Nokia is Coming Back to the US

Nokia is finally coming back to the US years after it had shut its doors. Known for their virtually indestructible and ubiquitous cellphones, the Finnish tech company made some of the most widely-used phones in the world in the early 2000s. However, they struggled greatly ever since smartphones became the next big thing. They had to sell their mobile device divisions as a result.

What happened to Nokia?

Since Nokia was unable to adapt to the ever-increasing digital landscape, they had no other choice but to sell. Microsoft bought the company sometime in 2013. In only a matter of years, they had to shut it down completely. Nokia has been on a hiatus since then. However, thanks to another Finnish company called HMD, Nokia is back in business.

HMD bought Nokia’s naming rights. In 2016, the company also bought back the old mobile device division from Microsoft.

What has Nokia been up to?

Staying true to Nokia’s well-known reputation for making durable devices, HMD has spent a great deal of time and effort in creating affordable smartphones that are also well-built. They’ve rolled out revamped versions of the 3310 and 8110. Since the company has adapted well to the digital era, they’ve been creating decent smartphones. Like Nokia used to, HMD also continues to sell cellphone units for a reasonable price.

Now, HMD has its eyes set on entering the US market. Consumers who buy HMD-made handsets need to go through retailers like Amazon and Best Buy to get their hands on them. These consumers, however, represent a small piece of the US market. To make it big in the country, HMD handsets likely need to be available in cellular carriers, where Americans prefer to purchase their phones. Yet even if they don’t, their brand will continue to be visible to this promising market.

What Nokia handsets are available in the US?

Earlier this year, the company announced that it has partnered with Cricket Wireless, a more affordable subsidiary of the AT&T network. They’re also working hand-in-hand with Verizon. HMD provides exclusive Nokia phones for both of these carriers, and the 5.9-inch Nokia 3.1 is one of them. The smartphone features two rear cameras, built for capturing that perfect portrait shot. Under its hood, it has a 3,500 mAh battery. It can also hold as much as 32 GB worth of storage.

Nokia 3.1 is currently available to Cricket subscribers for $160.

As for prepaid Verizon users, they have the option to purchase the Nokia 2V, a smaller 5.5-inch smartphone with a massive battery life. It has front-firing speakers, making it an ideal low-budget device for casual online gaming.

Nokia V2 phone is available to prepaid Verizon users for $69.99.


Like the good old days, Nokia has some of the most affordable and durable devices in the market. Now they’re pushing out decent smartphones, including a reboot of the 3310 and 8110 phones, for a reasonable price. Even in 2019, a Nokia smartphone won’t cost an arm and a leg.


The HP Omen Obelisk, a Powerful and Upgradable Gaming PC

The HP Omen Obelisk Gaming PC is one of the most reliable gaming PCs on the market, showcasing the critical components of a gaming PC build. HP emphasized the Omen’s powerful components while downplaying the unimportant frills that bog down most prebuilt gaming PCs that we have today.


Features of the Omen Obelisk

The HP Omen Obelisk is a midrange gaming PC, categorized between the Pavilion and the Omen X. Although it’s more powerful than a gaming console, it has a plug-and-play feel and is designed to be used by more casual gamers. The Obelisk has a sleek and compact design, and it is ray-tracing-ready and VR-capable.

The Obelisk is equipped with 32GB DDR4. Its MOBO has a total of two DIMMs that can support 16GB module each for a total of 32GB as the ceiling for memory expansion. The Omen is packed with a 512GB SSD and a 2TB HDD.


Gaming Performance

The gaming PC can handle 1440p gaming with ease. The starting model is loaded with Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 and a sturdy Core i7-8700 (or an AMD Ryzen 7), but other beefier units can pack a Core i9-9900K. The Obelisk has a total score of 1385 on Cinebench. Running Battlefield I and Civilization VI, the gaming PC delivered over 60 FPS in all game settings, as well as in 4K resolution. Overall, the gaming PC is handy and can easily deal with most of the requirements of contemporary PC games, while still remaining affordable.


Overall Look

The Omen has a matte black case. You can personalize the casing with a customizable RB lighting and an optional transparent side panel. The Obelisk tower is 6.5 x 14.1 x 17 inches in dimension, which makes it fairly compact, considering that it’s packed with gaming power. The best part is the Obelisk is equipped with enough internal space that supports future upgrades. You can also easily remove the side panels without using any tools, enabling easy maintenance and upgrades. Overall, the gaming PC has an understated and functional look.


Improved Version of the Omen 870

The Omen Obelisk is HP’s response to the weaknesses of the Omen 870, making it easier to use. For instance, unlike those of the Omen 870, the Omen Obelisk’s front USB ports are flipped, so they’re facing the user and not away from them. The cooler radiator vents out of the top panel, and it has a rear case fan. With a liquid cooler, the Obelisk can run efficiently.


Access to the Omen Game Stream

The PC can support the Omen Game stream, so you can use the Omen to play your games on another PC and other Android devices. With this, you can play on another Windows system, while streaming off a more powerful Omen system over the Internet.


Understated but Packed with Gaming Power

Although the Obelisk may not appeal to those who want a flashier PC, its understated aesthetics, gaming power, and modest price compare well to PCs with almost the same specs but may cost hundreds more. That said, if you’re planning to sell your used laptop to buy a functional prebuilt gaming and office PC that packs enough power, the Omen Obelisk is a practical choice.

Moto G7 Power: A Midrange Phone with a Massive Battery

If you’re looking for an inexpensive but reliable phone, Motorola’s G lineup may just be one of the options for you. The Moto G lineup has been updated this 2019, and the new models offered in the G7 line include the G7, G7 Power, and G7 Play.

The G lineup comprises Motorola’s midrange phones, which are an upgrade to the Moto E smartphones, the company’s low-budget offering. The G phones fall just below the Moto Z, which is Motorola’s flagship phone. The Moto G7 Power is available for $249, making the G lineup ideal for people who want a reliable phone but are on a budget.


G7 Specifications and Performance

The three phones are equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 632, the first time this processor has ever been used. The G7 has 4GB RAM, the Power has 3GB, and the Play has 2GB. All the smartphones have dedicated microSD card slots for expansion.  

Motorola promises that the new G7 line has 110 percent better speed than the old batch. Geekbench indicates that the G7 has a 1237 single-core score and 4633 multi-core score, which is comparable to the Moto Z’s scores of 1322 and 4955.

For now, the G7 runs on Android 9.0 Pie, but it’s readily upgradable to Android Q once the new OS is released next year.


Battery Life

Although the 5,000 mAh battery makes the phone heavy at about 7 ounces, it is one of the G7 Power’s highlight features. Changing the screen setting to low resolution further extends the battery life, and the difference in display quality is only slightly noticeable.


Screen Resolution

The 6.2-inch screen with a 1520 × 720 resolution may sound unimpressive, but the G7 Power’s display still performs well for its capacity. The screen is bright and crisp, although it’s not in Full HD.


Camera Specifications

The G7 and the G7 Power have a 12MP main camera and an 8MP front camera, while the G7 Play has an 8MP front camera and 13MP rear camera. Moto G7’s gallery app is still Google Photos.


LTE Capability

Although the G7 phones have a slow Cat 7 LTE, their LTE bands are capable of handling all US carriers. The G7 Power and Play have the T-Mobile Band 71, which is not found in the regular G7.


Other Features

All three models are water repellent. The line isn’t heavy at all but has a solid feel. The phones may be too wide for one-handed use. But at 3 inches wide, they are still smaller than the easy-to-sell iPhone Plus model. The phones have an uncluttered build, and Moto’s convenient additions, such as always-on display mode and the option to launch the camera by twisting your wrist, are notable features of the new line. The phones have a rear-mounted fingerprint reader and a single speaker.


Consistent Performance

The G lineup has been consistent in terms of its value-for-money performance. The phones may be affordable, but they have a classy feel. And of course, there’s the G7 Power’s incredible battery. Given the Moto G7 lineup’s price value, these are some of the most competitive budget phones on the market today.

Motorola G6 Play Review: A Budget-Friendly Phone with Impressive Specs

Buying a budget smartphone doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the latest features. As flagship models get better each year, so do their cheaper alternatives. One of the best budget smartphones you can buy in 2019 is the Motorola G6 Play.

Today, you will find out if this Motorola smartphone is the bargain it seems.


The latest generation of Motorola G phones features curved Gorilla Glass rear panels. For the Moto G6 Play, they replaced this with plastic to further knock down its price. Despite the cheaper alternative, its plastic panels look classy and high-end. That’s most likely due to the reflective elements on the top layer. Much like its expensive counterparts, the Moto G6 Play glistens as it catches the light. You will find an S-shaped pattern reflected across its rear panel when it does.

The Moto G6 Play isn’t made entirely out of plastic. Its sides are aluminum, but it has been coated with a special finish to maintain a cohesive look.

Specs and Features

While most budget phones that debuted last year came with a 16:9 aspect ratio, the Moto G6 Play stood out among the crowd with 18:9. That makes the smartphone great for console-style gaming and reading. On the other hand, its 720 x 1440 resolution is lower than other units in the G6 range.

The Moto G6 Play is powered by a Snapdragon 430 chip. Although it’s not exactly a very powerful chipset, it’s performance won’t disappoint. It can even support high-end gaming. The smartphone has 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage, which is quite impressive for its price. As it’s built with a memory card slot, you can extend its storage capacity to accommodate your favorite games, songs, photos, and more.

However, the real star of the show is its battery life. With a 4,000 mAh battery, the smartphone can last an entire day of intense usage. You can stream YouTube videos for an hour, text, surf the web, and snap some photos. The Moto G6 Play is also one of the only budget-friendly phones to offer authentic fast charging.

Price and Availability

Aside from its plastic panel, Motorola made a few other compromises to lower the smartphone’s price. The water-repelling nano-coating is one of them. Instead of a USB-C, the Moto G6 Play also features a micro USB port. On the bright side, if you’re all about fast charging, you will find it easier to plug in its cable as it can’t be jammed, as opposed to USB-Cs.

The Moto G6 Play is available on Amazon for $179.00 and on Walmart for $179.66. You can also acquire a 16 GB variant of this smartphone through Verizon Wireless for $129.99.

If you want an affordable phone for the new year, you should consider getting the Moto G6 Play. It has an excellent design, strong battery life, and impressive specs. You can trade or sell cellphone units through the right service providers to acquire this budget-friendly phone.

Razer Teases First Xbox One

Much like the many users of the Xbox, retailers that sell laptop units and gaming devices are hungry for any new information about the Xbox One. And so it’s welcome news every time Microsoft or Razer gives updates—even teasers—of what gamers and sellers can look forward to. In the past couple of months, Razer has been teasing two brand-new Xbox One products: a wireless mouse and a keyboard.


Renowned gaming peripheral brand Razer released the full photos of these products late last month. For reasons unknown, the updates mostly flew under the radar. But, with the coming 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on January 8, the company is now prominently advertising the Xbox One set.


Razer has yet to disclose the name of the set, though. There hasn’t been any detailed information about the products, too. That said, many are hopeful that with the teasers, their availability won’t be far behind.


The Microsoft and Razer Tandem  


Almost a year ago, Microsoft and Razer joined forces to produce a mouse and a keyboard set for the Xbox One. Microsoft has been dropping hints about the Xbox One keyboard and mouse support for a few years now, but for the most part, everything is unclear. With Razer in the mix, the support is finally becoming a reality.


The software royalty has partnered with Razer to enable the latter’s Chroma RGB lighting support in Xbox games. The Razer’s Chroma allows gamers to have assortments of colors to light up on their keyboard. The Chroma is also helpful in games like Overwatch where the colors can spot chances of cooldowns.


Razer also plans to let game developers take advantage of its API to deliver Chroma lighting effects on other video games. Microsoft will also allow developers to identify if a keyboard or mouse is available on an Xbox One. Also, some video games could only match up with keyboard and mouse users with similarly outfitted gamers. The developers will be responsible for balancing the games, and Microsoft will provide all the tools necessary to make sure video games can apply for the support in many different ways.


The Long Wait Is Almost Over . . . Hopefully


Xbox One users have been clamoring for mouse and keyboard support for some time now. The answer to the demand has been a long wait. The Xbox system was launched in 2013, and the support has finally arrived just in the latter month of 2018. The long wait wasn’t a result of neglect, but of extreme caution. Microsoft had long opposed mouse support because accurate mouse movements may give some players an unfair advantage.


But thankfully, with the teasers uploaded months ago, some key details have given Xbox One enthusiasts something to get excited about. Based on the photos, the set will include an Xbox button at the bottom right part of the keyboard. The box will also likely to contain a slide-out mouse mat. Xbox players have to wait until the CES to find out the exact cost of the products.

T-Mobile Confirms: A 5G Samsung Phone is in the Works

T-Mobile remained tight-lipped when Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint revealed their plans to introduce a 5G version of a Samsung phone in 2019.

T-Mobile’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Neville Ray, shocked the entire industry as he confirmed through a blog post that the tech giant is working on a 5G phone too. In his blog, he also called out the competition, saying that T-Mobile is the sole company intending to deliver an authentic 5G experience for everyone.

What is 5G Technology?

One of the most highly anticipated developments in the tech industry is 5G technology, which is the newest iteration of cellular mobile communications. As you probably already know, it succeeds 4G, 3G, and 2G systems. Compared to previous iterations, this emerging tech offers greater speeds, energy-saving, high system capacities, lower latency, and massive device connectivity.   

The 5th generation wireless technology has been the talk of the town since major carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint announced that they will be introducing new 5G versions of a Samsung smartphone. While it’s believed to transform the future of applications, it’s also expected to usher in advances that will enhance every industry fueling the US economy. According to T-Mobile’s CTO, this technology has the potential to produce more jobs and create more opportunities for people.

In his blog post, Ray made it clear that none of the advantages of 5G technology will matter if companies like “AT&T, Verizon, and the cable monopolists” remain in control of the country’s 5G future.

T-Mobile 5G Spectrum strategy: What Makes It Special?

Ray explained that T-Mobile is focused on delivering an excellent customer experience, not for a select few, but for everyone who wants to benefit from this new technology. He said that in order for a company to do so, they must embrace a combination of low, mid, and high-band spectrum. As he mentioned, this is exactly what they are doing. He called it their multi-band 5G spectrum strategy, which is a fundamental part of their merger with Sprint.

As for other wireless companies, Ray said that their 5G strategy is rather restricted. They only intend to introduce 5G to a few select places. But with T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G strategy, they will most likely be forced to change their plan.

Ray confirmed that T-Mobile is working with Samsung on a 5G smartphone. There’s a lot of work to do given that the tech has yet to be commercially ready. When he penned this blog post last year, he said that it underperforms LTE. Much of the details surrounding this 5G smartphone has yet to be announced, but the phone is expected to come out within the year.

Are you excited about the 5th generation wireless technology? If you want to get your hands Samsung’s 5G smartphone, you might as well start saving for it. That’s definitely not going to come cheap. You can always sell cellphone units you’ve used before to save up some extra cash for an extra special phone.

Lenovo Launches Its Latest Model, The Z5s with Snapdragon 701 SoC and Triple Rear Cameras

Lenovo has finally launched its newest model, the Z5s smartphone last December 24. The piece is the company’s latest addition to its Z5 series that has the Lenovo Z5 Pro.

A lot of buzz surrounded this launch, as the Z5s has the sought-after Qualcomm Snapdragon 701 SoC within. The unit also boasts of sophisticated triple rear camera setup.

Lenovo continues their innovation by focusing on speed and power of their smartphone offerings.

Aside from the Z5s, they will also launch another smartphone soon – the Z5 Pro GT – the first model to be powered by Snapdragon 855 worldwide.

Retailers that sell cell-phones are poised to get a hold of these latest devices.

Here are some key specs that the newest offering, Z5s, has:


Specifications and Features

Lenovo Z5s has a 6.3-inch screen, which has an ideal screen-to-body ratio of over 90%. The big screen has a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels to satisfy image and video viewing.

The main draw for this model is the triple camera setup on the rear. There is a 16-megapixel main camera, an 8-megapixel secondary sensor, and a 5-megapixel camera functioning as the third sensor. Lenovo keeps things savvy up front as well, with a 16-megapixel camera right at the front of the phone.

Aside from the sophisticated optics, this smartphone sports a waterdrop notch and sleek bezels to complement the wide screen. It also has a fingerprint sensor.

Powerful octa-core processor thanks to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 710 enables convenient app use, video viewing, and gaming. In fact, it has Lenovo’s Game Turbo technology, to keep gaming sessions going without any glitches or overheating. Battery life is also optimal at 3,300 mAh capacity.

As for memory, storage option can go as high as 256 GB using a microSD card.    

For the back display, fans can choose among several color options: Honey Orange, Starry Black, and Titanium Crystal Blue. A glass casing with P2i nano anti-splatter coating keeps the device stunning.


Lenovo Z5s Price

This latest Lenovo smartphone is within the mid-price range. Starting price is CNY 1,398 or about USD203 for the most basic model with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. The 6GB RAM with 64GB storage capacity is available at CNY 1,598 or about USD 232, while the most powerful option is priced at CNY 1,898 or around USD 276.

And that’s not all. There is an exclusive edition launched alongside the standard Z5s. The Lenovo Zhu Yilong model sports the steepest price of CNY 1,998. This will be on sale a little bit later than the December 24 launch of the Z5s, starting January 12,.

With the sleek design, great screen aspect ratio and display, power and globally competitive price range, Lenovo has certainly ticked all the right boxes. Fans have clamored with reservations even before the launch, and with positive reviews left and right for this model, and it seems enthusiasts will continue to sing praises for this latest offering.


The Top 5 RGB Keyboards for Gamers

In terms of keyboards, the ‘RGB’ category is very specific. When you buy an RGB keyboard, you’re getting the complete RGB array of colors. You can actually see all shades, even if they’re subtle or intense. RGB keyboards have customizable multicolor lighting. In general, you can pick any color from the RGB color wheel to backlit your entire keyboard. You can also choose a color for a single key or for a group of keys.

If you’re shopping for your own RGB keyboard, here are five models that shops that sell laptop units highly recommend.

Razer Huntsman Elite ($199.99)

When it comes to gaming hardware, Razer is a brand that many people trust. With the Huntsman Elite, the global brand has elevated the standard of RGB keyboards. The Huntsman Elite features optomechanical switches. This means the keyboard’s mechanical switches are now integrated with optical sensors. This enables the Huntsman Elite to help you vastly improve your gaming performance.

Logitech G513 ($129.99)

One of the selling points of RGB keyboards is that they are great for gaming machines. The problem is most of them are just good for games. They are not flexible enough to be, at least, decent for regular typing. This is where the Logitech G513 comes in. The Swiss brand addressed this issue with a whole new linear switch. The G513 is basically an upgraded version of the Logitech G413, a crowd favorite for several years now. The makeover delivers a more streamlined, fully-featured keyboard. The G513 is practically resistant to fingerprints. Also, its frame is more compact and sleek, thanks to its brush metal finish.  

Corsair K63 Wireless ($89.99)

A wireless gaming mouse is not a shocker anymore. But, a wireless gaming keyboard is. The Corsair K63 Wireless is an RGB keyboard that delivers the full spectrum of the color wheel. Corsair meticulously transferred all the goodness of the wired version of the K63 into wireless hardware. Apart from the tight Cherry MX Red switches, the K63 wireless also includes hassle-free media controls for a more convenient gaming experience.  

Corsair K68 RGB ($115.98)

Even if you’re attentive to your surroundings, accidents happen. And when you’re on your desk, it’s the keyboard that suffers most of the time. Clumsy or not, the Corsair K68 RGB is a great keyboard because it is water-resistant. You don’t have to worry about sudden soda shower during an intense game. It is a sturdy gaming necessity that is powered by a first-rate software. It might get a little tricky when you first customize the lights. But once you figure it out, everything will be easy.

Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 ($69.99)

You don’t have to buy high-end products that cost an arm and a leg to get what you need. Case in point, the Cooler Master MasterSet MS120. For just about 70 bucks, you can have a set of a mouse and a keyboard. Admittedly, the mouse needs improvement, but the real star of the MS120 set is the RGB keyboard. It has switches that offer a variety of tactile feedback. It’s also relatively quiet. You won’t wake up anyone at night, even if you’re frantically playing a game and furiously typing away.

How to Make the Most Out of your iPhone’s 16GB of Storage

We can all agree that Apple, one of the most innovative tech companies in the world, needs to up their game in terms of storage space. It sounds ridiculous that entry-level iPhones, up to this day, only have 16GB of storage. For sure, the company can make concessions to at least increase the space to 32GB without affecting its bottom line, right?

We can also all agree that there are millions of people that still use an iPhone with only 16GB of storage. Retail shops that sell iPhone units can attest to this. If you’re one of those with a 16GB iPhone, don’t fret. You can still enjoy and even stretch your modest amount of storage space. You’ll only have to make some changes and be smart about it.

It’s vital you know which apps eat the most of your storage space, so you can make the right changes. The biggest space eaters are photos, videos, music, podcasts, and games. Obviously, you need to delete the unnecessary apps and media to give your phone some more room. To get an accurate view of your iPhone’s storage space, go to your “Manage Storage” tab.  

Here are a few more tried-and-tested tips to help you conserve your 16GB iPhone storage space:

Move Photos and Videos Elsewhere

Photos and videos are the likely reasons your iPhone keeps reminding you that you’re almost out of storage. This is particularly true if you’ve been using the same phone for years. Instead of sacrificing newer photo shoots or the resolution of your images, have a regular ‘media transfer.’ You can do it via the cloud of your choice or a traditional transfer where you plug in your phone to your computer. Another option is to use free apps like Google Photos where you can auto-upload your media files.

Once you’ve moved your photos and videos elsewhere, make sure to delete the local copies on your iPhone. Also, make sure to turn off your Photo Stream as it can organically store over 1000 images.

Use the World Wide Web

It’s important that you only install the apps that you truly need and the ones that you repeatedly use. For instance, you don’t have to install the Wikipedia app. If you need to access Wikipedia, use the web. Same goes with a dictionary app or a news site app that you don’t regularly read. If you can easily get the answer to your question through an online search, then use the web. You don’t have to install the app dedicated to it, especially if you’re only going to use once or twice.

Limit Your Music Playlist

If there’s a playlist that you can’t live without (aka when the Wi-Fi is down), then go ahead and put it on your iPhone. Otherwise, use streaming services like Spotify. Apple Music has a paid service that lets you upload all the tracks that you want online and stream them on your desktop or phone. Once you’ve managed your online music library, you can remove the local files on your iPhone to clear more space. Just don’t forget to uncheck the sync tick box for your iTunes.

Which Mechanical Keyboard Should You Pick for 2019

It may come as a surprise to many, but there are different kinds of keyboards. This is particularly true with gaming laptops. And many gamers prefer mechanical over standard membrane keyboards.

A mechanical keyboard has an actual switch under each key. Literally, every physical switch triggers a tactile feel and response time. As such, the switches of a mechanical keyboard can support as much as 50 million keystrokes. Membrane keyboards can only do about 5 to 10 million keystrokes.

If you’re on the lookout for the best mechanical keyboards available, here are the top three that markets that sell laptop units highly recommend.

Langtu X1000 ($36.95)

Most gamers prefer the Langtu X1000 for two reasons: it’s a decent mechanical keyboard and it’s reasonably priced. Langtu keyboards are specifically made for gaming and the X1000 has several special features that set it apart from other gaming keyboards. For one, it has a gaming level circuitry that consists of 104 keys, roughly a fourth of those are specific for anti-ghosting. The X1000 provides a higher range of flexibility. Also, the keys are specifically made to minimize hand fatigue.

The keycaps of the X1000 are fully removable too, which means effortless maintenance. Because they are easy to remove, cleaning or replacing them is also a breeze. For more gaming convenience, the keyboard also has a plethora of FN shortcuts. You can easily access a range of items without leaving an existing game. The Langtu X1000 also comes with a one-year warranty.  

Redragon K552 ($32.99)

When it comes to durability, the Redragon K552 leads the pack of mechanical and RGB keyboards. Not only is the K552 sturdy, but it’s also splash-proof. This is THE keyboard for clumsy users. More than its durability, this particular Redragon model consists of 87 non-conflict keys plus 12 multimedia caps.

The K552 caps also have an adjustable red backlight. You can easily modify the board’s brightness and breathing effect to your preference. The lights can be completely turned off as well if want to be inconspicuous. Much like with other Redragon products, the K552 is cost-effective. For just over 30 bucks, you can own a top-quality keyboard that can boost your gaming performance.

JAR-OWL J2 (Price Varies)

JAR-OWL is well-reputed for delivering high-quality gaming paraphernalia. The J2 is one of the brand’s most in-demand mechanical keyboards, and for good reasons. The JAW-OWL J2 features an eye-catching gold design with 104 distinct keycaps. Nineteen of these caps are non-conflict keys to help you set up the board the way you want it to be. The J2 keys are also known for their sturdiness. Each key can hold up against 60 million keystrokes.

The entire keyboard is backlit. Its backlight brightness can illuminate a room during the night. The J2 also comes with a dust cover to keep dirt from getting into the keys. The box also contains a wearable TPF rubber pad to ensure that the keyboard doesn’t slip to prevent desk scratches. Overall, the J2 is another decent mechanical keyboard. Its price varies depending on the vendor, but it is generally under $50.