Alienware Advanced Gaming Mouse AW558 Review

Dell has joined the gaming peripherals market with the launch of four Alienware peripherals: two keyboards and two mice. For many tech experts and retailers that sell laptop gaming accessories, these peripherals make sense. Alienware is mainly a gaming brand. When a gamer buys a new Alienware system, it’s only logical to purchase the brand’s peripherals to match the system. Thus far, the four new gaming gizmos are well-received by the market. But the Alienware Advanced Gaming Mouse AW5588, in particular, is getting a lot of positive feedback.  

The Advanced and the Elite

The two Alienware mice are the Advanced Gaming Mouse or AW558 and the Elite Gaming Mouse or AW958. The AW558 features the PixArt PMW3325 while the AW958 comes with the PWM3360. The two mice are supported by the Alienware Control Center. Both also have programmable buttons and use the RGB AlienFX Lighting. Each has nine buttons. Apart from the standard left click, right click, scroll wheel, two left-side navigation buttons, and DPI switch, three thumb buttons are also available.

These Alienware mice are almost identical, but one is pricier and has additional features. The AW558 costs $39.99 while the AW958 is sold for $74.99. The added feature of the latter is swappable side panels so gamers can customize the grip to their liking. The Elite model also has detachable weights to calibrate the mouse’s weight based on the gamer’s preference. The two gaming mice also enable players to toggle through DPI settings. For the Advanced Gaming Mouse, it’s three steps on-the-fly. For the Elite Gaming Mouse, it’s five steps on-the-fly.

Is the AW558 Enough for Serious Gamers?

The Advanced Gaming Mouse is a budget-friendly accessory that offers more than just basic mouse features.


This advanced gaming gizmo is made by Alienware, one of the most trusted manufacturers in the gaming market. The AW558 features a noteworthy design that helps gamers immerse in their virtual combat. It’s the perfect mouse for new players and amateur gamers. It’s also a good back-up accessory for serious gamers.


The AW558 delivers instant response and sharp sensitivity control. Its maximum DPI is 500 with three on-the-fly settings so gamers can switch actions in seconds. It also boasts a decent optical sensor.


This sturdy gaming mouse is specifically designed to withstand countless virtual fights without wearing down or inducing pain or discomfort. It has an extended grip that provides thumb support. It also features high-capacity Omron switches to ensure efficient functionality as much as 10 million clicks.

Tied up with Dell’s RGB Lighting

The AW558 complements the AlienFX, Dell’s own version of an RGB lighting system. The AlienFX provides a more in-depth gaming experience, thanks to its striking lighting effects. Both Alienware mice can be customized using the Alienware Control Center.


For serious and professional gamers, the features and functions of Alienware’s Advanced Gaming Mouse AW558 are fairly standard. But overall, it’s easy to use and fast enough to sustain a competitive game, making it a decent choice for new game enthusiasts and amateur players.