How Can I Charge My Phone If I Forgot My Charger?

Nearly everyone has a smartphone these days. If you rely heavily on yours for everyday activities, you can use up your battery before the day even ends. To replenish your power, you will need a compatible charger, and of course, an outlet.

However, there are other methods you can use in case you misplace or forget to bring a compatible charger. Technically, you can use fruit to replenish your phone’s battery, but you need a whole lot of it. On top of that, you will need extra. Needless to say, it’s neither convenient nor practical.

Thankfully, there are less tedious ways to power your phone without its charger.

Look for a Compatible USB Port             

Remember that the USB port must be compatible with your phone. If you brought your iPad’s USB charger, you can use it to power your phone. You can plug one end into your phone and the other into a USB port.

At work, you can plug the other end into a desktop or laptop computer. For those who are on the go, public spaces such as coffee shops, hotels, and airports usually have USB charging stations, where guests can replenish their batteries for free.

Use Your Power Bank

It’s always best to pack a power bank for emergencies. Most of these battery packs can store enough power to last you throughout the day.

Just make sure to charge your power bank before any trip. Keep it in your bag so you can charge on-the-go. All you need to do to replenish your phone’s battery is plug the device’s cable into your phone and wait until it is fully charged.

Charge Your Phone in Your Car

Most modern cars come with a built-in USB port for charging all kinds of mobile devices. However, if your car isn’t new, you can connect an adapter to the lighter port to charge your phone.

Start your car or place it in accessory mode. Plug one end of your charging cable into an adapter or a USB port. Then, plug the other end into your mobile device.

Place Your Phone on a Charging Mat

Smartphones have become ubiquitous in the digital era. To cater to the needs of their employees, companies often offer charging pads. These things can charge nearly every mobile device, including smartphones.

The best part? There are no messy cables. All you have to do is place your phone on the charging pad.

If your company doesn’t provide such a convenience, you might want to consider investing in one. You can keep it in your cubicle at the office, so you won’t have to worry the next time you forget to bring your phone’s charger.

Not all mobile devices support wireless charging. To enjoy these modern conveniences, your phone might need an upgrade. Instead of tossing aging smartphones in a drawer, sell cell-phone units for profit. You can use that money to buy a high-end smartphone and maybe more advanced accessories.