Apple Airpods Review: Are They Really Worth It?

The Apple AirPods have paved the way for the best wireless earbuds experience. Since its launch in 2016, fans have clamored to get their own pair from online and store retailers that  sell cell-phones.And while many naysayers criticize the brand for exorbitant prices, Apple AirPods have undoubtedly changed the way earphones are built.

Seamless design is what Apple is known for, and combining with superb sound quality, it makes sense that even after two years since its launch, the AirPods are still considered the most highly innovative and must-have earbuds.

So, are they worth the hype? Let’s look closer at what AirPods have to offer you.


Quality and Features

Let’s start with the sound quality. Apple AirPods chose to take a one-size-fits-all housing, which means the device size won’t be a hundred percent fit to your ears.

That means that outside noises are still able to seep in while you’re using your AirPods. Aside from that, people near you will likely hear your music. You may want to think twice about blasting those tunes off when you’re on the subway.

But all is forgiven with the sound quality. These pricey earphones do sound pretty great!

The sound has robust body and energy to it, and you can revel yourself in the sound whether you feel like relaxing on ambient tunes or pumping it up with glam rock.

There’s also a good proportion of layering in the soundstage, where each instrument has ample space without everything sounding too crowded.

Indeed, while there are other wired earphones that offer better sound quality, the AirPods provide the convenience of being wireless and guaranteed excellent listening experience.

Aside from being unable to isolate external sounds, other compromises include the limited four-hour battery life from a single charge. I personally find it a hassle to charge the AirPods constantly for daily listening.

While it mirrors the look of the traditional Apple EarPods, the main difference lies in the arm. The AirPods have thicker arms than the EarPods.

If you are a fan of the signature Apple design, you’re probably pleased with the overall design of this set. But it’s also worth noting that sticking with this classic EarPod style meant that the AirPods won’t be open to modern materials, such as silicon eartips that firmly lock the earphones in your ears in place.


Connectivity and Controls

In terms of connectivity, the AirPods are quite convenient compared to most earphones out there. Simply open the AirPods’ case next to your phone and select the option on your screen to pair the devices.

Once paired, these buds will automatically pair whenever you place them in your ears and disconnect when taken out. For Android users, you would have to connect via Bluetooth first then enjoy the same automatic pairing afterwards.  



As with most Apple products, the AirPods command a hefty price. At USD159 in Apple and even pricier USD249 in Amazon, it’s certainly more expensive than most users are willing to spend on earphones.

But for purists, the wireless charging, seamless connection, and awesome sound experience warrants the cost of the AirPods.