5 Smart Ways to Use Your Old Smartphone

With the high demand for gadgets with better features and more advanced technology , it seems as if momento you get used to your Smartphone, the come up with new models that push your pone into absolescence .

But that doesn´t mean that your old pone completely useless. In fact, there are a lot of creative ways that you can repurpose your old Smartphone. Here are a few life hacks to consider before you decide to ditch your phone.

1.     Leave it by your bedside

Don’t just leave it inside your drawer to collect dust—leave it on your nightstand where you can use it solely for when you’re in your room. You can use it as an alarm clock, or you can attach it to some speakers and play music while trying to relax or when you’re exercising in the morning. If you’re the type to read a good book before bedtime, use your smartphone to download e-books and read them there.

2.     Use it as a navigation device

Before smartphones existed, people had to print out maps and have someone else read the directions going to unfamiliar places without knowing how heavy the traffic was or which way was the fastest. Now, you can simply leave your old phone in the car, open Google Maps or Waze, and drive.

3.  Use your smartphone as a remote control

Why spend money for a universal remote at home when you’ve got a phone that can do the job? Many smartphones such as models from Samsung and LG have built-in infrared blasters that can control your other devices. If your phone doesn’t have a built-in infrared blaster, you can always download applications that will do the trick. There are a lot of great remote-control applications out there, so take a quick look around your house to see all the things that can be controlled with just your phone.

4.     Use it in case of an emergency

Lots of people forget that their smartphones are capable of more than playing games and music. Smartphones can call 911 even without sim cards. Plus, there are thousands of apps that can assist you during emergencies. Equip your phone with emergency first aid apps, apps that can help locate family members, or apps that can help you with navigation when you’re lost. Some smartphones can even alert you when natural disasters are about to occur.

5.     Utilize the camera

Your phone’s camera doesn’t always have to be used for selfies. When you’re at the mall, take photos of books, clothes, makeup, and other products that you like. The next time you look for them, you’ll have all the information handy right then and there.


Before you consider trading in your phone just like your MacBook trade in, think about all the things that your old smartphone can do for you. Don’t let your phone collect dust in the drawer and think of all the creative ways you can still use it.