The Latest Buzz on the New Samsung Galaxy Watch

The world went crazy when an accidental uploading of the rumored Samsung Galaxy watch went up in no less than Samsung’s official website.    

For a brief moment, the rumored new smartwatch showed up on Samsung’s website in the US.   It is said that its model number was not quite a match to the reported filings at FCC, so this might be a variant.    


A Few Hunches on Its Release Date

Markets that sell laptops, tablets, and cellphones are all on the look-out for what Samsung is cooking up.  The entire gadget industry is quite sure that the buzz about the new Samsung Galaxy watch is a positive sign of how people would welcome this new watch on the block.  

So when will Samsung launch its newest addition to its line?  A lot of rumors are running around that it might be launched during Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s release in New York on the 9th of August.  However, many think otherwise.   Experts believe that Samsung would hold off a bit because launching it together might take the attention off the Note 9.  

Another date to watch out for is the 31st of August.   Some say that the Samsung Galaxy Watch’s unveiling might be in Berlin during the IFA, Europe’s biggest tech show.       

Whichever one is true—Samsung will definitely not make us wait too long.   From its launch date, it is expected hit the stores within a month after.      


Possible Features to Watch Out For

What can we expect from the New Samsung Galaxy Watch?   What stepped-up features can we expect from its predecessor, the Samsung Gear S3?  

Currently, there are no definitive reports yet on what’s new with this upcoming watch but a lot are saying that it could have bigger batteries.  Samsung might have shifted from the use of 380mAh, which was used in Gear S3, to a 470mAh. Currently, Gear S3 already boasts its ability to last for 2 to 3 days. If we are to expect that this Samsung Galaxy Watch can offer more, it could be aiming to be recognized as the longest-lasting smartwatch around.     

Having bigger batteries may also be essential if reports about its additional features are true. They say that this new watch may have a built-in blood pressure monitor, which could use up a lot of battery life.

People are also buzzing if Samsung would be deviating from its traditional use of Tizen and go for Google’s Android Wear OS.   Although this rumor has been circulating, there is a greater possibility for Samsung to stick with Tizen.

Samsungs’ smartwatches have been using its in-house operating system.  It boasts of having voice control skills, powering Bixby, Samsung’s voice activated personal assistant.  With this, more are leaning on Tizen. After all, Tizen is the second most popular wearable OS (next to Apple’s watch OS).  

As more rumors circulate, the excitement about Samsung Galaxy Watch’s release heightens.  Expert’s assumptions and guesses add thrill and excitement for gadget lovers and enthusiasts.  People are definitely waiting for Samsung’s unveiling of their new smartwatch. Whichever may be true from all these speculations and assumptions, one thing is for sure, we are all on the lookout.