5 Practical Ways to Use Your Old Tablet

When you plan on buying a new tablet, what will you do with your old device? You have a number of choices available. If you’re feeling generous, you may give the tablet away to a loved one. Alternatively, you can donate the gadget to the local nursing home or recreation center. If the tablet is damaged, you may return it to the manufacturer for them to properly recycle or refurbish the unit. If it’s still worth something, you can even sell your old device.

Repurposing your old tablet to give it a brand-new purpose is perhaps the most practical thing to do. Here are some tips to look into:


Streaming Media Machine

Your old iPad or Android tablet can be converted into a streaming video and music device. Most streaming services for iOS and Android are compatible with virtually any brand of tablet. Hook up the old device to a Hi-Fi stereo or a Bluetooth speaker to make it even better. For music streaming, you can connect it to Spotify or Pandora. For convenient Netflix streaming, pair the tablet with a Chromecast.


Home Security

An alternate way to reuse your old tablet is to transform it into a camera that you can access from just about anywhere. Specifically, you can turn your old tablet into a home security camera. You just need a couple of apps for this to work. If your old tablet is pretty sophisticated on its own, you may even link it to other gizmos to establish motion alerts.

This is a good, practical tip if you have pets at home that you want to monitor throughout the day.


Smart Remote Control

Turn your old tablet into a smart remote control to make many of your web-based activities easy and convenient. Even if you don’t own a specialized smart remote control, most smart televisions and standalone devices such as Android TV, Fire TV, and Apple TV provide remote applications for handheld devices. Use the apps to convert your old tablet to a working smart remote control. This can help you to better streamline your web-based programs, streaming services, and user interfaces.


(Another) Desktop Monitor

If you want a dual-screen desktop, save money and use your old tablet. Again, there are several apps that can turn your tablet into a computer monitor either through a USB connection or via Wi-Fi.  In particular, Apple tablets have a better external display, so iPads would really work well as another desktop monitor.



Let’s assume your old tablet is almost on its death bed. You can still repurpose it before it finally retires by giving it a lightweight job. The best you can do in this scenario is to use it as an e-Reader.  Reading apps like Amazon and Kobo can give you access to its vast library. If you already have eBooks on your computer, you can easily transfer them into your old tablet. If you already own an e-Reader, you can sync the eBooks between the two gadgets. You can leave one at home and have the other one with you when you’re traveling.

Don’t just throw away your old tablet even when you have a new one. By repurposing it, your old gadget can still serve you well.