The Top 5 RGB Keyboards for Gamers

In terms of keyboards, the ‘RGB’ category is very specific. When you buy an RGB keyboard, you’re getting the complete RGB array of colors. You can actually see all shades, even if they’re subtle or intense. RGB keyboards have customizable multicolor lighting. In general, you can pick any color from the RGB color wheel to backlit your entire keyboard. You can also choose a color for a single key or for a group of keys.

If you’re shopping for your own RGB keyboard, here are five models that shops that sell laptop units highly recommend.

Razer Huntsman Elite ($199.99)

When it comes to gaming hardware, Razer is a brand that many people trust. With the Huntsman Elite, the global brand has elevated the standard of RGB keyboards. The Huntsman Elite features optomechanical switches. This means the keyboard’s mechanical switches are now integrated with optical sensors. This enables the Huntsman Elite to help you vastly improve your gaming performance.

Logitech G513 ($129.99)

One of the selling points of RGB keyboards is that they are great for gaming machines. The problem is most of them are just good for games. They are not flexible enough to be, at least, decent for regular typing. This is where the Logitech G513 comes in. The Swiss brand addressed this issue with a whole new linear switch. The G513 is basically an upgraded version of the Logitech G413, a crowd favorite for several years now. The makeover delivers a more streamlined, fully-featured keyboard. The G513 is practically resistant to fingerprints. Also, its frame is more compact and sleek, thanks to its brush metal finish.  

Corsair K63 Wireless ($89.99)

A wireless gaming mouse is not a shocker anymore. But, a wireless gaming keyboard is. The Corsair K63 Wireless is an RGB keyboard that delivers the full spectrum of the color wheel. Corsair meticulously transferred all the goodness of the wired version of the K63 into wireless hardware. Apart from the tight Cherry MX Red switches, the K63 wireless also includes hassle-free media controls for a more convenient gaming experience.  

Corsair K68 RGB ($115.98)

Even if you’re attentive to your surroundings, accidents happen. And when you’re on your desk, it’s the keyboard that suffers most of the time. Clumsy or not, the Corsair K68 RGB is a great keyboard because it is water-resistant. You don’t have to worry about sudden soda shower during an intense game. It is a sturdy gaming necessity that is powered by a first-rate software. It might get a little tricky when you first customize the lights. But once you figure it out, everything will be easy.

Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 ($69.99)

You don’t have to buy high-end products that cost an arm and a leg to get what you need. Case in point, the Cooler Master MasterSet MS120. For just about 70 bucks, you can have a set of a mouse and a keyboard. Admittedly, the mouse needs improvement, but the real star of the MS120 set is the RGB keyboard. It has switches that offer a variety of tactile feedback. It’s also relatively quiet. You won’t wake up anyone at night, even if you’re frantically playing a game and furiously typing away.