’s numerous events—from spring and summer events in March and June to September and October events geared toward the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and even Mac launches.

Event lineup

Here’s the usual lineup of Apple events:

  • March – features education and creativity, may include iPads
  • June – a Worldwide Developers Conference featuring software and hardware
  • September – focuses on iPhones and Apple Watches
  • October – dedicated to iPad or Mac launches, particularly if they are expected in fall

It was rumored that Apple set March 31 as the date for its March 2020 event, but with news of the COVID-19 outbreak, Apple may be forced to delay some of its event plans. Santa Clara County, which includes Cupertino City, Apple’s headquarters, imposed a ban on gatherings involving 1000 people or more. On the bright side, Apple may still push with its product launching via press release.

2020 Product Launchings

Here’s a list of products rumored to be launched during Apple’s upcoming 2020 events:

iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro is said to have a triple-camera array similar to the latest iPhones and a 3D sensing capability for augmented reality in light of the iPhone’s recent developments. A new keyboard case will feature a trackpad.

Aside from featuring the new A12Z Bionic chip, the new iPad Pro features a LiDAR scanner for advanced augmented reality capabilities not seen in the previous iPad versions.

iPhone SE 2

Apple is bringing back the form of the well-loved iPhone SE, but with a more powerful processor and a more polished look compared to its predecessor. It is speculated that the SE 2 will retain its predecessor’s thick bezel design and a physical Home Button for Touch ID.


AirTags, similar to Tile, is a tracking device designed to help you find lost or misplaced items like keys and wallets. With its integration with the native Find My app, AirTags will be capable of offline tracking.

Redesigned MacBook Pro 13

Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple will be launching refreshed and redesigned MacBooks. Rumored launches include the 14.1-inch MacBook Pro, a successor to the MacBook Pro 13, with thinner bezels and a scissor keyboard. Apple is also set to launch a refreshed MacBook Pro 16, with a price tag similar to the MacBook Pro 15.

You might consider doing a MacBook trade in once the actual products have been launched. This way, you get the latest MacBook model at a lower price.


Apple may be slated to launch StudioPods, the company’s version of over-ear headphones. Leaks point out to StudioPods being high-end Bluetooth headphones targeted for studio use. There’s also talk of launching an updated Powerbeats 4 earbuds.

New MacBook Air

Rumors are circulating about the launch of a new MacBook Air, which will be twice as fast as its predecessors, though details are limited.

What are you looking forward to the most in Apple’s events?

Apple Debugs Previous Software Issues with iOS 13.3.1 and macOS Catalina 10.15.3

Just a month after releasing iOS 13.3 and iPadOS 13.3, Apple released new updates for the operating systems of iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks to troubleshoot bugs that users reported in December 2019.  Rather than introducing major changes to the Apple devices, the new iOS focuses on small software changes and security updates.

Ultra-Wideband Technology

Concerns about the Ultra-Wideband Technology on the iPhone 11 were voiced by its users, who claimed that their phones failed to send files using Airdrop. Shortly after updating their phones to iOS 13.3, a pop-up warning saying “Ultra-Wideband Update Failed” flashed on the screens of their devices. Customers who had their phones checked at Apple Stores said that it was a hardware issue and had their phones replaced with new ones that weren’t upgraded to iOS 13.3 yet.

Apple also added a new feature that gives users the option to turn off its ultra-wideband software, following privacy-related concerns. To turn off this technology on your device, go to Settings, then Location Services, and switch the Networking & Wireless option from on to off. MacOS Catalina 10.15.3 brought two significant changes to Macs: better performance for its multi-stream video editing and better handling of SDR content for videos.

Issues Addressed by the Software Update

iOS 13.3.1 fixes privacy issues wherein new contacts can be added without having to encode the Screen Time passcode, and it also fixes an issue with Mail that loads images even when this setting is disabled on the phone. On the iPhone 11, the Ultra-Wide rear-facing camera can now be used instead of the wide camera when FaceTime is being used. Screenshots taken in the Messages app showed additional content that weren’t originally in the conversation, which was also fixed in the new Software.

All in all, the new iOS fixes 23 issues, and Apple is content that this new upgrade is able to fix small issues on their iPhones and iPads. Similarly, macOS Catalina is highly recommended for all Mac users because it improves the stability and security of their devices.

Users can update their devices through the Settings app and by manually updating the software if it is already available to them. Some devices will update automatically after notifying its users that it’s ready to be installed. Owners of previous versions of iPhones and iPads may also update their iOS software to iOS 12.4.5, which does the same job as iOS 13.3.1.

If you have a device running on iOS technology, it’s always best to frequently back up your data before you install new updates so that you can restore your data when things don’t go as planned. There is no reason to forego this update, as the engineers from Apple designed this to troubleshoot problems that iOS 13.3 may have brought to their devices. Although the updates are incremental, it does fix bugs and issues that surfaced after launching iOS 13.3, so before you decide to sell your MacBook, make sure that you’ve upgraded your device to its latest software update and you’ll see that it’s in tiptop shape—you’ll want to keep your devices for much longer.

How to Set up, Access, and Customize iCloud on Your Apple Device

Security, convenience, accessibility—these are what makes the iCloud one of the best gifts of technology to us. It safely stores all our content in Apple’s secure cloud infrastructure. It affords us the convenience of syncing all our data and devices in a single cloud storage that is accessible from all Apple devices, as long as you have an internet connection.

If you don’t have one yet, now is the best time to create an iCloud account. Maybe start looking for the best place to sell your laptop secondhand and get yourself an Apple device.

Once you do, or if you already had one but aren’t using iCloud yet, follow these steps to setup, access, and customize iCloud.

iCloud on Mac

Before you set up your iCloud, make sure that your device is updated with the latest version of the macOS. To set up iCloud, simply go to the Apple menu and click on System Preferences. Click on Apple ID and key in your own ID and password. You’ll then be signed in and iCloud will automatically be turned on.

iCloud can be accessed by clicking on System Preferences first, and then on iCloud. A list of available apps and services will be displayed. The list includes Contacts, Calendar, iCloud Drive, Keynote, Reminders, Photos, and third-party apps. Go through the list and tick the apps and services you want to store.

You may want to upgrade your storage if you plan on storing more than 5GB—which you most likely will. To upgrade storage, go to System Preferences and select iCloud. Click on Manage, then click either Buy More Storage or Change Storage Plan. You can the follow the instructions to push through with the change in subscription.

iCloud on iPhone and iPad

For your mobile devices, make sure that you have the latest iOS and iPadOS versions. iCloud is automatically switched on whenever you log in to your device using your Apple ID.

To access iCloud, go to Settings and tap your ID. A list of apps and services that can be used in the iCloud will appear. This list is pretty much the same as what you’d see on Mac. To the left of each app and service is a slider. Just tap on the ones beside each of the services you want to use. Take note that you may have to enable permissions for some apps.

The free 5GB storage space is for all your devices connected to your Apple ID. If you have multiple devices and love taking several pictures and videos, 5GB would definitely not be enough to store all your content.

To upgrade your storage plan, go to Settings and tap on your Apple ID to sign in. Tap on iCloud, then on Manage Storage. Similar to what you would do on your Mac, choose Upgrade iCloud Storage and follow the subscription instructions after.

The Best Laptops to Buy for Your Kids

While there are many different laptop models, knowing the right ones to get for your kids can help you save considerably. Your kids won’t necessarily need expensive, heavy-duty laptops for daily use, but giving them outdated models won’t do either.

Before you sell their old laptops online for a new one, take a look at this list of the best laptops you can gift to your kids.

1. Tanoshi 2-in-1 Kids Computer

If you’re looking for a laptop that’s safe for young children to use, then this personal computer might just be the thing. The Tanoshi 2-in-1 Kids Computer isn’t exactly a laptop; it’s actually a 10-inch touchscreen tablet that can be attached to a kid-sized keyboard that’s great for primary school-age children.

This laptop has features to help your kids learn more about computers through a child-friendly environment that parents can easily monitor. It runs on an Android OS, making it simple and easy for children to use, and it’s compatible with Google’s Family Link app so parents can set up parental controls more conveniently.

The Tanoshi 2-in-1 can do what other laptops can at a low price point; it can play Android games, browse the internet, and it can even run Google’s suite of Office apps like Docs, Sheets, and similar apps to help your kids with schoolwork.

2. MacBook Air

The MacBook Air is a no-brainer if your kids prefer Apple products. Apple laptops are expensive, but their price is well-justified by their extensive longevity and versatility. The MacBook Air is remarkably thin and lightweight, and it can serve as an all-around platform for entertainment and schoolwork.

Its sleek and stylish look is visually appealing and its performance isn’t bad either. Its battery can last up to 13 hours and it has top-of-the-line features such as an HD Retina display with True-Tone technology, and a speaker system of amazing quality.

This laptop is excellent for both leisure and educational purposes, and is in an investment in itself as your kids will be able to use it well into middle school and beyond.

3. Dell Inspiron Chromebook 14

Chromebooks make for great laptops for kids. They’re more fool-proof than your standard Windows PCs and parental controls are easier to setup. The Inspiron Chromebook 14 is one of Dell’s newer laptops that follow the same vein as its predecessors.

The Chromebook 14 sports decent hardware for great performance in lightweight games as well as the standard multimedia and office apps. Parental controls can be easily configured via Google’s Family Link app so you can monitor your child’s activities without much trouble. It also uses the Chrome OS, which is much more hardware-efficient than Windows and MacOS.

The laptop is capable of producing HD graphics thanks to its Intel i3 processor and integrated UHD graphics chipset. Most Chromebook games will be able to run smoothly on this laptop model, and the overall picture quality will be great for such a small computer.

5 Smart Ways to Use Your Old Smartphone

With the high demand for gadgets with better features and more advanced technology , it seems as if momento you get used to your Smartphone, the come up with new models that push your pone into absolescence .

But that doesn´t mean that your old pone completely useless. In fact, there are a lot of creative ways that you can repurpose your old Smartphone. Here are a few life hacks to consider before you decide to ditch your phone.

1.     Leave it by your bedside

Don’t just leave it inside your drawer to collect dust—leave it on your nightstand where you can use it solely for when you’re in your room. You can use it as an alarm clock, or you can attach it to some speakers and play music while trying to relax or when you’re exercising in the morning. If you’re the type to read a good book before bedtime, use your smartphone to download e-books and read them there.

2.     Use it as a navigation device

Before smartphones existed, people had to print out maps and have someone else read the directions going to unfamiliar places without knowing how heavy the traffic was or which way was the fastest. Now, you can simply leave your old phone in the car, open Google Maps or Waze, and drive.

3.  Use your smartphone as a remote control

Why spend money for a universal remote at home when you’ve got a phone that can do the job? Many smartphones such as models from Samsung and LG have built-in infrared blasters that can control your other devices. If your phone doesn’t have a built-in infrared blaster, you can always download applications that will do the trick. There are a lot of great remote-control applications out there, so take a quick look around your house to see all the things that can be controlled with just your phone.

4.     Use it in case of an emergency

Lots of people forget that their smartphones are capable of more than playing games and music. Smartphones can call 911 even without sim cards. Plus, there are thousands of apps that can assist you during emergencies. Equip your phone with emergency first aid apps, apps that can help locate family members, or apps that can help you with navigation when you’re lost. Some smartphones can even alert you when natural disasters are about to occur.

5.     Utilize the camera

Your phone’s camera doesn’t always have to be used for selfies. When you’re at the mall, take photos of books, clothes, makeup, and other products that you like. The next time you look for them, you’ll have all the information handy right then and there.


Before you consider trading in your phone just like your MacBook trade in, think about all the things that your old smartphone can do for you. Don’t let your phone collect dust in the drawer and think of all the creative ways you can still use it.


The Return of the Clamshell with Motorola RAZR

Foldable flip phones evoke a sense of nostalgia for days gone by . With the release of the Motorola RAZR , You can now relive the experience of those days. The clamshell pone that we Know and love is now back in a more tech-savvy , futuristic form.

On November 13, 2019, Motorola, a Lenovo-owned company, unveiled the foldable RAZR, and the demand for this modern, re-imagined flip phone has skyrocketed since.

Preorders from Verizon’s online store for the Motorola RAZR started on January 26. You can choose to shell out $1,500 for a one-time payment, or opt for a 24-month plan, paying just $62.49 monthly. You won’t need to sell your laptop online to get enough money for an RAZR.

While it may be pricey, you’ll be paying for the research and development that has been put into the innovative folding screen, as well as for the RAZR’s aesthetics.

Motorola RAZR Specs

The $1,500 RAZR, which runs on Android 9, will have:

  • 6.2-in. folding plastic OLED main screen
  • 2.7-in. glass OLED front screen
  • 16 MP main camera with f/1.7 aperture
  • 5 MP front-facing camera with f/2.0 aperture
  • Processor: 2.2 GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 710
  • 128 GB storage and 6 GB of RAM
  • 2510 mAh battery

Aside from Verizon, you can also preorder the Motorola RAZR from the Motorola Store or from Walmart.

Caring for Your Motorola RAZR

Here are a few tips on how to take care of your RAZR:

  • Don’t get your screen too wet. Immediately wipe the screen dry if it gets wet.
  • Keep sharp objects away from the screen.
  • Close the phone before putting it in your pocket.

According to Motorola, you shouldn’t worry if about the appearance of bumps and lumps on the RAZR screen, as this is normal. The company also stresses that applying a screen protector isn’t necessary.

If, however, your phone sustains any damage, don’t use a DIY approach to fix it. The phone has intricate circuitry and numerous sensor cables. In fact, the experts at iFixit featured the Motorola RAZR in one of their latest teardowns and gave it a “repairability score” of 1 out of 10, with 10 being the easiest to repair.

While the Motorola RAZR may have some generic features, you can’t deny the pull of nostalgia and the R&D that comes with its clamshell design. It’s comparable to other foldable phones such as the Huawei Mate X, Samsung Galaxy Fold, and a yet unnamed dual-folding phone from Xiaomi.



Will My Phone Charge Faster When It’s in Airplane Mode?

When you’re a heavy Smartphone user, you would know how agonizing it is stare at its screen while it chargers, to patiently eait for what feels like hours on end for its battery to be fully replenished.

If you’ve ever been in a hurry to leave the house but had to wait for your pone to become sufficiently charged, then you’ve probably Heard somewhere that putting it in airplane mode will charge its battery faster.

Authenticating the Myth

When your phone is in airplane mode, all Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and infrared connections are disabled. Airplane mode stops your phone from trying to communicate with cellular towers, which may also use up your phone’s battery.

While this doesn’t directly affect the charging process, it does take away some processes that may be using up a lot of power. If your smartphone is running a lot of background applications, it’s going to use more juice compared to when it’s disconnected from the internet.

However, with or without internet connection, your smartphone’s battery can only take so much current before it overheats. Your phone has a built-in power receiver of sorts that regulates the power going into your phone per minute—otherwise your smartphone would explode.

Simply put, the answer that you’re looking for is yes. Putting your phone in airplane mode does help your phone charge faster, but experiments show that it doesn’t make much of a difference as to when it is connected to the internet. It’ll probably boost your phone’s battery by 1-3% compared to when it’s charged while connected to the internet, but there are other ways that you can charge your phone faster.

 Other Ways You Can Charge Your Phone Faster

  • Don’t use your phone while it’s charging
    • Using apps while it’s charging will take more time for your smartphone to be fully charged
  • Plug it into the wall instead of a laptop or tablet
    • USB ports emit less power compared to wall sockets. If you find that your phone doesn’t charge fast while connected to the laptop, consider plugging it into the wall before you consider selling your laptop online for a better one.
  • Invest in a fast charger
    • Fast chargers allow more power into your device in a short amount of time without potentially damaging the phone’s battery.
  • Turn your phone off
  • Sure, you won’t be able to see all of your notifications for a few minutes, but this trick helps your phone charge faster since it eliminates all other processes that your phone can perform.

When you head out with your phone, remember that there are plenty of ways that you can save battery while it’s plugged. Turn off background apps that aren’t being used, lower its brightness, or consider putting it on Low Power Mode or Battery Saver Mode.

When you get home and charge your phone, know that putting your phone in airplane mode does help your phone charge faster, but there are other ways that you can boost its charging speed.



Backing Up Your iPhone Photos on Google Photos

Life is unpredictable. One moment you’re snapping photos and having fun, then next moment you could be mourning over the loss of your phone or the lack of space to take photos on your trip. Maybe you’re simply looking for alternatives to Apple’s iCloud for backup space.

One solution to all these issues is Google’s cloud storage service for photos, Google Photos.

Google Photos Facts

Similar to iCloud photos, Apple’s cloud storage device, Google Photos allows you to upload and access your photos and videos safely and securely online. It allows you to access files from all of your devices, even if they’re not from Apple.

Google Photos takes cloud storage service up a notch by giving you unlimited storage for free for all your photos and videos, provided they’re compressed. You can always buy more storage from Google for your uncompressed photos and videos if the initial 15 GB isn’t enough.

Like on the iCloud, you can search for photos. But with Google’s better search capability, you’ll be able to find your photos faster. Your photos are organized, and you can search for photos using the places and the things that can be found in them. There’s no need for tagging. For example, you can type in “dog” to look for photos of your pupper.

Google Photos also gives you the freedom to collect all your photos with friends and family using its shared albums feature. Share your albums with anyone no matter what device they have. They only need to download the free Google Photos App.

Transferring Photos from Your iPhone to Google Photos


  • Open the Apple App Store and download Google Photos.
  • After downloading, open the app and allow Google Photos to access all your Photos.
  • Decide if you want to allow the app to send you notifications—it’s all a matter of personal preference.
  • You now have the option to Back Up and Sync and to choose the image quality you’ll be using to save your photos and videos:
  • Optimized. To get free, unlimited photo and video storage, Google Photos needs to compress the files. If you’re only looking to backup files to get more space on this device, this is a good option.
  • Original. You can still use Google Photos without having to compress your files, but you’ll be limited to 15 GB of free space. If you need more storage space, you’ll need to purchase more from Google.


To check if your photos are backed up

  • Open Google Photos
  • Sign in to your Google account.
  • Tap the Photos icon (square with a mountain icon).
  • At the top of the window, you’ll see the status that tells you if your photos have been backed up or not.


Google photos is a great alternative cloud storage service. You can access your photos from any device, even your laptop. But if your laptop isn’t up to it anymore, you can get cash for your laptop and purchase a newer model that can accommodate these services.



Restoring Google Play Store After Uninstalling It

You’re browsing your phone, looking for games that you can download, and then you stop mid-search because you don’t see the Google Play Store app icon anywhere. Don’t panic. There are multiple ways to restore the app. Here’s a quick guide.

The Google Play Store app cannot be uninstalled on devices that already have it pre-installed. So, what’s wrong here? If your app icon is missing from your device, chances are, you might have disabled or hidden it.

There are also many other reasons why the app will stop working. You might be running low on storage space, you need to clear cache and data from the app, or you may even need to keep the Google Play Store app up to date.

Restoring the Google Play Store App

1.       Transfer App Icon from the App Drawer to Your Home Screen

It’s possible that you’ve only removed the app icon from your home screen and did not delete it. To restore the app to your home screen:

  • Open the App Drawer by swiping up on your device’s home screen or by tapping on the App Drawer icon.
  • Find the Google Play Store app icon.
  • Tap and hold the icon and then drag it to your home screen.
  • Another option is to tap and hold the icon, and then select the “Add to Home” option.

2. Check for Hidden Apps

You might have also accidentally hidden the app icon. To restore a hidden app:

  • Open your device’s launcher, then go to Home Screen Settings.
  • Look for the “Hide apps” button. Tap to open and then proceed to unselect the apps you don’t want hidden.

3.       Enable from App Settings

Chances are, the app is still on your device, only you’ve disabled it. To enable it again:

  • Go to your device’s Settings. Then, open Applications or Applications Manager.
  • You’ll see that your apps are divided into four categories, namely: Downloaded, On Card, Running, and All. Click on the “All” button.
  • Scroll down and try to find Google Play Store on the list.
  • Tap selection to open.
  • If it has been disabled, tap on the “Disabled” button to enable the App.

4.       Download and Install the APK

If you find that the app is completely missing from your device, you have the option to download and reinstall its APK file by following these steps:

  • Search online for the latest downloadable Google Play Store APK.
  • Download the Google Play Store APK.
  • After downloading it, transfer the APK file to your device.
  • Install the APK.
  • Restart your device only when necessary.

If you can’t find the Google Play Store app, you need to make sure that you’re using the same Google account that you used to download it. You can use any app that you bought on Google Play on any Android device without having to pay for it again. With the same Google account, you can do any or all of the following:

  • Install an app on any Android device.
  • Install the app of your choice on a new Android device.
  • Reinstall deleted apps.

There’s no need for you to panic and think that your device is faulty. If you’re having the same problem with your Chromebook, the steps are pretty similar. Don’t sell your laptop online just yet and stay tuned for our next guide.

The Best Wallpaper Apps for iPhones

Having a cool and personal wallpaper is part of what makes your phone unique, and seeing a favorite image can easily put a smile on your face.

Unfortunately, iPhone users may notice how it carries a limited selection of wallpaper choices. Sometimes you can buy wallpapers and apps from stores and sites that sell Macbooks and iPhones, but that’s usually only a one-time purchase and can be expensive.

Some users use photos from their camera rolls. However, if you want to choose from existing wallpapers for convenience or even make your own, there are several apps that let you do either.

Best in Variety: Vellum Wallpapers

This app is one of the best when it comes to a wide variety of updated wallpapers and designs. The interface is easy to use and you have access to a wide variety of wallpaper images. The way wallpapers are categorized is very organized, making it easy to find several options with similar themes.

Pros: Free to access and premium is inexpensive at a one-time fee of $1.99. You can also blur your chosen wallpaper and try it on your phone without exiting the app.

Best in HD: Everpix

If you want high-quality, Retina, or 4k wallpapers for your home and lock screen then Everpix is the app for you. This app has a variety of high-quality wallpaper choices and the collection is updated regularly. You can see how wallpapers rank based on user activity and you see the top choices every time you log in.

Pros: Categorization is organized and easy to navigate. You can mark “favorites” to come back to later, and it has choices for newer iPhone models like the X, XSMax, and 11.

Best for Creating Your Own: Magic Screen

Magic Screen gives you endless customization options. You can select from their library of existing wallpapers, but you can also make your own from scratch using their templates as well as your photos and text.

Pros: It has over 150 fonts and 20 calendar templates available, and you can turn your photo into a GIF or live wallpaper. You can also share wallpapers via WiFi.

Best for Animated Wallpapers: Live Wallpaper to Me

If you want animated wallpapers then Live Wallpaper to Me is a perfect choice. Their library offers over 1,000 animated wallpapers in a wide variety of categories.

Pros: New animated wallpapers are added weekly, and the app interface can be set to a variety of languages including English, Japanese, German, and Thai.

Best Overall: Kappboom

Kappboom isn’t just a wallpaper app; it also offers cool quotes, fun facts, and food and drink recipes. You can choose from a library of over 20,000 existing high-quality wallpapers, and even make your own photo collage wallpapers.

Pros: It has many features of other wallpaper apps rolled into one, a slideshow option that plays wallpapers for you to view and select and tagged images that make searching easier. You can also share your wallpapers with friends.

Samsung Working on SelfieType – a New Invisible Keyboard

Mobile phones have become the device of choice for many tech-savvy professionals. However, no matter how convenient mobile phones are, they still aren’t able to replace laptops and computers when it comes to more comprehensive and complex work requirements.

This could be because phones and tablets with touchscreen keypads still present a challenge to workers who are used to typing on a traditional QWERTY keyboard. This is also why Bluetooth and mobile keyboards have become a must-have accessory over the years. The problem with this though is that bringing a mobile keyboard with you almost defeats the purpose of the mobile benefits of working on a phone or tablet.

Samsung understands how important keyboards and mobility are for users and shared an exciting app concept that addresses this issue: the SelfieType app technology.

A Virtual Keyboard

SelfieType is created through the Korean company’s C-Lab startup incubator and is one of several upgrade studies the company is researching. Other projects include an ASMR recorder and even a scalp scanner.

SelfieType itself is a virtual keyboard that utilizes artificial intelligence to translate finger movements into keyboard output. This means that once released you can use the app to create a virtual keyboard anytime and anywhere.

To use it, you just need to open the app, face the front-facing selfie camera towards you, and then begin typing on any surface. The proprietary AI of the app will analyze your finger and joint movies and produce the corresponding keyboard output. This differs from traditional keyboards because the AI analyzes finger movements instead of where you press your finger as regular keyboards do.

Once it’s perfected and ready for release, you can enjoy the ease of a using keyboard without the hassle of having to lug one along.

The Challenges of SelfieType

While the idea is innovative and would change the face of mobile keyboard usage, don’t go selling your laptops online or trading in your old Samsung phones and tablets yet. This type of technology is still in the research project stage and it is not without challenges.

First of all, people type differently and the lab will need to study if the app will work for non-traditional typists. Researchers are currently confident that they can make the app recognize a wide variety of typing styles but this would depend on how big and how versatile their pool of typists for study is.

Another potential issue is the smoothness and reliability to work at speed. There are many people out there who can type out several words a minute and the AI will need to be able to keep up smoothly for it to be efficient. If it stalls or can’t respond in real-time, it wouldn’t be able to serve its purpose.

These are just some of the issues that Samsung and C-Lab need to address before releasing the app, but once they’ve ironed everything out, SelfieType will change the way we use phones and tablets.

Screen Recording on Your iPhone

Screen Recording on your iPhone comes in handy when you’re trying to demonstrate how to complete a certain task on your phone, like how to use an app or how to complete a game. This tool is commonly used in tutorials as well as websites by teachers, gamers, and experts alike.

This feature comes with the iOS 11 or later and allows you to capture both images and sound on your device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) via Screen Recording.

Enabling Screen Recording

Before you can use the Screen Recording feature on your device, you need to add it to the Control Center first.

• Going to Settings, then the Control Center

• Go to Customize Controls and tap the green plus sign button next to Screen Recording.

Recording Your Screen

If you have an iPhone that’s older than the iPhone X:

• Swipe up from the bottom of your device’s screen

For newer iPhone models:

• Swipe down from the top right corner of your device

To begin recording:

• Once the Control Center is displayed, tap on the Screen Recording button, which looks like a big “O” with a circle inside. This will prompt a countdown. The button will then turn red to let you know that recording has started.

• For older iPhones, a red bar across the top of your screen appears to indicate that recording is ongoing. For the newer models, the red bar appears behind the time display.

• To stop recording, simply tap the red button on the Control Center or tap the red bar.

• You can find your recording in the Photos app, just like any other photo or video.

To add audio to your recording:

Say you want to add audio to your screen recording to make a more comprehensive tutorial. Turn on your device’s microphone so that you can record audio during the screen recording process.

• Open the Control Center and long press the Screen Record button. A new menu will pop up.

• Tap on the Microphone Audio icon, which will then turn red.

• Select Screen Recording after.

After recording:

You can edit, crop, or share your recording, which can be found in the Photos app.

Screen Recording Tips

• If you want to have an undisturbed recording session, put your device on Do Not Disturb mode to prevent texts, calls, and other alerts from disturbing your screen. Just open Control Center and tap on the moon icon.

• If you want a “cleaner” look on your screen, you can organize your icons by putting them in a folder.

Screen Recording is a versatile tool that you can use to educate and inform your audience. With Screen Recording, you won’t need to turn to your PC or laptop and manually demonstrate how to accomplish a tech-related task.

Show your cousins on the other side of the world how to play Fortnite, teach your subscribers how to spot a bug on your device, or even demonstrate a mobile retail process like how to sell a laptop online.

Cleaning Your Laptop Properly

Fingerprints on your laptop screen. Dust in the corners. Oily marks on the keys. These may lead you to ask yourself: when did you last clean your laptop?

Aside from dirt, grime, and oil being unsightly, unclean surfaces can harbor harmful germs. That dirty keyboard sitting at home can become the perfect breeding ground for potential illness. The Center for Disease Control recommends that you regularly clean any frequently touched objects and surfaces, and  this includes keyboards. With regular cleaning, you’ll prolong your laptop’s life too so there’s no need to find the best place to sell laptop units to so you can get rid of yours.

While the idea of cleaning your laptop can be intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. Follow these steps to get your laptop good and clean.

Steps to Properly Clean Your Laptop

In general, you should keep these laptop parts clean:

  • Case
  • LCD screen
  • Keyboard, including the touchpad
  • Ports
  • Cooling vents

You won’t need special equipment when cleaning your device. All you need are:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Water—bottled water works best as tap water may have mineral deposits that can leave spots
  • Microfiber or lint-free cloth(s)
  • Cotton swabs
  • Canned air

Before you begin

Turn off your laptop. Make sure that it is unplugged and remove the battery. Afterwards, prepare an alcohol-water solution (1:1) which will be used to dampen the cloth.

Start by cleaning the inside of your laptop

Use canned air to blow out the dust from inside of your laptop. Blow air in short bursts into the openings of your laptop. Doing this can prevent dust buildup form the inside, which if left unchecked can cause your laptop to overheat.

Proceed to cleaning the laptop case

Dampen your cloth with the 1:1 alcohol-water solution. Make sure that it’s only lightly moistened and not dripping wet. Proceed to wiping down the case using gentle motions.

Wipe the LCD screen

When wiping the screen, dry lint-free cloth will work fine. However, for more stubborn dirt and grime, you can also use the alcohol-water solution.

Dampen any microfiber or lint-free cloth. Using gentle motions, wipe the screen from left to right and then top to bottom. Avoid spraying the solution directly to your laptop screen.

Clean your keyboard and touchpad

Again, using the cloth and the alcohol-water solution, wipe the surface of your keyboard along with the touchpad. To get the dirt in between the keys, use cotton swabs.

You might get a bit excited especially now that you have a clean laptop, but first things first: make sure that your laptop is fully dry before you insert the battery and turn it on.

If you’re using a wireless mouse, don’t forget to clean it, too! Use a damp cloth with the alcohol-water solution and wipe off your mouse, including the bottom.

Taking care of your laptop and prolonging its lifespan doesn’t simply mean giving your battery a much-needed break, keeping your software and antivirus updated, or freeing up your hard drive. Thoroughly cleaning your laptop one very simple way to maintain it.

WhatsApp Launches Call Waiting

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP service, recently introduced its call waiting feature for voice and video callers.

The feature sends a notification if someone calls you while you’re on another call. You can click either of the two options:

  • Decline: Refuse to answer the new call and instead complete your current call.
  • End and Accept: Say goodbye to your current caller and accept the new call.

Call waiting also works when people use a landline or another app to contact you on WhatsApp. WhatsApp will ask whether you wish to decline or answer the incoming call.

This feature, however, doesn’t allow call holding yet. You can’t keep your first caller on the line while answering the second caller to say that you’ll be available as soon as you end your conversation with the other caller.

Call waiting was released for IOS users last November 2019 and for Android users this December. Before the feature was launched,  WhatsApp callers would hear (Name of your contact) is on another call ¨if the person they were calling had an ongoing conversation with another caller. Moreover, their call would be automatically rejected. Meanwhile, the person on the other line would only learn that someone else was trying to call through the ¨missed call¨notification.

You can go to the WhatsApp wbsite or the Apple Store to download the lastet versión of WhatsApp for IOS . Android users can also visit the app’s oficial website or go to Google Play Store.

Other Updates

Besides call waiting, WhatsApp’s updated version also offers the following new features:

  • It allows you to control who can add you to their groups. To set this up, go to Settings,
  • then Account, then Privacy, then Groups.
  • It gives you the option to use your fingerprint as a passcode to the app. To set this up, go to Settings, then Account, then Privacy, then Fingerprint Lock, and click Enable Unlock with Fingerprint.

Upcoming Features

Other features will also be activated in the near future:

  • Dark mode

Users have to join the WhatsApp beta program to activate this mode.

  • Self-deleting messages

Users will be able to set their message to “self-destruct” or disappear after a period of time: from an hour to one day, one week, one month, or a year. This feature is already in place in other apps like Messenger and Telegram.

WhatsApp to Be Unavailable in Older iOS, Android, Windows Phones

WhatsApp announced that the app will no longer operate on phones that run on Android 2.3.7 and older versions starting February 2, 2020. The same goes for iPhones running on iOS 8 and older.

WhatsApp said that it will run best on Android units running on version 4.0.3 and later, iPhones operating on iOS 9 and later, and JioPhones that run on KaiOS 2.5.1.

Individuals selling MacBooks or selling laptops online can tell affected phone users that they can still install WhatsApp on their laptops and MacBooks by going to the app’s website, the Microsoft Store, or the Apple App Store.


Teaching Music and Art through Technology

Technology  Nowadays, we can gain knowledge almost everywhere we look at the touch of a finger, and we can make the most out of this advantage. Technology can be used to teach our children music and art- two of the most important components of human civilization.

Musica and art move us as human beings, but why is that? Why does a Beethoven piece move us to tears? Why does a Botticelli painting bring us great joy?

Music and Art as Integral Components for Human Beings

As far as we can remember , human beings have always been drawn to music an art. Our ancestors have made countless figurines,paintings, engravings, and musical instruments, among others, to convey their thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

As human beings, we feel emotions when we see or hear certain cues. We interpret these cues by way of our emotions. For example, if we see someone who looks happy, you may feel a sense of calm or even happines. Compare that to what you might feel if you come across someone who looks angry. If you see a portrait of stern-looking individual, you may tend to feel a sense of dread.

Using Technology to Teach Music and Art         

Technology can be used to greatly improve productivity and learning. Here are a few ways with which you can incorporate technology into teaching at home or in the classroom:

  • Allow your child or student to share their input.
    • Use their input as feedback. You can ask them directly, or if there are several learners, you can use a number of online tools and applications.
  • Give your child or student enough room to create.
    • You can use videos, e-books, and other digital content to teach them art and music.
  • Make learning more engaging by making it interactive.
    • Use interactive tools such as an online whiteboard or have your learners use applications that work with their smartphones. Why not use a music video to introduce the class to the subject? You may also want to play music and use it as a writing prompt.
  • Gather necessary resources.
    • In teaching art, for example, use the Internet as a source for illustrations. You can zoom in on what details or images you want your learners to focus on and make them feel as if they are in a gallery or museum. For music, use samples or clips to allow your students to become familiar with a particular composer’s body of work, for example.
  • Invite a guest.
  • Use technology to connect with experts around the world. Applications such as Skype and Google Hangouts can be used to talk to an expert even if they’re in a different country.

If you’re thinking of utilizing technology to teach art and music, you need to have the right tools like a good, working laptop. If your unit can’t handle the task, you may want to sell your laptop online and get a newer model. Technology is a useful tool to teach valuable lessons on art and music, be it in the classroom or at home.


How to Record Screen Actions on Your iOS 11 Phone

There are times when you need to record what happens on the screen of our iPhone or iPad to show someone how to use an app or to report a bug.

Although capturing screenshots and making annotations will be just as helpful, a live video recording is often more effective when you have to explain a procedure or problem to a viewer or listener.

How to Include Screen Recording in Your Control Center

Phones running on iOS 11 or a later update carry the screen recording feature. You have to add the screen recording icon to the Control Center to start using it.

To do this, go to Settings, tap Control Center, and then click Customize Controls. From this menu, scroll down the array of tools and select Screen Recording.

How to Start Recording

To begin recording, return to the Home Screen then go to the iOS Control Center. You can head to the Control Center more quickly by swiping from the bottom edge of your screen on your iOS 11. If you’re using iOS 12 or later, swipe down from the top-right corner of your screen to the bottom-left corner.

You should then find the Screen Recording icon—a solid circle at the center and a thin circle outside of it—among your tools at the bottom.

Once you click on the button, recording begins automatically after a three-second countdown. To ensure that text and phone call notifications won’t interrupt your recording, disable your alerts or enable the Do Not Disturb mode before you start recording.

A red bar or time indicator will appear at the top of your screen once you begin recording. Tap on this bar once and click "Stop" when a box pops up asking "Stop screen recording?" You can also end the recording by opening the Control Center again and tapping on the screen recording icon.

The recorded video is saved in your Photos app as a 45fps MP4 file. It has a resolution of 900 by 1,600 pixels. You can go to the Photos app to view, edit, and share your video.

If you want to record your conversation while doing something on your iPhone or iPad, do a long press on your Screen Recording button then enable the Microphone Audio option when you start screen recording. Adding audio is best for tutorials.

Other Screen Recorder Apps

You may also opt to download free third-party screen recording apps for added features.

For example, you can use DU Recorder to do a livestream on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch.

Meanwhile, you can edit the background color of your recording, change the canvas size, and shorten
your video by using the Record It! Screen Recorder app.

Screen Recorder Can Turn Your Phone into a Mini Production House

Besides using the screen recorder to explain a process or record your winning mobile game, the tool can also be helpful for bloggers and online traders, including those selling MacBooks or selling laptops online.

Instead of just writing your thoughts for a blog, you can make an audio commentary on a news report or make a review of a product by recording your voice while showing the website where the item or article appears.

You can also use the screen recorder to make a short video out of the pictures you’ve taken of a device or devices you wish to offer for sale.

Finding the Right Laptop for You: A Handy Guide

Are you looking to buy your first laptop? Or maybe you’re looking to sell your laptop online to upgrade to a newer model? Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur looking for a laptop that can grow with your expanding business needs? Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right laptop for you.

Important Things to Consider

We’ve listed some of the important elements that you should consider when looking for a new laptop. And yes, sometimes brands don’t really play a big role in the selection.


The platform or the operating system allows you to use your laptop and run your laptop’s various programs and applications. Most laptops run on one of three operating systems, and choosing the perfect OS for you is really a matter of personal preference.

  • Microsoft Windows
    • It is the most widely used OS in the world and is known to be the most flexible of the three.
    • Its latest iteration, Windows 10, features Cortana, which is Microsoft’s virtual assistant.
  • MacOS
    • Apple’s flagship OS allows you to move seamlessly from your MacBook to your other Apple devices.
    • Its latest version, macOS Catalina, lets you use your iPad as a second screen for your MacBook.
  • Chrome OS
    • Google’s Chrome OS is a fast and simple OS ideal for people who work online and those who are always on the go.
    • Chromebooks now have Android app compatibility, which allows you to download, install, and run your favorite Android apps.

Laptop size and weight

Picking the right size and weight for your laptop will depend on what you’re planning to do with it. Laptop sizes usually start at the 11.6-inches range and can go up to 17.3 inches.

If you want a portable laptop, you can opt for smaller laptops (11.6 inches to 13.3 inches) with lighter weights, around 1-1.5 kgs.

Consider the balance between portability and performance. Remember, the bigger your laptop, the heavier it will be.


The CPU is the brain of the laptop that controls all of its functions.

If you’re going to be using your laptop for basic tasks, you can opt for a dual-core processor. However, if you’re into gaming or video editing, you might want to also consider the graphics card, RAM, and hard disk drive (HDD) or the unit’s solid-state drive (SSD).


It goes without saying that bigger hard drives allow for more storage. But if you tend to use advanced computer programs, you may want to opt for SSDs, which are faster and more reliable due to their build.


The Random Access Memory (RAM) is what enables your laptop to multitask. If you’re using advanced programs or are into gaming, you’ll need more RAM.

RAM generally comes in four sizes: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB+, with the latter two being most suitable for running demanding and advanced professional software.

Other factors that you need to consider are:

  • Graphics
  • Display
  • Ports
  • Battery life
  • Connectivity
  • Build quality

It goes without saying that you should consider these features along with your needs and your budget. Be prepared to make some compromises along the way.

Apple Rumored to Release Five New iPhones in 2020

2020 is rumored to witness the release of several new iPhone models, according to predictions by some of the industry’s noted analysts.

Predicted iPhone Models

Another prediction by Samik Chatterjee, a J.P. Morgan analyst, sees the release of four new models in Fall 2020: the iPhone 12 5.4-inch model, two 6.1-inch iPhones, and a 6.7-inch model. According to Chatterjee, this new lineup will sport OLED displays.

Noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that five models will be released, including what would be the follow up to the iPhone SE, the iPhone SE 2.

If both predictions are correct, we’re bound to see the following models in 2020, all of which are rumored to come in a flatter metal frame:

  • iPhone SE 2 (4.7-inch). This will be launched in the first half of 2020 and will resemble the iPhone 8, complete with the bezels and the Touch ID home button.

This model, however, will reportedly run on a faster A13 chip and will have 3GB of RAM. Unlike its counterparts, which will be launched in the fall of 2020, the iPhone SE 2 will have an LCD display and will only have a single-lens rear camera. This model will not have 5G support.

An additional prediction by Kuo sees the coming of the iPhone SE 2 Plus, which will reportedly have an all-screen design and will make use of the Touch ID fingerprint instead of Face ID. The fingerprint sensor will be built into the phone’s power button. The iPhone SE 2 will come in either 5.5 inches or 6.1 inches.

  • iPhone 12 (5.4-inch and 6.1-inch). Both models will have OLED displays and will be able to support 5G. According to Kuo, these are the “lower-end” models and will sport dual cameras.
  • iPhone 12 Pro (6.1-inch). The first of the “higher-end” models, the iPhone 12 Pro will have 5G support as well as 5G mmWave support. We might be seeing a return to form as the higher-end models are expected to look like the iPhone 4.
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7-inch). The second higher-end model in the iPhone 12 lineup, this will also reportedly have 5G and 5G mmWave support. These higher-end models will also be sporting three rear cameras and what Chatterjee calls “world-facing 3D sensing”.

Rumored Features

The newer models might have “ProMotion” displays similar to that of the iPad Pro. There are rumors that Apple is considering having a switchable 60Hz/120Hz display for the newer models.

Another reported innovation is the addition of Vertical-Cavity-Surface-Emitting-Laser (VCSEL) to its rear camera lens for the higher-end models. The VCSEL is mainly used to assist in augmented reality and range-finding.

Another prediction by Kuo sees the coming of a completely wireless, port-free iPhone in 2021. While it’s still too early to tell if any of these predictions will come true in the coming months, Apple fans will definitely have several things to get excited about. What do you think of these rumors? What features are you looking forward to the most?

Forgot Your iPhone Passcode? Here’s How to Unlock It

sellGetting locked out of anything you own is pretty upsetting. But there’s something about getting locked out of your iPhone that makes it feel a little bit more annoying than most things, especially if it’s because you forgot what password you used for it.

The fact that continuously failing password attempts ends up locking you out of your phone for a longer period just makes things worse.
Luckily, not all is lost when you find yourself locked out of your iPhone. Just follow any of these steps and your access to your iPhone will be back in no time at all.

Reset via iCloud

Apple’s iCloud is an online storage system for Apple users, which is perfect for saving your files in or moving them somewhere temporarily if you’re planning to sell your laptop online.
iCloud is also handy for remotely resetting your iPhone, assuming that you have the Find My iPhone feature enabled in your iCloud account.
First, sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID, then select the device you want to unlock from the list. Once selected, pick the Erase iPhone option to reset your phone. This will wipe your phone’s memory clean, but you can always restore them if you have a back-up prepared.
This method will only work if the iPhone in question is connected to the internet. Otherwise, it won’t show up on the screen. If this fails, you can try other methods below.

Reset via iTunes

The ability to sync two or more devices together is one of the many features present in Apple’s products. This feature becomes very handy for situations like forgetting your password.

However, you’re going to need a computer that your phone has synced up with for this method to work.
If you do have such a computer, then the rest is as simple as pressing a few buttons. Plug your phone into the computer, and load up iTunes. Head straight to the Summary tab of your device where you’ll see the Restore iPhone button.

Afterwards, follow the on-screen instructions, and wait for the process to finish. Be aware though that this method will wipe everything inside your iPhone. But don’t worry: if you backed it up, then everything should be fine. unlock from the list. Once selected, pick the Erase iPhone option to reset your phone. This will wipe your phone’s memory clean, but you can always restore them if you have a back-up prepared.

This method will only work if the iPhone in question is connected to the internet. Otherwise, it won’t show up on the screen. If this fails, you can try other methods below.
If your computer asks you to input your phone’s password, you can try using the recovery mode.

Use Recovery Mode

If you can’t use the first two methods, your last option is to do a complete reset.
First, you’ll need to turn off your phone. You’ll then need to plug it into a trusted computer while holding a button that’s specific to the phone model:
• iPhone 6s – Home button
• iPhone 7/7 Plus – Volume Down button
• iPhone 8 or later, iPhone X or later – Side button

Doing this step will make the recovery mode screen appear on your computer. Once it appears, click on the Restore button. You should be able to reset your phone after the process is finished. Repeat the process if you’re still unable to reset your phone, as it may need several updates.

Tips to Maximize Your Laptop’s Battery Life

Batteries are what make laptops portable. You can carry your laptop around and use it anywhere as long as it has enough battery life. It’s why most people who visit sites that sell laptops online also heavily consider battery runtime before buying. In this article, we’ll discuss methods you can do to maximize your laptop’s battery life.

Adjust the Screen Brightness

The biggest power drain for most laptops is the screen’s backlight. Doing something as simple as dimming the light will go a long way towards conserving battery life. You can add 30 minutes or more of battery life with this simple method. Function keys in practically every laptop have a shortcut to adjust the screen brightness easily. It varies depending on the brand and model, but you should spot it fairly quickly as it usually has sun-like symbols as a label.

Change the Power Settings

The power setting for Windows laptops is set to Balanced by default. This is good enough to balance performance with energy consumption. However, if your goal is to maximize battery life, change it to Power Saver instead. To do that, go to Control Panel and click Hardware and Sound. You should see the Create a Power Plan option, and you can select Power Saver from there. For Mac users, you can adjust energy-related settings in the Energy Saver pane. Just select the Apple menu, followed by System Preferences. Once you’re in the Energy Saver pane, click the Battery tab where you can adjust the Computer Sleep and Display Sleep settings.

Close Apps That You’re Not Using

Unless you absolutely need to multitask, it’s best to keep the running apps to a minimum. Multiple apps and processes running simultaneously in your system will drain your battery quickly. Chances are you’re not even actively using most of the apps that are running.

Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

There are other things we usually do with our laptop, aside from browsing the internet. If what you’re doing doesn’t require a connection, such as editing a document or watching videos from your hard drive, you can disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. These wireless devices, as well as the background apps and processes that use them, are significant sources of battery drain. For Windows laptops, you can use the Airplane mode as a quick way to simultaneously turn off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Monitor Your Battery’s Health

Batteries generally have a limited shelf life. Because of that, it is crucial to check for their health periodically. For MacBook users, you can do this by holding the Option key and clicking the Menu bar to see the battery’s status. You’ll know it’s nearing the end of its lifespan if you see a “Replace Now” or “Service Battery” message. For Windows users, run the command prompt as an administrator and type in powercfc/batteryreport. While your laptop battery won’t run forever, taking good care of it by following the methods we provided will ensure that you get the most out of it.

Some of Our Favorite Laptop Models with the Best Battery Life

Does your laptop battery die in the middle of work? Sometimes, you have no choice but to give it up. Generally, you could sell old laptops for an upgrade. More than that though, you’ll want a laptop with battery life that can withstand long hours of work and gaming. Luckily, you have a wide selection to choose from, and we gathered five of the best ones.

Apple Macbook Pro 15-Inch

With an 87-watt battery, the 15-inch Apple Macbook Pro promises 10 hours of battery life for web browsing and video streaming. The large battery wattage also powers the Macbook Pro’s high-resolution screen, dominant graphics processor, and Intel Core i7 or i9. This means that unless you need to use more than 16GB of memory, it’s best to limit your computer needs to the Core i7. This consumes less power, maximizing your laptop’s battery for an extended life.

Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13 has a battery life of 8 hours with its 4K panel and 12 hours with its 1080p model, with specs ideal for video editing. However, it does tend to push more pixels, affecting battery life. Unless you work in creative media, best to stick to the 1080p. In addition, the laptop features the Intel Whisky Lake Core i7-8565U, as well as a power profile that allows it to work efficiently for daily tasks such as online browsing, video conversion, research, and various office functions.

Lenovo Yoga C930

Both Lenovo Yoga C930’s Intel Core i5 and i7 use the same amount of power. Dealing with daily computing tasks can get you nine hours of battery life. However, streaming can take a toll and reduce the battery standard to just five hours. The good news is that the Lenovo Yoga C930 uses a USB-C form port, which easily provides more charger alternatives in case you leave your laptop charger at home. Moreover, this Lenovo unit charges quickly from completely dead to 50% in just half an hour.

Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1

Featuring an 8th generation Whiskey Lake processor, Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1 is the perfect on-road companion, particularly for IT professionals. It boasts an impressive 18-hour battery life that can go toe to toe against extremely powerful brands like the Qualcomm Snapdragon PC. This 14-inch Dell Latitude packs enough power to last hours of continuous online surfing. The laptop, however, doesn’t run its Turbo Boost once the power and temperature exceeds a certain limit, so best to manage expectations when running through the last few hours of your work.

HP Spectre x360

The HP Spectre x360 is notable for its 12-hour battery life, easily outlasting many of its contemporaries. This proves to be true even when the device continuously plays a looped 1080p video. Moreover, the HP Spectre can perform exceptionally well on continuous web browsing and even when tasked with a heavy workload. While it is not a gaming or video editing laptop, it can still accommodate modern gaming at a low setting. For graphics-heavy work, the HP Spectre x360 requires the help of a discrete GPU to deliver more processing power.

Which iPads work as a second screen with Sidecar?

Boost Your productivity by using your iPad as a second screen for your Mac.

Prior to releasing macOS Catalina, you could have a second display for your Mac with the help of your iPad on thrid-party software.

With Sidecar, the new feature on macOs Catalina an IpadOS 13, you can now have your Mac display extended or mirrored on your iPad.

The Sidecar feature can turn iPad into graphics Tablet using the Apple Pencil. With it, you can also run macOS apps such illustrator, Final Cuto Pro, and Zbrush.

What You Need

Before getting too excited about Apple’s latest productivity offering, here are some basic things to remember:

  • You need a compatible Mac that runs on macOS Catalina. Note that while most Macs since 2012 can run Catalina, not all Macs support the Sidecar feature.
  • You need an iPad running on iPadOS 13.
  • You should be logged in to the same iCloud account (for both your Mac and iPad).
  • If you’re thinking of connecting your devices wirelessly, your iPad should be within 10 meters of your Mac.

Before we delve into the details, here are some of the Mac and iPad models that support Sidecar:


  • iMac 27-inch (late 2015 version or newer)
  • 2018 MacBook Air or newer
  • 2019 Mac Pro


To use Sidecar, your iPad must be able to support Apple Pencil (1st or 2nd generation). Here are some of the compatible iPad models:

Apple Pencil
  • 3rd gen iPad Air
  • 5th gen iPad mini
  • 6th gen iPad or newer
  • 1st–2nd gen iPad Pro 12.9 inch
2nd Generation Apple Pencil
  • 3rd gen iPad Pro 12.9 inch
  • iPad Pro 11 inch

Turning Your iPad Into a Second Screen

The process is pretty straightforward. You just have to make sure that both your Mac and your iPad meet Sidecar’s system requirements.

  1. You can connect via Bluetooth to use Sidecar wirelessly, as long as you’re within 10 meters of the Mac. Alternatively, you can connect your iPad to your Mac using your charging cable.
  2. To connect your devices, click on the AirPlay icon (rectangle icon with a triangle in the middle) found on your Mac’s menu bar.
  3. If you wish to mirror your Mac display (Mirror Built-in Retina Display) instead of extending it (Separate Display), go back to the AirPlay menu. Click on the option for mirror display.
  4. To finish your Sidecar session, simply click on the “Disconnect” button on your iPad’s sidebar. Alternatively, you can return to the AirPlay menu and click “Disconnect”.

Other Uses for Old Devices

If you’re thinking of upgrading your devices to further boost your productivity with Apple’s new Sidecar feature, don’t think of throwing out your old iPads or Macs just yet.

You can choose to refurbish your old tablet and turn it into a digital photo frame, for instance. Or you can also sell tablet units online or through a yard sale. Selling is a great way to keep old devices from the landfill while bringing extra cash into your pockets.

How Can I Charge My Phone If I Forgot My Charger?

Nearly everyone has a smartphone these days. If you rely heavily on yours for everyday activities, you can use up your battery before the day even ends. To replenish your power, you will need a compatible charger, and of course, an outlet.

However, there are other methods you can use in case you misplace or forget to bring a compatible charger. Technically, you can use fruit to replenish your phone’s battery, but you need a whole lot of it. On top of that, you will need extra. Needless to say, it’s neither convenient nor practical.

Thankfully, there are less tedious ways to power your phone without its charger.

Look for a Compatible USB Port             

Remember that the USB port must be compatible with your phone. If you brought your iPad’s USB charger, you can use it to power your phone. You can plug one end into your phone and the other into a USB port.

At work, you can plug the other end into a desktop or laptop computer. For those who are on the go, public spaces such as coffee shops, hotels, and airports usually have USB charging stations, where guests can replenish their batteries for free.

Use Your Power Bank

It’s always best to pack a power bank for emergencies. Most of these battery packs can store enough power to last you throughout the day.

Just make sure to charge your power bank before any trip. Keep it in your bag so you can charge on-the-go. All you need to do to replenish your phone’s battery is plug the device’s cable into your phone and wait until it is fully charged.

Charge Your Phone in Your Car

Most modern cars come with a built-in USB port for charging all kinds of mobile devices. However, if your car isn’t new, you can connect an adapter to the lighter port to charge your phone.

Start your car or place it in accessory mode. Plug one end of your charging cable into an adapter or a USB port. Then, plug the other end into your mobile device.

Place Your Phone on a Charging Mat

Smartphones have become ubiquitous in the digital era. To cater to the needs of their employees, companies often offer charging pads. These things can charge nearly every mobile device, including smartphones.

The best part? There are no messy cables. All you have to do is place your phone on the charging pad.

If your company doesn’t provide such a convenience, you might want to consider investing in one. You can keep it in your cubicle at the office, so you won’t have to worry the next time you forget to bring your phone’s charger.

Not all mobile devices support wireless charging. To enjoy these modern conveniences, your phone might need an upgrade. Instead of tossing aging smartphones in a drawer, sell cell-phone units for profit. You can use that money to buy a high-end smartphone and maybe more advanced accessories.

Reports:Samsung to Release New Galaxy Fold 2 in April 2020

Samsung is on a roll. With foldable devices forecasted to be the future of mobile phones, rumors have already spread that a new Samsung Galaxy Fold model will be launched in April 2020 even if the current model entered the market just two months ago.

Especially since this year’s originally scheduled launch of Galaxy Fold was delayed so Samsung could address issues with its screen. Reviewers who got hold of the smartphones for testing in the run-up to the April 2019 release reported that their units’ displays easily got scratched and pierced.

Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG)

Rumor has it that instead of the transparent plastic polyimide (PI) protective layer used for the screen of the original Fold, a scratch-resistant UTG layer will be used for the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2.  UTG is said to measure below 100 micrometers or just 3% the thickness of glass traditionally used for smartphone screens.


This October 2019, participants got a preview of Fold 2 during the Samsung Developer Conference when the mobile phone developer showed a video of a new foldable phone “concept” with a clamshell or vertically folding design, a modern version of the old-school flip phone.

This “pocketable” square phone will, therefore, come close to the Motorola Razr, a reboot of the RAZR V3 sold in 2004, which also recently just went on sale.

Like the Razr, Fold 2 may also have a small display on the folded phone exterior to show important updates, such as the time and message notifications. This is the Fold 2’s smallest display at 4.6 inches. This external screen that allows you to use the phone even when it’s folded.

It will reportedly feature a 6.7-inch folding touchscreen and will be similar to the Galaxy S10 when opened. Meanwhile, the largest 7.3-inch main screen of the original Galaxy Fold is revealed once it is unfolded lengthwise as a tablet-sized display.

Selfie camera

Like the Galaxy Note 10, Fold 2 reportedly features a hole-punch selfie camera at the top of the inner display.

Insiders interviewed by  Bloomberg also said that the 2020 Fold will have two cameras that will serve as front cameras when folded and as rear ones upon being flipped open.


Galaxy Fold 2 is expeted to sell for $1,500, compared to the first-generation Fold that’s worth $1,980. However, there are also speculations that Fold 2 might be sold over $1,500 due to UTG display.

Color options

Reports said that the new foldable product will be available in black, purple, and white.

Insiders say that Samsung codenamed its foldable phone growth strategy “Bloom” and aims to sell as many as six million units in 2020. That’s double IHS Markit’s projected global phone market growth of three million for the said year but just a million more than the forecast of Display Supply Chain Consultants.

Armed with lessons learned from its launch of the first Galaxy Fold, the phone maker is expected to sell cellphones with more confidence in 2020.

For Samsung to hit its growth target next year, Fold 2 must not only be as durable as its non-folding counterparts but also more reasonably priced than the Galaxy Fold.

What are the Best Laptops for 2019?

Choosing a laptop can be challenging, with several different factors other than price to consider before buying.

Determining which Laptop is the Best for You

When choosing which laptop would be the best for you, consider elements such as:


It’s important to choose the right size, which will depend on your lifestyle. Laptops are usually categorized into the following display sizes: 11-12 inches, 13-14 inches, 15 inches, and 17-18 inches.


The type of CPU will depend on what you’re going to be doing with the laptop. The type of processor you will be getting will determine your laptop’s performance and will depend on your usual tasks.


The minimum for RAM is 8 GB and could go all the way to 32 GB if you want serious power. The more RAM you have, the more applications you can run. Your system can also process and retrieve data faster.

Battery life

If you’re planning on taking your laptop with you wherever you go, a unit with 8+ hours of battery life is a good choice to start.

The Best Laptops for 2019

The Best Overall Laptop: Dell XPS 13

The Dell XPS 13 seamlessly combines power, beauty, and price to give you optimal performance. Starting at around $900, this 13-inch unit runs on an 8th generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processor and can have 8 GB to 16 GB of RAM.

The Best Budget Laptop: Acer Aspire E15

Starting at $698, this laptop gives you good performance without breaking the bank. You can effortlessly multitask as this is powered by an 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor. The Acer Aspire E15 also has up to 15 hours of battery life, giving you more time to do what you need to do.

The Best Laptop for Students: Asus ZenBook 13 UX333

Starting at $850, this laptop doesn’t sacrifice build for its quality and features. It runs on an 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor and has 8 GB RAM. This is a lightweight, powerful, affordable option that can keep up with the demanding needs of school.

The Best Business Laptop: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme

The ThinkPad range has often been associated with the business market. The ThinkPad X1 Extreme, which starts at $1799, shakes things up with its super fast six-core Intel Core i7-8750H processor paired with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, which gives you more power to do more demanding work.

What to Do With Your Old Laptop

Sell It

You can sell used laptop units for extra cash instead of letting it collect dust at home. It’s an eco-friendly solution to getting rid of old tech, too. When you sell used laptop units, you’ll be able to give old tech a new lease on life.

Repurpose It

Another great solution is to repurpose old laptops. Turn an old unit into a media center or even an emergency Wi-Fi hotspot!

It is important to consider your needs and you Budget. While need to work out a compromiso as not all laptops will fit each criteria that you might have in mind this list hopefully points in the right direction.







OnePlus 8 Pro: Everything We Know So Far

It’s been an eventful past few weeks for OnePlus users out there, with recent releases and future model leaks keeping the community abuzz. The Chinese smartphone giant unveiled the OnePlus 7T model last September to rave reviews. With the inclusion of the 90Hz refresh rate display previously found on the 7 Pro variant, faster charging, and camera improvement, the phone is considered a major upgrade over its OnePlus 7 predecessor, which hit the market last May.

The 7T Pro, released a few days after 7T, had a more subtle difference in comparison to the 7 Pro model. This led to mixed reviews, with some debating whether to head to the nearest shops that sell cell-phones and buy it or wait for its next iteration. With fans recently getting an unauthorized sneak peek of OnePlus 8, we now also have a few information about OnePlus 8 Pro thanks to Twitter user @OnLeaks and 91Mobiles.

Punch-hole Display

Similar to the previously leaked OnePlus 8, the 8 Pro variant will also have a punch-hole display in addition to curved edges. The 7 Pro and the 7T Pro models also achieved a clean, bezel-less look thanks to the use of a pop-up selfie camera. Some may view a punch-hole in the upper-left portion of the screen as a downgrade, especially with Oppo recently unveiling the world’s first under-screen selfie camera. Ultimately, it should be a matter of personal preference as some may not find this as big of a deal.

Quad-Camera Setup

The 8 Pro will be the first of OnePlus phones to feature a quad-camera setup. Competitors like Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi recently released phones with a similar camera set up so it was expected for OnePlus to follow suit. The main, telephoto, and wide-angle sensors are vertically aligned in the middle back portion of the phone. The 3D Time of Flight (ToF) sensor and other supporting camera sensors are found on the left side of the three main cameras.

Other Specs and Features

The 8 Pro will retain the 90Hz refresh rate of the 7 Pro and 7T variants, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. OnePlus intends to keep this impressive feature for the foreseeable future. In addition, the 8 Pro model will include a USB-C port, located in between redesigned speaker grilles in the phone’s bottom portion. It will have 8GB of memory to go along with 128GB of storage. It hasn’t been confirmed whether it will support 5G but it likely will.

Release Date

We don’t know yet when the OnePlus 8 Pro will be available to the public. The 7 and 7 Pro models were released in May while the 7T and 7T Pro variant came out in September and October, respectively. With that in mind, expect an early 2020 release, perhaps during the second quarter, for the 8 and 8 Pro models. With all these leaks coming out, stay tuned for more information about the OnePlus 8 Pro in the coming months.


Nokia is Coming Back to the US

Nokia is finally coming back to the US years after it had shut its doors. Known for their virtually indestructible and ubiquitous cellphones, the Finnish tech company made some of the most widely-used phones in the world in the early 2000s. However, they struggled greatly ever since smartphones became the next big thing. They had to sell their mobile device divisions as a result.

What happened to Nokia?

Since Nokia was unable to adapt to the ever-increasing digital landscape, they had no other choice but to sell. Microsoft bought the company sometime in 2013. In only a matter of years, they had to shut it down completely. Nokia has been on a hiatus since then. However, thanks to another Finnish company called HMD, Nokia is back in business.

HMD bought Nokia’s naming rights. In 2016, the company also bought back the old mobile device division from Microsoft.

What has Nokia been up to?

Staying true to Nokia’s well-known reputation for making durable devices, HMD has spent a great deal of time and effort in creating affordable smartphones that are also well-built. They’ve rolled out revamped versions of the 3310 and 8110. Since the company has adapted well to the digital era, they’ve been creating decent smartphones. Like Nokia used to, HMD also continues to sell cellphone units for a reasonable price.

Now, HMD has its eyes set on entering the US market. Consumers who buy HMD-made handsets need to go through retailers like Amazon and Best Buy to get their hands on them. These consumers, however, represent a small piece of the US market. To make it big in the country, HMD handsets likely need to be available in cellular carriers, where Americans prefer to purchase their phones. Yet even if they don’t, their brand will continue to be visible to this promising market.

What Nokia handsets are available in the US?

Earlier this year, the company announced that it has partnered with Cricket Wireless, a more affordable subsidiary of the AT&T network. They’re also working hand-in-hand with Verizon. HMD provides exclusive Nokia phones for both of these carriers, and the 5.9-inch Nokia 3.1 is one of them. The smartphone features two rear cameras, built for capturing that perfect portrait shot. Under its hood, it has a 3,500 mAh battery. It can also hold as much as 32 GB worth of storage.

Nokia 3.1 is currently available to Cricket subscribers for $160.

As for prepaid Verizon users, they have the option to purchase the Nokia 2V, a smaller 5.5-inch smartphone with a massive battery life. It has front-firing speakers, making it an ideal low-budget device for casual online gaming.

Nokia V2 phone is available to prepaid Verizon users for $69.99.


Like the good old days, Nokia has some of the most affordable and durable devices in the market. Now they’re pushing out decent smartphones, including a reboot of the 3310 and 8110 phones, for a reasonable price. Even in 2019, a Nokia smartphone won’t cost an arm and a leg.


The HP Omen Obelisk, a Powerful and Upgradable Gaming PC

The HP Omen Obelisk Gaming PC is one of the most reliable gaming PCs on the market, showcasing the critical components of a gaming PC build. HP emphasized the Omen’s powerful components while downplaying the unimportant frills that bog down most prebuilt gaming PCs that we have today.


Features of the Omen Obelisk

The HP Omen Obelisk is a midrange gaming PC, categorized between the Pavilion and the Omen X. Although it’s more powerful than a gaming console, it has a plug-and-play feel and is designed to be used by more casual gamers. The Obelisk has a sleek and compact design, and it is ray-tracing-ready and VR-capable.

The Obelisk is equipped with 32GB DDR4. Its MOBO has a total of two DIMMs that can support 16GB module each for a total of 32GB as the ceiling for memory expansion. The Omen is packed with a 512GB SSD and a 2TB HDD.


Gaming Performance

The gaming PC can handle 1440p gaming with ease. The starting model is loaded with Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 and a sturdy Core i7-8700 (or an AMD Ryzen 7), but other beefier units can pack a Core i9-9900K. The Obelisk has a total score of 1385 on Cinebench. Running Battlefield I and Civilization VI, the gaming PC delivered over 60 FPS in all game settings, as well as in 4K resolution. Overall, the gaming PC is handy and can easily deal with most of the requirements of contemporary PC games, while still remaining affordable.


Overall Look

The Omen has a matte black case. You can personalize the casing with a customizable RB lighting and an optional transparent side panel. The Obelisk tower is 6.5 x 14.1 x 17 inches in dimension, which makes it fairly compact, considering that it’s packed with gaming power. The best part is the Obelisk is equipped with enough internal space that supports future upgrades. You can also easily remove the side panels without using any tools, enabling easy maintenance and upgrades. Overall, the gaming PC has an understated and functional look.


Improved Version of the Omen 870

The Omen Obelisk is HP’s response to the weaknesses of the Omen 870, making it easier to use. For instance, unlike those of the Omen 870, the Omen Obelisk’s front USB ports are flipped, so they’re facing the user and not away from them. The cooler radiator vents out of the top panel, and it has a rear case fan. With a liquid cooler, the Obelisk can run efficiently.


Access to the Omen Game Stream

The PC can support the Omen Game stream, so you can use the Omen to play your games on another PC and other Android devices. With this, you can play on another Windows system, while streaming off a more powerful Omen system over the Internet.


Understated but Packed with Gaming Power

Although the Obelisk may not appeal to those who want a flashier PC, its understated aesthetics, gaming power, and modest price compare well to PCs with almost the same specs but may cost hundreds more. That said, if you’re planning to sell your used laptop to buy a functional prebuilt gaming and office PC that packs enough power, the Omen Obelisk is a practical choice.

Moto G7 Power: A Midrange Phone with a Massive Battery

If you’re looking for an inexpensive but reliable phone, Motorola’s G lineup may just be one of the options for you. The Moto G lineup has been updated this 2019, and the new models offered in the G7 line include the G7, G7 Power, and G7 Play.

The G lineup comprises Motorola’s midrange phones, which are an upgrade to the Moto E smartphones, the company’s low-budget offering. The G phones fall just below the Moto Z, which is Motorola’s flagship phone. The Moto G7 Power is available for $249, making the G lineup ideal for people who want a reliable phone but are on a budget.


G7 Specifications and Performance

The three phones are equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 632, the first time this processor has ever been used. The G7 has 4GB RAM, the Power has 3GB, and the Play has 2GB. All the smartphones have dedicated microSD card slots for expansion.  

Motorola promises that the new G7 line has 110 percent better speed than the old batch. Geekbench indicates that the G7 has a 1237 single-core score and 4633 multi-core score, which is comparable to the Moto Z’s scores of 1322 and 4955.

For now, the G7 runs on Android 9.0 Pie, but it’s readily upgradable to Android Q once the new OS is released next year.


Battery Life

Although the 5,000 mAh battery makes the phone heavy at about 7 ounces, it is one of the G7 Power’s highlight features. Changing the screen setting to low resolution further extends the battery life, and the difference in display quality is only slightly noticeable.


Screen Resolution

The 6.2-inch screen with a 1520 × 720 resolution may sound unimpressive, but the G7 Power’s display still performs well for its capacity. The screen is bright and crisp, although it’s not in Full HD.


Camera Specifications

The G7 and the G7 Power have a 12MP main camera and an 8MP front camera, while the G7 Play has an 8MP front camera and 13MP rear camera. Moto G7’s gallery app is still Google Photos.


LTE Capability

Although the G7 phones have a slow Cat 7 LTE, their LTE bands are capable of handling all US carriers. The G7 Power and Play have the T-Mobile Band 71, which is not found in the regular G7.


Other Features

All three models are water repellent. The line isn’t heavy at all but has a solid feel. The phones may be too wide for one-handed use. But at 3 inches wide, they are still smaller than the easy-to-sell iPhone Plus model. The phones have an uncluttered build, and Moto’s convenient additions, such as always-on display mode and the option to launch the camera by twisting your wrist, are notable features of the new line. The phones have a rear-mounted fingerprint reader and a single speaker.


Consistent Performance

The G lineup has been consistent in terms of its value-for-money performance. The phones may be affordable, but they have a classy feel. And of course, there’s the G7 Power’s incredible battery. Given the Moto G7 lineup’s price value, these are some of the most competitive budget phones on the market today.

Motorola G6 Play Review: A Budget-Friendly Phone with Impressive Specs

Buying a budget smartphone doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the latest features. As flagship models get better each year, so do their cheaper alternatives. One of the best budget smartphones you can buy in 2019 is the Motorola G6 Play.

Today, you will find out if this Motorola smartphone is the bargain it seems.


The latest generation of Motorola G phones features curved Gorilla Glass rear panels. For the Moto G6 Play, they replaced this with plastic to further knock down its price. Despite the cheaper alternative, its plastic panels look classy and high-end. That’s most likely due to the reflective elements on the top layer. Much like its expensive counterparts, the Moto G6 Play glistens as it catches the light. You will find an S-shaped pattern reflected across its rear panel when it does.

The Moto G6 Play isn’t made entirely out of plastic. Its sides are aluminum, but it has been coated with a special finish to maintain a cohesive look.

Specs and Features

While most budget phones that debuted last year came with a 16:9 aspect ratio, the Moto G6 Play stood out among the crowd with 18:9. That makes the smartphone great for console-style gaming and reading. On the other hand, its 720 x 1440 resolution is lower than other units in the G6 range.

The Moto G6 Play is powered by a Snapdragon 430 chip. Although it’s not exactly a very powerful chipset, it’s performance won’t disappoint. It can even support high-end gaming. The smartphone has 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage, which is quite impressive for its price. As it’s built with a memory card slot, you can extend its storage capacity to accommodate your favorite games, songs, photos, and more.

However, the real star of the show is its battery life. With a 4,000 mAh battery, the smartphone can last an entire day of intense usage. You can stream YouTube videos for an hour, text, surf the web, and snap some photos. The Moto G6 Play is also one of the only budget-friendly phones to offer authentic fast charging.

Price and Availability

Aside from its plastic panel, Motorola made a few other compromises to lower the smartphone’s price. The water-repelling nano-coating is one of them. Instead of a USB-C, the Moto G6 Play also features a micro USB port. On the bright side, if you’re all about fast charging, you will find it easier to plug in its cable as it can’t be jammed, as opposed to USB-Cs.

The Moto G6 Play is available on Amazon for $179.00 and on Walmart for $179.66. You can also acquire a 16 GB variant of this smartphone through Verizon Wireless for $129.99.

If you want an affordable phone for the new year, you should consider getting the Moto G6 Play. It has an excellent design, strong battery life, and impressive specs. You can trade or sell cellphone units through the right service providers to acquire this budget-friendly phone.

Razer Teases First Xbox One

Much like the many users of the Xbox, retailers that sell laptop units and gaming devices are hungry for any new information about the Xbox One. And so it’s welcome news every time Microsoft or Razer gives updates—even teasers—of what gamers and sellers can look forward to. In the past couple of months, Razer has been teasing two brand-new Xbox One products: a wireless mouse and a keyboard.


Renowned gaming peripheral brand Razer released the full photos of these products late last month. For reasons unknown, the updates mostly flew under the radar. But, with the coming 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on January 8, the company is now prominently advertising the Xbox One set.


Razer has yet to disclose the name of the set, though. There hasn’t been any detailed information about the products, too. That said, many are hopeful that with the teasers, their availability won’t be far behind.


The Microsoft and Razer Tandem  


Almost a year ago, Microsoft and Razer joined forces to produce a mouse and a keyboard set for the Xbox One. Microsoft has been dropping hints about the Xbox One keyboard and mouse support for a few years now, but for the most part, everything is unclear. With Razer in the mix, the support is finally becoming a reality.


The software royalty has partnered with Razer to enable the latter’s Chroma RGB lighting support in Xbox games. The Razer’s Chroma allows gamers to have assortments of colors to light up on their keyboard. The Chroma is also helpful in games like Overwatch where the colors can spot chances of cooldowns.


Razer also plans to let game developers take advantage of its API to deliver Chroma lighting effects on other video games. Microsoft will also allow developers to identify if a keyboard or mouse is available on an Xbox One. Also, some video games could only match up with keyboard and mouse users with similarly outfitted gamers. The developers will be responsible for balancing the games, and Microsoft will provide all the tools necessary to make sure video games can apply for the support in many different ways.


The Long Wait Is Almost Over . . . Hopefully


Xbox One users have been clamoring for mouse and keyboard support for some time now. The answer to the demand has been a long wait. The Xbox system was launched in 2013, and the support has finally arrived just in the latter month of 2018. The long wait wasn’t a result of neglect, but of extreme caution. Microsoft had long opposed mouse support because accurate mouse movements may give some players an unfair advantage.


But thankfully, with the teasers uploaded months ago, some key details have given Xbox One enthusiasts something to get excited about. Based on the photos, the set will include an Xbox button at the bottom right part of the keyboard. The box will also likely to contain a slide-out mouse mat. Xbox players have to wait until the CES to find out the exact cost of the products.

T-Mobile Confirms: A 5G Samsung Phone is in the Works

T-Mobile remained tight-lipped when Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint revealed their plans to introduce a 5G version of a Samsung phone in 2019.

T-Mobile’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Neville Ray, shocked the entire industry as he confirmed through a blog post that the tech giant is working on a 5G phone too. In his blog, he also called out the competition, saying that T-Mobile is the sole company intending to deliver an authentic 5G experience for everyone.

What is 5G Technology?

One of the most highly anticipated developments in the tech industry is 5G technology, which is the newest iteration of cellular mobile communications. As you probably already know, it succeeds 4G, 3G, and 2G systems. Compared to previous iterations, this emerging tech offers greater speeds, energy-saving, high system capacities, lower latency, and massive device connectivity.   

The 5th generation wireless technology has been the talk of the town since major carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint announced that they will be introducing new 5G versions of a Samsung smartphone. While it’s believed to transform the future of applications, it’s also expected to usher in advances that will enhance every industry fueling the US economy. According to T-Mobile’s CTO, this technology has the potential to produce more jobs and create more opportunities for people.

In his blog post, Ray made it clear that none of the advantages of 5G technology will matter if companies like “AT&T, Verizon, and the cable monopolists” remain in control of the country’s 5G future.

T-Mobile 5G Spectrum strategy: What Makes It Special?

Ray explained that T-Mobile is focused on delivering an excellent customer experience, not for a select few, but for everyone who wants to benefit from this new technology. He said that in order for a company to do so, they must embrace a combination of low, mid, and high-band spectrum. As he mentioned, this is exactly what they are doing. He called it their multi-band 5G spectrum strategy, which is a fundamental part of their merger with Sprint.

As for other wireless companies, Ray said that their 5G strategy is rather restricted. They only intend to introduce 5G to a few select places. But with T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G strategy, they will most likely be forced to change their plan.

Ray confirmed that T-Mobile is working with Samsung on a 5G smartphone. There’s a lot of work to do given that the tech has yet to be commercially ready. When he penned this blog post last year, he said that it underperforms LTE. Much of the details surrounding this 5G smartphone has yet to be announced, but the phone is expected to come out within the year.

Are you excited about the 5th generation wireless technology? If you want to get your hands Samsung’s 5G smartphone, you might as well start saving for it. That’s definitely not going to come cheap. You can always sell cellphone units you’ve used before to save up some extra cash for an extra special phone.

Lenovo Launches Its Latest Model, The Z5s with Snapdragon 701 SoC and Triple Rear Cameras

Lenovo has finally launched its newest model, the Z5s smartphone last December 24. The piece is the company’s latest addition to its Z5 series that has the Lenovo Z5 Pro.

A lot of buzz surrounded this launch, as the Z5s has the sought-after Qualcomm Snapdragon 701 SoC within. The unit also boasts of sophisticated triple rear camera setup.

Lenovo continues their innovation by focusing on speed and power of their smartphone offerings.

Aside from the Z5s, they will also launch another smartphone soon – the Z5 Pro GT – the first model to be powered by Snapdragon 855 worldwide.

Retailers that sell cell-phones are poised to get a hold of these latest devices.

Here are some key specs that the newest offering, Z5s, has:


Specifications and Features

Lenovo Z5s has a 6.3-inch screen, which has an ideal screen-to-body ratio of over 90%. The big screen has a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels to satisfy image and video viewing.

The main draw for this model is the triple camera setup on the rear. There is a 16-megapixel main camera, an 8-megapixel secondary sensor, and a 5-megapixel camera functioning as the third sensor. Lenovo keeps things savvy up front as well, with a 16-megapixel camera right at the front of the phone.

Aside from the sophisticated optics, this smartphone sports a waterdrop notch and sleek bezels to complement the wide screen. It also has a fingerprint sensor.

Powerful octa-core processor thanks to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 710 enables convenient app use, video viewing, and gaming. In fact, it has Lenovo’s Game Turbo technology, to keep gaming sessions going without any glitches or overheating. Battery life is also optimal at 3,300 mAh capacity.

As for memory, storage option can go as high as 256 GB using a microSD card.    

For the back display, fans can choose among several color options: Honey Orange, Starry Black, and Titanium Crystal Blue. A glass casing with P2i nano anti-splatter coating keeps the device stunning.


Lenovo Z5s Price

This latest Lenovo smartphone is within the mid-price range. Starting price is CNY 1,398 or about USD203 for the most basic model with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. The 6GB RAM with 64GB storage capacity is available at CNY 1,598 or about USD 232, while the most powerful option is priced at CNY 1,898 or around USD 276.

And that’s not all. There is an exclusive edition launched alongside the standard Z5s. The Lenovo Zhu Yilong model sports the steepest price of CNY 1,998. This will be on sale a little bit later than the December 24 launch of the Z5s, starting January 12,.

With the sleek design, great screen aspect ratio and display, power and globally competitive price range, Lenovo has certainly ticked all the right boxes. Fans have clamored with reservations even before the launch, and with positive reviews left and right for this model, and it seems enthusiasts will continue to sing praises for this latest offering.


The Top 5 RGB Keyboards for Gamers

In terms of keyboards, the ‘RGB’ category is very specific. When you buy an RGB keyboard, you’re getting the complete RGB array of colors. You can actually see all shades, even if they’re subtle or intense. RGB keyboards have customizable multicolor lighting. In general, you can pick any color from the RGB color wheel to backlit your entire keyboard. You can also choose a color for a single key or for a group of keys.

If you’re shopping for your own RGB keyboard, here are five models that shops that sell laptop units highly recommend.

Razer Huntsman Elite ($199.99)

When it comes to gaming hardware, Razer is a brand that many people trust. With the Huntsman Elite, the global brand has elevated the standard of RGB keyboards. The Huntsman Elite features optomechanical switches. This means the keyboard’s mechanical switches are now integrated with optical sensors. This enables the Huntsman Elite to help you vastly improve your gaming performance.

Logitech G513 ($129.99)

One of the selling points of RGB keyboards is that they are great for gaming machines. The problem is most of them are just good for games. They are not flexible enough to be, at least, decent for regular typing. This is where the Logitech G513 comes in. The Swiss brand addressed this issue with a whole new linear switch. The G513 is basically an upgraded version of the Logitech G413, a crowd favorite for several years now. The makeover delivers a more streamlined, fully-featured keyboard. The G513 is practically resistant to fingerprints. Also, its frame is more compact and sleek, thanks to its brush metal finish.  

Corsair K63 Wireless ($89.99)

A wireless gaming mouse is not a shocker anymore. But, a wireless gaming keyboard is. The Corsair K63 Wireless is an RGB keyboard that delivers the full spectrum of the color wheel. Corsair meticulously transferred all the goodness of the wired version of the K63 into wireless hardware. Apart from the tight Cherry MX Red switches, the K63 wireless also includes hassle-free media controls for a more convenient gaming experience.  

Corsair K68 RGB ($115.98)

Even if you’re attentive to your surroundings, accidents happen. And when you’re on your desk, it’s the keyboard that suffers most of the time. Clumsy or not, the Corsair K68 RGB is a great keyboard because it is water-resistant. You don’t have to worry about sudden soda shower during an intense game. It is a sturdy gaming necessity that is powered by a first-rate software. It might get a little tricky when you first customize the lights. But once you figure it out, everything will be easy.

Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 ($69.99)

You don’t have to buy high-end products that cost an arm and a leg to get what you need. Case in point, the Cooler Master MasterSet MS120. For just about 70 bucks, you can have a set of a mouse and a keyboard. Admittedly, the mouse needs improvement, but the real star of the MS120 set is the RGB keyboard. It has switches that offer a variety of tactile feedback. It’s also relatively quiet. You won’t wake up anyone at night, even if you’re frantically playing a game and furiously typing away.

How to Make the Most Out of your iPhone’s 16GB of Storage

We can all agree that Apple, one of the most innovative tech companies in the world, needs to up their game in terms of storage space. It sounds ridiculous that entry-level iPhones, up to this day, only have 16GB of storage. For sure, the company can make concessions to at least increase the space to 32GB without affecting its bottom line, right?

We can also all agree that there are millions of people that still use an iPhone with only 16GB of storage. Retail shops that sell iPhone units can attest to this. If you’re one of those with a 16GB iPhone, don’t fret. You can still enjoy and even stretch your modest amount of storage space. You’ll only have to make some changes and be smart about it.

It’s vital you know which apps eat the most of your storage space, so you can make the right changes. The biggest space eaters are photos, videos, music, podcasts, and games. Obviously, you need to delete the unnecessary apps and media to give your phone some more room. To get an accurate view of your iPhone’s storage space, go to your “Manage Storage” tab.  

Here are a few more tried-and-tested tips to help you conserve your 16GB iPhone storage space:

Move Photos and Videos Elsewhere

Photos and videos are the likely reasons your iPhone keeps reminding you that you’re almost out of storage. This is particularly true if you’ve been using the same phone for years. Instead of sacrificing newer photo shoots or the resolution of your images, have a regular ‘media transfer.’ You can do it via the cloud of your choice or a traditional transfer where you plug in your phone to your computer. Another option is to use free apps like Google Photos where you can auto-upload your media files.

Once you’ve moved your photos and videos elsewhere, make sure to delete the local copies on your iPhone. Also, make sure to turn off your Photo Stream as it can organically store over 1000 images.

Use the World Wide Web

It’s important that you only install the apps that you truly need and the ones that you repeatedly use. For instance, you don’t have to install the Wikipedia app. If you need to access Wikipedia, use the web. Same goes with a dictionary app or a news site app that you don’t regularly read. If you can easily get the answer to your question through an online search, then use the web. You don’t have to install the app dedicated to it, especially if you’re only going to use once or twice.

Limit Your Music Playlist

If there’s a playlist that you can’t live without (aka when the Wi-Fi is down), then go ahead and put it on your iPhone. Otherwise, use streaming services like Spotify. Apple Music has a paid service that lets you upload all the tracks that you want online and stream them on your desktop or phone. Once you’ve managed your online music library, you can remove the local files on your iPhone to clear more space. Just don’t forget to uncheck the sync tick box for your iTunes.

Which Mechanical Keyboard Should You Pick for 2019

It may come as a surprise to many, but there are different kinds of keyboards. This is particularly true with gaming laptops. And many gamers prefer mechanical over standard membrane keyboards.

A mechanical keyboard has an actual switch under each key. Literally, every physical switch triggers a tactile feel and response time. As such, the switches of a mechanical keyboard can support as much as 50 million keystrokes. Membrane keyboards can only do about 5 to 10 million keystrokes.

If you’re on the lookout for the best mechanical keyboards available, here are the top three that markets that sell laptop units highly recommend.

Langtu X1000 ($36.95)

Most gamers prefer the Langtu X1000 for two reasons: it’s a decent mechanical keyboard and it’s reasonably priced. Langtu keyboards are specifically made for gaming and the X1000 has several special features that set it apart from other gaming keyboards. For one, it has a gaming level circuitry that consists of 104 keys, roughly a fourth of those are specific for anti-ghosting. The X1000 provides a higher range of flexibility. Also, the keys are specifically made to minimize hand fatigue.

The keycaps of the X1000 are fully removable too, which means effortless maintenance. Because they are easy to remove, cleaning or replacing them is also a breeze. For more gaming convenience, the keyboard also has a plethora of FN shortcuts. You can easily access a range of items without leaving an existing game. The Langtu X1000 also comes with a one-year warranty.  

Redragon K552 ($32.99)

When it comes to durability, the Redragon K552 leads the pack of mechanical and RGB keyboards. Not only is the K552 sturdy, but it’s also splash-proof. This is THE keyboard for clumsy users. More than its durability, this particular Redragon model consists of 87 non-conflict keys plus 12 multimedia caps.

The K552 caps also have an adjustable red backlight. You can easily modify the board’s brightness and breathing effect to your preference. The lights can be completely turned off as well if want to be inconspicuous. Much like with other Redragon products, the K552 is cost-effective. For just over 30 bucks, you can own a top-quality keyboard that can boost your gaming performance.

JAR-OWL J2 (Price Varies)

JAR-OWL is well-reputed for delivering high-quality gaming paraphernalia. The J2 is one of the brand’s most in-demand mechanical keyboards, and for good reasons. The JAW-OWL J2 features an eye-catching gold design with 104 distinct keycaps. Nineteen of these caps are non-conflict keys to help you set up the board the way you want it to be. The J2 keys are also known for their sturdiness. Each key can hold up against 60 million keystrokes.

The entire keyboard is backlit. Its backlight brightness can illuminate a room during the night. The J2 also comes with a dust cover to keep dirt from getting into the keys. The box also contains a wearable TPF rubber pad to ensure that the keyboard doesn’t slip to prevent desk scratches. Overall, the J2 is another decent mechanical keyboard. Its price varies depending on the vendor, but it is generally under $50.

How to Make the Most Out of your iPhone’s 16GB of Storage

We can all agree that Apple, one of the most innovative tech companies in the world, needs to up their game in terms of storage space. It sounds ridiculous that entry-level iPhones, up to this day, only have 16GB of storage. For sure, the company can make concessions to at least increase the space to 32GB without affecting its bottom line, right?

We can also all agree that there are millions of people that still use an iPhone with only 16GB of storage. Retail shops that sell iPhone units can attest to this. If you’re one of those with a 16GB iPhone, don’t fret. You can still enjoy and even stretch your modest amount of storage space. You’ll only have to make some changes and be smart about it.

It’s vital you know which apps eat the most of your storage space, so you can make the right changes. The biggest space eaters are photos, videos, music, podcasts, and games. Obviously, you need to delete the unnecessary apps and media to give your phone some more room. To get an accurate view of your iPhone’s storage space, go to your “Manage Storage” tab.  

Here are a few more tried-and-tested tips to help you conserve your 16GB iPhone storage space:

Move Photos and Videos Elsewhere

Photos and videos are the likely reasons your iPhone keeps reminding you that you’re almost out of storage. This is particularly true if you’ve been using the same phone for years. Instead of sacrificing newer photo shoots or the resolution of your images, have a regular ‘media transfer.’ You can do it via the cloud of your choice or a traditional transfer where you plug in your phone to your computer. Another option is to use free apps like Google Photos where you can auto-upload your media files.

Once you’ve moved your photos and videos elsewhere, make sure to delete the local copies on your iPhone. Also, make sure to turn off your Photo Stream as it can organically store over 1000 images.

Use the World Wide Web

It’s important that you only install the apps that you truly need and the ones that you repeatedly use. For instance, you don’t have to install the Wikipedia app. If you need to access Wikipedia, use the web. Same goes with a dictionary app or a news site app that you don’t regularly read. If you can easily get the answer to your question through an online search, then use the web. You don’t have to install the app dedicated to it, especially if you’re only going to use once or twice.

Limit Your Music Playlist

If there’s a playlist that you can’t live without (aka when the Wi-Fi is down), then go ahead and put it on your iPhone. Otherwise, use streaming services like Spotify. Apple Music has a paid service that lets you upload all the tracks that you want online and stream them on your desktop or phone. Once you’ve managed your online music library, you can remove the local files on your iPhone to clear more space. Just don’t forget to uncheck the sync tick box for your iTunes.

How to Put Free eBooks on Your Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is arguably the best eBook reader. Arguably is the operative word because Kindle is tightly linked to Amazon’s ecosystem. If you have the Kindle Fire, you won’t have a problem uploading and reading non-Amazon books on your reader. But if you have the other models—the Kindle, the Paperwhite, or the Voyage—it will take considerable effort to read content that doesn’t directly come from Amazon.

The good thing is that it will only take a little bit of your time to do so, and you can enjoy reading non-Amazon content on your Kindle reader. Here’s how to do it:


The simplest—and most direct—way to upload non-Amazon eBooks on your Kindle is via email. You need your Kindle address to make this work. If you don’t know what it is, or you haven’t got one, simply:

  • Go to
  • Choose “Your Devices.”
  • Pick the model of your Kindle from the choices.
  • Click “Settings.”
  • Check “Approved Personal Document Email List.”
  • Tap “Add a New Approved Email Address”
  • Input the email address you plan to send your eBooks from.

And you’re done. Just remember that your Kindle needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi or a 3G network before you can email your eBooks.

Sideload through a USB Cable

If you want to manually transfer your non-Amazon eBooks into your Kindle device, you can do so via a USB cable.

  • Connect your USB into your computer.
  • Go to your Amazon account.
  • Tap “Manage Your Content and Devices Page.”
  • Sideload the books you want to transfer from your computer to your USB.
  • Transfer the content of the USB to your Kindle.

This is the best way to transfer your non-Amazon books to your Kindle device if you don’t have Wi-Fi access or 3G Network. It’s an old-fashioned way to carry out the task, but an effective one.

eBook Sites

Some eBook sites that offer free content can directly transfer the downloaded books into your Kindle. Most of the time, it follows the email procedure. If you’re using an eBook site to send books to your device, make sure that the content is virus-free.


Perhaps the most popular and most used third-party eBook software is Calibre. Markets that sell tablet units often recommend Calibre as well. It’s primarily a management app for your books. Its two main features are the Calibre library and the Calibre conversion.

With Calibre, you can easily convert your eBooks to other formats. To send your non-Amazon books via Calibre, all you need to do is to set up an account. From there, you can directly send the eBooks to your Kindle. Using the Calibre plugin, you can also quickly get rid of the DRM from EPUB eBooks for easy conversion.


Kindle devices support several formats besides the standard Kindle formats. These include PDF, TXT, MOBI, and PRC. Apart from Calibre, Amazon likewise provides a free conversion service to convert non-Kindle files like HTML, DOC, and DOCX into Kindle formats.

Apple Airpods Review: Are They Really Worth It?

The Apple AirPods have paved the way for the best wireless earbuds experience. Since its launch in 2016, fans have clamored to get their own pair from online and store retailers that  sell cell-phones.And while many naysayers criticize the brand for exorbitant prices, Apple AirPods have undoubtedly changed the way earphones are built.

Seamless design is what Apple is known for, and combining with superb sound quality, it makes sense that even after two years since its launch, the AirPods are still considered the most highly innovative and must-have earbuds.

So, are they worth the hype? Let’s look closer at what AirPods have to offer you.


Quality and Features

Let’s start with the sound quality. Apple AirPods chose to take a one-size-fits-all housing, which means the device size won’t be a hundred percent fit to your ears.

That means that outside noises are still able to seep in while you’re using your AirPods. Aside from that, people near you will likely hear your music. You may want to think twice about blasting those tunes off when you’re on the subway.

But all is forgiven with the sound quality. These pricey earphones do sound pretty great!

The sound has robust body and energy to it, and you can revel yourself in the sound whether you feel like relaxing on ambient tunes or pumping it up with glam rock.

There’s also a good proportion of layering in the soundstage, where each instrument has ample space without everything sounding too crowded.

Indeed, while there are other wired earphones that offer better sound quality, the AirPods provide the convenience of being wireless and guaranteed excellent listening experience.

Aside from being unable to isolate external sounds, other compromises include the limited four-hour battery life from a single charge. I personally find it a hassle to charge the AirPods constantly for daily listening.

While it mirrors the look of the traditional Apple EarPods, the main difference lies in the arm. The AirPods have thicker arms than the EarPods.

If you are a fan of the signature Apple design, you’re probably pleased with the overall design of this set. But it’s also worth noting that sticking with this classic EarPod style meant that the AirPods won’t be open to modern materials, such as silicon eartips that firmly lock the earphones in your ears in place.


Connectivity and Controls

In terms of connectivity, the AirPods are quite convenient compared to most earphones out there. Simply open the AirPods’ case next to your phone and select the option on your screen to pair the devices.

Once paired, these buds will automatically pair whenever you place them in your ears and disconnect when taken out. For Android users, you would have to connect via Bluetooth first then enjoy the same automatic pairing afterwards.  



As with most Apple products, the AirPods command a hefty price. At USD159 in Apple and even pricier USD249 in Amazon, it’s certainly more expensive than most users are willing to spend on earphones.

But for purists, the wireless charging, seamless connection, and awesome sound experience warrants the cost of the AirPods.  


Comparing Apple’s iPhone XR to Google’s Pixel 3: Camera and Other Features Reviewed

If you’re on the lookout for a new phone right now, you’re probably considering two popular models: the Apple iPhone XR and the Google Pixel 3.

And it wouldn’t be surprising if you were in a dilemma about which of the two is better because these phones have a lot in common.

Both come in vibrant colors, have great quality cameras, and contain exciting new features. And the best part? These two are relatively affordable compared to the thousand-dollar models out in the market!

Before heading to stores and retailers that sell cell phones, read on about the major comparison points between these two options. This article can help you ultimately decide which brand to go for.


Authentication technology

Like the previous Pixel versions, Pixel 3 features a fingerprint sensor on the back of the device. Meanwhile, Apple uses the Face ID to authenticate the user.

If you prefer one to the other, consider this distinction. Some users prefer the reliability of the fingerprint sensor compared to the facial recognition software.


Camera features

The two devices have nearly identical hardware used on the rear cameras—both use a single, 12-megapixel camera that can take excellent shots.

While the hardware is pretty much similar, the difference lies in the software. For Google Pixel 3, there are added features that may edge out the iPhone in this category.

For instance, the Pixel 3 has “Night Sight,” an option for when you are taking pictures in sparse lighting. This results in brighter and clearer shots.  

There’s also a Photobooth mode that takes automatic shots when the device senses a smile or a funny look on your face.

Pixel 3 also improved their Portrait mode in order to do what the XR can and more. Both phones can edit the background depth in each shot. However, Pixel 3 does it one step further with options for background color editing and changing a shot’s focal subject.

Looking at the front camera, both iPhone XR and Pixel 3 sport quality cameras. The iPhone XR has a True Depth feature that uses portrait lighting and adds animoji and memoji for extra personality. Meanwhile, the Pixel 3’s selfie mode uses a wide-angle lens that can fit more people or background in the photo.


Operating System

The two devices have the newest smartphone OS, with the Pixel 3 running on Android 9 Pie and the iPhone XR on the latest Apple iOS 12.


Other Specs

In terms of storage, iPhone XR has a maximum capacity of 256 GB, higher than Pixel 3’s 128 GB limit. Apple’s XR also has a bigger display, with its 6.1-inch liquid retina screen topping Google’s 5.5-inch OLED display. However, Pixel 3 s smaller frame also makes it a tad lighter than iPhone XR.



As with their other features, the two phones’ retail prices only has $50-difference. Pixel 3 is only slightly more expensive than the iPhone XR, with a starting price of $799 compared to XR’s $749.


Amazon Fire 7 Is on Sale for $40

The year isn’t even over, but it has already been an incredible one for tablet users all around the globe. A lot of companies debuted promising new hardware over the past few months, including budget-friendly Android tablets and stunning Chrome OS convertibles. Some of them might not exactly be affordable. However, if you’re patient enough, you might score great deals during the holidays.

On the other hand, you don’t have to wait that long to replace your old tablet. If you need new tech for something basic like playing tablet games or streaming on Netflix, consider getting an Amazon Fire 7. Not only is it a great piece of hardware, but it’s also budget-friendly.



The Fire 7 is currently on sale for $39.99. Amazon knocked $10 off its street price to offer techies one of the best deals, if not the best, for this tablet. The sale applies to all color variants of the Fire 7 tablet—Black, Canary Yellow, Punch Red, and Marine Blue.

That’s not the only deal Amazon is offering today, either. They also lowered the price of the Fire 7 tablet’s Kids Edition. Now, anyone can get the device for $79.99, which is down from $99.99. Remember that these are limited-time offers. If you don’t want to miss out, place an order before the prices revert to normal.



Amazon’s Fire 7 tablet comes with a 7-inch IPS display. It’s thinner compared to its predecessor. The 2017 model is 9.6 mm while the 2015 edition measures 10.6 mm. That also makes it thinner than the Fire HD 8 and thicker than the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy tablet by 0.9 mm.

The Fire 7 is equipped with a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, and it has 8 GB of storage space. That may not sound like much, but you can always expand its storage capacity with a micro SD card. A 32 GB SanDisk won’t even cost $10.

In a single charge, the Fire 7 can last up to eight hours.



The Fire 7 comes with Alexa support. Using your tablet, you can talk to Amazon’s virtual assistant and ask her questions. She can assist with your digital needs. With a single command, she can play your favorite song. She can check the weather or remind you of an upcoming meeting. The device offers its users access to the Amazon app store.

From there, you can download all your favorite apps. You can access video streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO, and Hulu. You may also download social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram.


Again, the Amazon Fire 7 deal is available for a limited time only, so place an order while you can. However, you don’t have to worry too much as there will be plenty of opportunities next month. The season of giving is right around the corner, which means companies are going to drop excellent deals in the next few weeks. Maybe it’s time to sell tablet units for an upgrade.

Exclusive Look: LG Hybrid-Mechanical Watch W7

Smartwatches are all the rage nowadays. And LG is keeping up with this trend by announcing its latest smartwatch – the Watch W7.

The Watch W7 is a hybrid mechanical accessory that features mechanical hands set over a Wear OS-powered digital display. Its hybrid tech means the user can turn off the smartwatch aspect without interfering with the timekeeping functionality – even after the battery dies.

LG has worked with the Swiss watch manufacturer Soprod SA in incorporating the mechanical movements of the W7, which, apart from keeping accurate time, includes an altimeter, a barometer, a stopwatch, and a compass.

Retailers that sell cell-phone and tablet units are looking to offer this elegant accessory starting this October. The smartwatch is priced at $450.

Let’s take a look at the distinct features of the Watch W7:



Measuring 44.5 x 45.4 x 12.9mm, this watch is relatively big compared to other brands out there. The 1.2-inch touchscreen display may not provide the biggest display area for a smartwatch, but it’s placed atop the watch hands to give it a unique interface that non-hybrid smartwatches do not have.

This model uses Qualcomm’s Wear 2100 chipset, which has 768MB of RAM. If used as a smartwatch, the W7 can last up to two days. But as a mechanical timepiece, it can last for up to 100 days, at least according to LG.



LG wonderfully combines classic and modern in this device.

It’s fashioned out of a sleek burnished steel case, with two buttons on either side of the crown. All three can be used to access the watch’s smart features.

It uses 22mm watchbands, which can easily be changed depending on whether you want a more formal or rugged look. But as it is, the palette and overall construction make this watch versatile enough to be worn almost anywhere.

The hands-and-display face may take some getting used to, though, because the hands tend to get in the way of the screen. You can address this issue by just holding the top right button to slide the content higher and move the hands to the 3 and 9 o’clock marks.



Compared to the Apple Watch or the Samsung Galaxy Watch, the W7 decidedly took the no-frills route. There is no heart rate sensor, no built-in GPS or LTE option, and it does not support NFC and Google Pay.

LG’s concept may be to focus on the traditional watch form and enhance its features, but for an accessory that costs $450, one would expect that there are a number of smartwatch features incorporated into the device. Otherwise, what’s the point?

The Verdict so Far

Based on the specs and features, the Watch W7 is all about blending the traditional timepiece aesthetic with the enhanced functionality of a smartwatch. You’ll appreciate the quality and overall look of this smartwatch. But the bare-bones smart features may not be enough for many to consider this watch over what’s currently being offered by more established brands.

Huawei’s New Honor 8X: A Sleek Device Well Worth the Price

Huawei has finally launched the latest model in their Honor line – the Honor 8X.

This much-anticipated release from one of the largest manufacturers in China has seen preorders skyrocket at many outlets that sell cell-phones Huawei’s Honor line is a popular mid-range option, as the smartphones always come with a sleek design, big screen, and great camera quality encased in a solid chipset.

Let’s take a look at what the Honor brand can offer with this latest model:



The 8X features a 6.5-inch screen with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels.

The gadget has a 91 percent screen-to-body ratio, making viewing angles fantastic and satisfying for every user. In fact, the 8X is about the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus when examined side by side. For users who want something larger, the Honor 8X Max has a 7.1-inch panel, giving you more screen area.

The 8X showcases an impressive Kirin Octa-core processor. Combined with Huawei’s GPU Turbo, this will surely please many users as it guarantees faster processing and video loading.

As for charging, the Honor 8X uses a micro USB port, instead of the increasingly common USB-C standard, making it a bit disappointing in terms of versatility and convenience.

There are two options for capacity: 4GB/6GB of RAM and 64GB/128GB of memory storage, ample enough to store various content.



In this arena, the Honor 8X boasts dual 20MP and 2MP AI camera sensors, while the front camera offers 16MP capacity, producing good quality selfies and video calling capabilities.

The device’s camera sensors enable scene recognition and adjustments to deliver the highest quality shots each time. The camera also has a night mode that combines multiple exposure shots into a single image.



This device has a 3,750mAh battery pack, which will pretty much be utilized by the powerful Kirin 710 core. Unfortunately, there is no fast-charging option for this phone.



Huawei Honor 8X features a back casing made of 15 layers of glass, with a metal frame on the edges – catching light beautifully and refracting it to create glistening patterns on the back of the phone. This model truly stands out as a sleek gadget.

There are a few classic color options: black, blue, and red. The back part has a fingerprint sensor, much like the previous 7X model.



The new Honor 8X sells for 1,399 Yuan in China – about USD 205, GBP 155, or AUD 285 – but even with a mid-range price point, it feels far from being a budget device.

The powerful specs, AI capabilities, and shiny, metallic exterior all combine to bring a phone that is beautiful and equally functional for its cost.


Final Thoughts

The Honor 8X is a great product for those looking for a relatively affordable phone without compromising on performance and capacity. It’s quite unfortunate that it won’t be sold in the US – at least not yet – but it’s now available for purchase in Asia and Europe.


What the Latest iPad Pro Models Can Offer

Apple has launched brand new iPad Pro models during the brand’s ‘There’s More in the Making’ event last October 30th. These models, coming in 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes, will be available online and in Apple stores on the 7th of November.

Retailers that sell tablets will surely get a surge of demand for these new devices, especially when Apple itself has mentioned that this is the tablet they have always wanted to make from the beginning.

Indeed, there are marked improvements and an array of extra features that make this latest model all the rage, but for the average consumer, will all of these be worth it? Let’s find out.


New Features

Like with the iPhone X, these new iPad Pros feature smaller bezels, making the screen larger than previous iPad models.

The design does away with the Home button, creating an uninterrupted screen view. Recognition software is all about the Face ID instead of Touch ID.

The screen boasts of Liquid Retina display, which, while being a new offering, is still pretty much the same in pixel density as on the 2017 model. That means, it does not really have the stunning sharpness that you get from an OLED display like the one on Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.

Even so, Apple mentions that the screen is great in other fronts: it offers pixel masking and anti-aliasing like on the iPhone XR, and has a new backlight design.

The processor is also bumped up with the A12X Bionic, even faster than the chip in iPhone XS. Storage reaches up to 1TB.

The rear-facing camera is still at 12MP, and unfortunately, still not the best specs in tablets.


Design Specs

The new iPad Pros showcase a slightly changed aesthetic, moving away from the smooth curves and into a more industrial look. The sides are reminiscent of the iPhone 4 or iPhone SE than the recent devices from the brand.

Still in keeping with the brutalist design is the color selection: Silver and Space Gray are the only options.

And they are also slimmer, both being only 5.9mm thick compared to the 6.1mm and 6.9mm of previous models.

A magnetic connector for the new Apple Pencil attaches on one side and is charged wirelessly.

But the big change is how Apple ditched the Lightning port for these latest iPad Pros. A USB-C connector replaces the space where the Lightning port used to be. This means greater versatility when using third party accessories, but it might be an issue for people who have lightning docks and headphones.

And there’s no headphones or headphone port either – you’ll have to get USB-C headphones, opt for an adapter or go wireless.



The 11-inch version starts at $799, while the 12-inch version is priced at $999—surely a hefty price increase from last year. And with other accessories like the pencil or keyboard not included, these new iPads might prove a bit expensive for the average user.

Of course, as with many Apple products, the price doesn’t necessarily deter those loyal Apple users in its ecosystem. As long as there are useful upgrades, it will be up to consumers to see if the latest versions are worth it.   

Pre-order Now Available for the Newest MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and iPad


During Apple’s event entitled, “There’s more in the making” held in Brooklyn last October 30th, big news for consumers and Apple enthusiasts was announced.

For one, MacBook Air is still available, despite rumors that it will be folded into the MacBook line. In fact, the MacBook Air enjoyed a redesign, which we will discuss in detail in this article.

Aside from the news about MacBook Air, Apple also showcased a long-overdue update to their Mac Mini and iPad Pro devices.

Customers can order the new models direct from Apple’s website, and shipping and launching in stores that sell laptops start by November 7.


MacBook Air: What’s New?

The new MacBook Air features configuration and style updates.

The new look ditches the thicker aluminum bezel seen in the old MacBook Air models and displays thinner bezels framing the 13.3-inch Retina display screen.

Touch ID is still included, although it comes without the Touch Bar found on select MacBook Pro models. The laptop has a butterfly keyboard, Force Touch trackpad and two USB-C ports on its exterior.

The inside enjoys some upgrades as well with its 8th generation dual-core Intel Core processor. Storage goes up to a comfortable 1.5 TB. That means it’s thinner and lighter but more powerful.

The redesign also takes a greener approach with the body made from 100 percent recycled aluminum.

Price starts at a hefty $1,199, and fans can choose among 3 color options: gold, silver and space gray.


New Mac Mini Features

After 4 long years, the Mac Mini desktop has finally been updated. This “update of a lifetime” makes the new model superior in performance compared to its aged predecessor.

Sporting 4- and 6-core 8th generation Intel processors, with up to 64GB of RAM and a solid 2TB storage capacity, the new Mac Mini is certainly more powerful than the previous iteration. Four USB-C Thunderbolt ports line the edge of the device, along with 2 USB-A, HDMI and Ethernet ports.

Same with the new MacBook Air, this model also uses 100% recycled aluminum, but it only comes with the space gray color option.

Price starts at $799 and the most powerful model costs $1,099.

Latest iPad Pro

Apple made waves with their launch of 2 new iPad Pro tablets, an 11-inch model and a bigger, 12.9-inch tablet.

Both devices no longer have the home button, replaced by Face ID recognition. In terms of build, the bezels are notably thinner and corners are rounded, allowing for maximum screen space.

Upgrades on performance are also evident, with the tablets sporting Apple’s A12X Bionic chip and storage capacity of up to 1TB.

However, fans may need to get used to the big change in ditching the Lightning port in favor of a USB-C port.

In terms of price, the 11-inch iPad Pro starts at $799, while the 12.9-inch starting price is at $999.


Pre-order Apple’s Newest Suite of Devices

All of these fantastic chrome devices are hitting stores on November 7, but if you simply cannot wait, Apple is already taking pre-orders on these sought-after products.

Pre-order now if you want to get a hold of the device without standing in line at Apple stores!

Why You Should Get the New Apple Pencil

The latest version of the Apple Pencil was showcased at Apple’s special event last October 30, alongside the release of the 2018 iPad Pro tablets.

Fans will surely flock to retailers that sell tablets and get this much sought-after accessory. The new Apple Pencil offers exciting innovations that make it a must-have for artists and designers.

First, it’s the only one of its kind to auto-charge when attached to the tablet. With a magnetic mechanism, the new Apple Pencil attaches on the iPad Pro seamlessly and automatically.

Aside from that, the accessory includes a new touch sensor for taps and other gestures. Now, you can tap on your apps with this nifty tool!


Best Stylus Right Now?

As with most of Apple’s products, the Apple Pencil feels graceful and high tech when used. It’s beautifully connected with the iPad, with the scanning for the Pencil signal at 240 times per second.

The iPad even has predictive algorithms to sense where the Pencil is located.

These features make a supremely responsive stylus, perfect for scribbling and drafting notes.

Artists will revel at the precision the new Apple Pencil provides, especially as a pencil – it can draw a very narrow line, and it can adjust to the hand pressure and produce thicker lines.

This tool can also create a shading effect, like a charcoal pen’s strokes.

And while some may consider it lacking in some stylus function (not all functions of the finger are allowed), some still see this as a good thing, as the iPad is able to distinguish accidental screen touching from the palm.

The only real drawback is that it can only be used with the new iPad Pro, which has the special sensors embedded in the screen. Hence, you would need to buy the latest iPad Pro model in order to give this Pencil a go.


Engraving for the New Apple Pencil

Apple has announced its engraving service for the 2nd generation Apple Pencil. Like with the iPad tablets, owners can show a bit of their personality by designing their Pencils.

Engraving is free of charge, and users can place their custom order online through the Apple site. Do take note that if you get this service, you will have to wait a couple more days for your shipping to arrive.

Fortunately, you also have the option to pick up your order directly from the store.


Along with the 2018 iPad Pro tablets and the next generation Smart Keyboard Folio, the latest Apple Pencil is now available for pre-orders and will arrive in stores on November 7.

Priced at $129, it’s a tad expensive for a stylus, which is not surprising in the least given that it is an Apple product. There are cheaper options if you are after a no-frills stylus for your tablet.

But if you are thinking of getting the new iPad Pro, then the Apple Pencil is a worthy add-on. With the price come great features, which you could enjoy for a long time. Designers and artists will especially appreciate the upgrades on this latest Apple Pencil version.


How to Find Free iOS and Android Apps

It’s amazing that both the Apple App Store and Google Play allow you to return digital purchases when they do not work with your devices. However, in today’s hectic world, you sometimes forget the return window period and end up paying for an app that doesn’t work on your phone.


Is there a workaround for this? What if you can download a free version, test its compatibility with your device, and then pay for it later on?


Luckily, you can find fully-functioning free versions of iOS and Android Apps.


Look Around General Smartphone Stores

There are tens of thousands of free-to-download applications in both the Apple App Store and Google Play.


The best way to find them? Find the category that says “free.”


In the Apple App Store, here are the steps to find free apps:

  • Open the Apple App Store
  • Head to “Top Free”
  • See a list of free games to download
  • Any app with a “get” button is free to download


In Google Play, here are the steps to do it:

  • Launch Google Play
  • Click the categories that say “Top Free Games” and “Top Free Apps.” You also have options to see top grossing free games and apps
  • Any app with an “Install” button is free to download


Be warned that some of these free apps may be completely free to use, but their premium features may be locked behind a paywall. This means that if you like a certain premium feature, you’ll have to pay to unlock it or subscribe to it regularly.


Other Sources for Free Apps

Here are a few other places where you can find more free apps:



  • iOSnoops


iOSnoops is a website exclusive only to Apple iPhone users.


Its main difference from the Apple App Store is it can show paid yet discounted apps and formerly paid apps that are now free to use. You will not need iTunes or the App Store to download and install it, too. Now, you won’t need to switch to a different device to buy the apps that you need.


  • Subreddits

Reddit is a great place to find the newest apps from independent developers. Listings in r/Apphookup or r/GooglePlayDeals show you discounted paid applications in the top grossing sections of iOS and Android app stores.


While you won’t find any categorization in Reddit, using the Search sidebar may help you find a discounted or even free version of the app you want.


  • Search engine queries

You can find free iOS and Android apps with a few quick search engine queries. However, it is possible some results will lead you to piracy and torrent websites.


Be warned: when downloading from these sources, even from peer-sourced torrents, the apps might include viruses. These may also lead you to a third-party site that maliciously gains access to your information, leading to possible data theft. Use this step with extreme caution even if you find free versions of your favorite paid apps.


In case of problems, you can check online or go to stores that sell tablet or cellphone units to seek for help.


$350 Nokia 7.1 Brings Affordability and Quality to US Market

HMD Global’s latest Nokia smartphone, the Nokia 7.1, was unveiled last week. Fans of the brand will be excited to know that this one will be available at retailers that sell cell-phones in the US.

The mid-priced Android gadget boasts a durable design, which the brand is well known for, using extruded aluminum that feels like a solid piece of metal.

Let’s check out what this device has to offer:



The Nokia 7.1 smartphone has a 5.8-inch, 2280 x 1080 HD display that can support high dynamic range content. This means that users can experience greater clarity and color accuracy in images and videos.

In an interview with Forbes, Juho Sarvikas, HMD Global Chief Product Officer, mentions that the device introduces the PureDisplay screen technology that gives users a premium viewing experience. SDR content can be viewed in HDR, which is the brand’s response to the growing trend of mobile video watching among online users.

This phone also comes with Snapdragon 636 SoC. In terms of capacity, buyers have a choice between 32GB with 3GB of RAM or 64GB with 4GB of RAM. Both options should be adequate to run your various apps, although they tend to feel a bit slow if you’re used to a more high-end unit.

The Nokia 7.1 has Android 8.1 Oreo pre-installed, but in succeeding weeks this will be updated to Android Pie.

In contrast to other smartphones with fewer add-ons, with the Nokia 7.1 you get a headphone jack, USB-C port, and a MicroSD slot. The brand has also added a fingerprint reader, and while it’s not the snappiest under the finger, it works well enough to be a convenient feature.


Camera Features

Nokia 7.1 has a dual camera setup on its rear, with the primary shooter having an improved light-gathering capacity. The manufacturers say that the camera performs better at low-light photography than its predecessors.

This smartphone has a “bothie” mode where you can use the front and back cameras simultaneously.


As with other Nokia builds, this is as durable as you can get. The aluminum frame combined with the glass panel presents a nice, sturdy build. However, the glass picks up fingerprints, marring what would otherwise be a sleek look.

The design features a two-tone color treatment, with the main body either in dark blue or silver, while the edges show either silver or copper accents.



With a USD 350 price point, this device is a great option in the US, where not many brands can compete with such an affordable but functional offering. In fact, most phones in this price range have minimal software support and have little design impact to satisfy users.

With a promised software update to Android 9 Pie by the end of October, the Nokia 7.1 will be a stylish, durable, and up-to-date device.


The Verdict

As a mid-range option, the Nokia 7.1 is a well-built, practical smartphone with powerful software encased in solid hardware. This is another quality model from the brand, and it can easily be among the best smartphones of the year.

LG’s V40 ThinQ: Everything We Know So Far

Since August, the entire tech world has set its sights on LG’s newest flagship, the V40 ThinQ. Truth be told, LG’s V series has always made the news because of its prolific launches. The new five-camera flagship phone is definitely no exception.


The tech company launched its LG V30S ThinQ just last March. Then, it followed up with its LG G7 ThinQ in May. Then, more recently, it launched the LGV35 ThinQ in June.


While LG’s recent mobile strategy indicated it would “row back” on smartphone launches, the company saw critics give its recent releases some positive notes.


Without further ado, here is everything we know about LG’s V40 flagship phone set for release this October.


The Confirmed Date in October

The LG V40 ThinQ launch is taking place on October 3, 2018. If you’re planning to head to New York for the event, that date’s going to be on a Wednesday.


The Verge was the first to announce LG’s V40 ThinQ launch date in New York. However, this was the only date and city announced.


LG is likely to host launch events in different other countries – probably one in their home country South Korea, and one in a European country. We’ll have to wait and watch out for other release dates upon their announcement.


Will It Cost a Fortune This Time?

The LG V35, its most recent release, had a price of $900 upon going on sale. We don’t think LG will skimp on the price of its newest phone. So, be prepared to shell out some big bucks once again.


Tech Advisor UK estimates the price to be around $1000. This is likely to be the amount given that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will cost you around the same amount.


Game-Changing Specs We Can Expect

The LG V40 ThinQ had recent advertisements featuring the South Korean boy group BTS showing off its major features, such as the acclaimed 5 cameras in the device.


According to Pocket Lint, the LG V40 ThinQ would feature a 6.3 or 6.4-inch QHD+ Display with a 19.5:9 ratio. Just like its predecessor, it would have a P-OLED display.


As per its commercial, the cameras will utilize the “ThinQ Moniker,” which makes it easier to take the best selfies and shots.


In any case, if you’re thinking twice if it’s worth it to sell tablet units and other devices you were previously using just to buy an LG V40 ThinQ, these specs should urge you to do so:


  • 6.4in P-OLED, Quad HD+, 19.5:9
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
  • 6GB of RAM
  • 64/128GB of storage
  • 12+16+12Mp rear cameras
  • 8+5Mp front cameras
  • Quad DAC, Stereo speaker boombox
  • 3300mAh
  • 159x76x7.8mm
  • 169g


We believe the V40 surpasses the earlier V35 in many possible ways. Looking at the V35’s specs, you can say the V40 ThinQ’s upgrade is definitely major. This should serve as one of the deciding factors should you consider saving up for this new offering from LG.


3 Reasons Why We Crave for the Newest iPhone Every Year

Every time Apple releases a new iPhone, people go gaga over it. They will line up outside stores that sell iPhones and even make the effort to pre-order the units, regardless of how high the price is or how long the wait would be. They will do anything just to make sure that they will be able to get a hold of the much-coveted gadget.        

Everywhere around the world, thousands of people are iPhone owners and loyalists. Wherever you go, whether it be in business areas, coffee shops, or bus stops, there will always be an iPhone user around. The iPhone obviously still dominates the smartphone industry.   

You might be wondering why people are going crazy over the newest iPhone every year. Here are the top 3 reasons for the yearly iPhone frenzy.   

New Phone Means New Technology

Based on history, iPhone has been known for breaking barriers and breaking the mold. When iPhone came into the picture, it changed the way the world looked at phones. The iPhone became an all-in-one device – a computer, a messaging tool, a source of entertainment, a planner and many more.

In other words, every tool that people needed back then ceased to exist because the iPhone had it all. At that time, it certainly was impressive to be able to give the people everything they needed in a pocket-sized gadget. So it is no wonder that every time Apple releases a new phone, people are all gawking to see the latest technology available.        


The Need for Speed

In this digital age, everything happens in super speed mode. The faster your gadget is, the better. The iPhone is still considerably the fastest among all other smartphones. Whether it is used for video editing or for opening a large file, nothing comes close to the speed of the iPhone. When lined up, Samsung Galaxy S9 is the closest to the iPhone, but it is still more than two times slower in speed. Then Google Pixel 2 XL, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Samsung Galaxy 8 are trailing far behind in terms of speed.

Nowadays, phones are not only used as a communication tool. People demand for phones that can be used for work and entertainment, with the speed to match it. Apple doesn’t disappoint its fans when it comes to answering these demands. It makes sure that the iPhone is able to deliver all those functions with grace and speed. And every time there’s a new iPhone, it’s safe to say that it will have better speed than its predecessor.          


Status Symbol

Whether people admit it or not, the iPhone, with its high-end price tag, is a status symbol. Most iPhone loyalists, when asked what kind of smartphones are available, would say “The iPhone and other phones”. It basically shows a clear distinction between the iPhone compared to all other smartphones, whose names do not even seem to matter when matched with the iPhone.        

The iPhone is quite keen on being able to deliver better technology, super speed, and other favorable benefits to its users, making the iPhone still a top choice when it comes to smartphones. For these reasons, the yearly iPhone frenzy could be expected to continue on.      


Asus ROG Zephyrus S Review: World’s Thinnest Gaming Laptop

The ROG Zephyrus S GX531 is currently the world’s thinnest 15-inch gaming laptop. Asus has stripped the title away from the new Razer Blade 15 with its slimmer screen bezels, making it ultra-light and portable. As one can expect from a high-end computer, it features some of the latest technology under its hood. Not to mention, it also comes with a hefty price tag. It might be wise to sell used laptop units before purchasing the new Zephyrus as it will cost quite a bit.



The original ROG Zephyrus impressed the tech scene with its thin and light build that did not compromise its performance, but the same thing can be said about the Zephyrus S. Asus reduced the laptop’s screen bezels and thickness, enabling them to cram a 15.6-inch 1080 IPS screen in a compact chassis. It has a 144-Hz refresh rate and a 3ms response time.

The laptop measures 12 x 10.6 x 0.59-0.62 inches while its predecessor features a slightly wider and thicker frame at 14.9 x 10.3 x 10.66-0.7 inches. The Zephyrus S is also lighter than the original laptop, weighing only 4.63 pounds.

Asus made some significant design changes as well. Its keyboard-forward layout leaves no space for palm rests. It has RGB backlighting on the keyboard which can be turned on or off at will using the functions keys from the directional buttons. The Zephyrus S has a hinge-forward design, giving it a rear lip when opened. It also has two little yet noticeable arms that connect the screen from the main body, much like the hinges of the HP Spectre 13. Its all-metal chassis has been put through military-grade durability testing to ensure users that it stands up to the pressures and wear of daily use.



The Zephyrus S features next-generation laptop CPUs from Intel. It comes with the Intel Core i7-8750H, a six-core processor that makes this ultra-thin laptop powerful. It also features the Nvidia GTX 1070 Max-Q graphics card, the same one powering the Razer Blade. Hence, the Zephyrus S shouldn’t disappoint performance-wise. Unfortunately, it won’t be able to support Nvidia’s most powerful mobile GPU, the GTX 1080 Max-Q.

Asus has made it possible for a gaming laptop to be both powerful and ultra-portable through its one-of-a-kind Active Aerodynamic System. It opens the laptop’s bottom and lowers it to encourage airflow. Much like the original Zephyrus, this system activates automatically once the screen lid is opened. However, the gap is slightly smaller than before, now measured at 5 mm. This difference promotes 22% better airflow than standard designs.


Price and Availability

An Asus Zephyrus S with an Nvidia GTX 1070 Max-Q graphics card costs $2,199 on Amazon. It will feature an Intel Core i7 processor and 16 GB of RAM. In the U.S., one can opt to get a lower-tier version of the laptop, one with an Nvidia GTX 1060. It will have the same processor and RAM, and it will be available for $2,099. Once the Zephyrus S hits the shelves in the U.K. sometime in mid-October, the lower-tier model will be the only version available.

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR: Prices, Specs, and More

At Apple’s annual September gathering, they finally unveiled the three highly-anticipated iPhones of 2018. The iPhone XS and XS Max are the latest flagship devices. The entry-level iPhone XR succeeds the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus with its Face ID and edge-to-edge display. Apple wasted no time assuring people of the massive upgrades that are underway. But they didn’t beat around the bush. Apple has made it pretty clear that the updates don’t come cheap.

Before you sell cellphone units you’ve barely used and upgrade to one of these latest devices, let’s have a quick look at each model.


iPhone XS and XS Max

Apple’s latest flagship smartphones, the iPhone XS and XS Max, are the exact same device but with different screen sizes. The iPhone XS has a similar design and body as its predecessor. Like the iPhone X, it has a 5.8-inch OLED Multi-Touch display with stainless-steel sides. Its slightly bigger sibling, the XS Max, has a 6.5-inch OLED Multi-Touch display. Apart from that, the smartphones differ in terms of price.

Both smartphones have dual 12-megapixel wide-angle and telephoto rear cameras similar to the iPhone X. They have an IP68 rating. That means the devices can be submerged in water at maximum depths of two meters for up to 30 minutes. They are equipped with Apple’s new A12 Bionic processor, which the tech giant claims to be 15% faster than the A11 chip that’s powering the iPhone X. The smartphones are available in silver, space gray, and gold.

The devices are available in 64 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB. The iPhone XS starts at $999 while the XS Max starts at $1,099.

Apple’s iPhone XS and XS Max are currently available for preorder. Shipment starts on the 21st of September.


iPhone XR

A more affordable and colorful alternative to Apple’s premium smartphone line is the iPhone XR. This entry-level device starts at $749 for 64 GB. It has a 128 GB variant that’s available for $799 and a 256 GB option that costs $899. The iPhone XR is built with a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display. Unlike the XS and XS Max, its body is made with aluminum and glass.

In terms of tech capabilities, the XR is believed to be somewhere between an iPhone X and iPhone 8. It only has a single rear camera, a 12-megapixel wide-angle shooter. It comes with advanced Face ID. Like the premium iPhone models, it’s powered by the new A12 Bionic chip, making it 15% faster than last year’s flagship device. Its battery also received quite the upgrade. The new model can last 1.5 hours longer than the iPhone 8 Plus.

In addition, the iPhone XR comes in six vibrant colors, reminiscent of the iPhone 5c. The smartphone is available in white, black, coral, yellow, blue, and (PRODUCT)RED.

Preorders for the iPhone XR will begin next month on October 19, and shipment will start on the 26th.

What We Know So Far About Apple’s iPhone 11


Technology is advancing at such a fast pace these days, with tech giants perpetually trying to one-up each other. If you purchase a new iPhone today, don’t be surprised if tomorrow you no longer have the latest gadget in town because of another new iPhone set to be released.

So if you’re planning on getting yourself an iPhone, we suggest waiting a few more weeks, because the iPhone 11 is just about to hit the shelves.

We all know that Apple prides itself on products that embody sophistication and functionality. Every new iPhone being introduced in the market will always be a sure hit.

No doubt, stores that sell iPhone units are already preparing for this new release. After all, they need to promote the existing iPhone models before the latest addition hits the market. As for us consumers, given how each new model will always have its pros and cons, we need to start doing our research and answer the same question we ask ourselves each year: Will switching to the latest model be worth it?

This new unit will surely be another game changer. Here’s everything we know so far about Apple’s newest iPhone, the iPhone 11.


Date and Price

Reportedly being released this September 2018, the iPhone 11—or maybe the iPhone XI, as its official name has yet to be confirmed—will likely be priced around $999, like the iPhone X. Some speculate it may also cost $100 less than its predecessor.  


Physical Features and Specifications

As for its look, the iPhone 11 may resemble the iPhone X.

Especially since the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are nearly identical to the iPhone 7, it looks like the tech giant isn’t too keen on drastically changing the physical design that we’ve come to love. This means we may still see an all-metal body that has a glass back for Qi charging. An edge-to-edge screen and a vertical camera may also be present.

Rumor has it that in terms of the iPhone 11’s colors, Apple might offer vibrant options like they did with the iPhone 5C, or introduce new ones like gold. The Apple iPhone 11 will likely have a 5.8-inch screen and a pixel density of 458 ppi.

Another rumor circulating is that Apple may ditch the lightning port in exchange for an industry-standard USB type port. If this is true, it would be the company’s first time adopting a universal connection for one of its phones.

One latest point of conversation is whether Apple will finally be offering a gadget with dual-sim capability. It has also been reported that the iPhone 11 will have three 12-megapixel cameras on its rear that come with the ability to zoom up to 5x. Although there is no news yet if it will be using a digital zoom, an optical zoom, or a hybrid.


And there you have it, everything we know so far about Apple’s upcoming star. Let’s see what September 2018 will bring!

The Best Smartphone, Tablet and Smartwatch for Students

Gadgets and gizmos aren’t just for entertainment. Shops that sell laptop units and accessories will tell you that college students are always hunting for devices to help them with their studies. Even high school students these days use gadgets in school. Most of the phones, tablets and smartwatches today are optimized for general use. But there are a few devices that are specifically designed for students.  

Below are top student-friendly devices that are also cheaper than most premium gadgets.



Microsoft Surface Pro 4

  • Price starts at $578

From the very beginning, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has been a favorite of universities that use gadgets as school tools. This convertible laptop-tablet is globally recognized and awarded for its functions and features.

This Microsoft-manufactured tablet has powerful specs. One of the features that makes it great for students is its weight and ergonomic form-factor. The Surface Pro 4 is very compact. You can easily put it in your backpack and bring it anywhere. Its convertible form-factor makes it a solid desktop replacement. It has a 12.3-inch PixelSense screen, which is great if you use your laptop throughout the day.

In terms of software, the Surface Pro 4 is powered by Windows 10 Pro, one of the most productive operating systems ever. And on a single charge, this MS laptop can run for nine hours straight.



OnePlus 6

  • Price starts at $529

If you want a phone that has practically the same features seen on premium smartphones, but without their hefty price tag, go for the OnePlus 6. This 2018 OnePlus flagship comes with a glass-based design, a solid battery life, and the most recent processor chip.

You can use it to store all your school activities and more, thanks to its massive 8GB of RAM. For its reasonably decent price, you’ll get a camera that is better than the one on the iPhone X. This feature is particularly valuable if you often take photos of your school activities or notes written on whiteboards. The camera can also act as an instant ‘photocopy’ machine if you have to copy notes on textbooks or journals.



Watch Series 3 (GPS only)

  • Price starts at $329

Some may see a smartwatch as a ‘want’ instead of a ‘need’ for students. But in many instances, this is not the case. A smartwatch can make a student’s life easier in terms of paying bills, tracking fitness or even synching projects on multiple gadgets.

Much like the Surface Pro 4, the Watch Series 3 from Apple isn’t the most economical smartwatch in the market. But if you calculate performance over value, it’s a gadget that is worth investing in. Having a Watch Series 3 connects you online at any time of the day. Because it’s a wearable device, you can literally bring it anywhere you go.

The Series 3 is ideal for students with an active lifestyle or play sports. It is the best one for fitness and GPS tracking. It also plays music. And if you don’t have money on hand, simply access Apple Pay to pay for your lunch.

New Selfie Portrait Feature on OnePlus 5 and OnePlus5T

The tech industry is always trying to answer the growing demands of the market.  It is no wonder that you hear about updates for gadgets left and right.  The businesses that sell cell-phones, laptops and other gadgets are always on the lookout for these updates to make sure that their target consumers are informed of the latest updates.    


OnePlus Creators Take Pride in Fixing User Issues

The creators of OnePlus are no different as they pride themselves for valuing customer feedback.  This actually isn’t new for this company as they have been quite open to their users’ requests and feedback.  In fact, they have previously checked something off from their user’s request list – the roll out of their ultra-fast face unlock feature on their older phones.  The same thing goes for the Project Treble support on the OnePlus 5 and the OnePlus 5T. There are several other fixes that this company rolled out after listening from their users.     

To add to that list, after receiving numerous requests on their Open Ears forum about OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T’s photo capability limitations, they want people to know that they are listening and that they can hear them loud and clear.  OnePlus simply wants to tell their users, “We hear you!”

The company recently released the news that made their users gush with excitement.   Their users were happy to hear that their previous phone models, the OnePlus 5 and the OnePlus 5T will get an upgrade: the Selfie Portrait Mode Feature.  This news was initially heard in their latest Open Ears forum in India before it was broadcasted in official forums.    


The Selfie Portrait Mode Feature

This feature was originally only available in the OnePlus 6.  The portrait selfie mode feature came in as a software update, shortly after its launch.  People went gaga over it, as this feature allowed its users to have the feel of using a wide aperture DSLR lens.   This feature gave its users an ability to manipulate their photos and add more technical drama in their images. This update was welcomed by the public with open arms because it does not require dual front facing lens.  It is quite similar and comparable to the Google Camera app on the Google Pixel 2, which is purely software-based and downloadable, making it very accessible.

It is interesting to see how this would play out with OnePlus5 and OnePlus 5T’s 16MP front cameras.   Most users and gadget enthusiasts will probably find this as a very appealing feature, especially since OnePlus phones aren’t exactly known for their outstanding photo-taking abilities.  Now this feature definitely amps up these phones’ photo prowess.

There is no exact release date yet from the creators of OnePlus, but it is safe to assume that porting this feature wouldn’t take too long.  As this feature is completely software-based like what they have with the OnePlus 6, porting this feature to their previous models doesn’t seem too far fetched or too impossible.  In the meantime, stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed as we anticipate the official release date of this upgrade.